CDC now says prior Covid infection provides protection, too


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday that during the Delta wave of Covid infections, both vaccination and having a prior infection provided protection against infection and hospitalization from the virus.

Scientists reviewed data from New York and California to determine the level of protection offered by vaccines, previous infection, and both. Between May and November 2021, people who were unvaccinated and did not have a prior Covid-19 infection remained at the highest risk of infection and hospitalization, while those who were previously infected, both with or without prior vaccination, had the greatest protection.

Viruses are constantly changing, the CDC explained on its website.

“These changes occur over time and can lead to the emergence of new variants that have new characteristics, including ones that impact the level of immunity vaccination and/or prior infection can provide. The level of protection offered by vaccination and surviving a previous infection changed during the study period. Vaccination remains the safest strategy for protecting against Covid-19,” the health agency said.

The CDC analysis was conducted before the emergence of the Omicron variant and the findings cannot be applied to the current Omicron wave, the agency said.

Also, the study ended before booster shots were widespread, thus it doesn’t reflect a benefit of additional vaccine doses. The CDC analysis did not include information on the severity of initial infection.


    • It makes you wonder how many people put in paperwork for a medical exemption from the vaccine based on their belief that their documented prior infection provides protection and were denied, then decided to get the vaccine to keep their job, or were fired. I know for a fact the DOD overrode their own regulations that stated prior infection is enough reason to grant an exemption.

    • That’s not what it said at all. The study didn’t include information about people with a booster. It also didn’t include data before omicron emerged. The same data was made months ago back then they were saying that if you were vaccinated and had a breakthrough infection that you had a super immunity against an infection that may put you in the hospital. That is still true and nothing new has changed or happened. Unwad your panties.

      • Yes Greg, we get that you are upset. The CDC just admitted that if you had the Covid/Delta and therefore natural immunity, you were protected and you did not necessarily need their vaccine. Since the vaccine apparently does nothing against Omicron and we are all going to get it, all the boosting and vaccinating seems for naught.

      • “Between May and November 2021, people who were unvaccinated and did not have a prior Covid-19 infection remained at the highest risk of infection and hospitalization, while those who were previously infected, both with or without prior vaccination, had the greatest protection.”

        The first boosters were available Sept 24th. Omicron was first detected Nov 24th. So you owe him an apology because the article DID “include data before omicron emerged”.
        Jeez, unclench a little.

      • Do you need a study to point out that exercise, eating well, and drinking less [email protected] is better/more effective than fad diets and diet pills too? #takeyourD3andK2 #exersize #freshair

  1. So just like that, the UK reverses its masks and mandates, The administration says hospital is no longer have to keep records of Covid deaths and the CDC finally admits that Covid provides protection after two years of silence. Just like that… Something stinks.

    • Agreed. It is obvious. Blessed Biden’s poll numbers are down. The truth was manipulated against trump and it’s being used in Biden’s favor. Notice that Archbishop A. Fauci is also in the negative spotlight and that the ‘22 midterms are just around the bend. Since the virus-lies have finally started to erode moderate Democrats’ faith in the liberal institutions, the gambit has been rung out. Time for a new one!!!! And look….. just in time…. The threat of nuclear war with Russia “seems” more real than ever because—UKRAINE!

      Don’t be fooled any more. All shams lead to their election outcomes. All of these liberal institutions have done for decades is advanced calculus on how their messaging affects your VOTE.

    • Next thing will be law suits from injection induced myocarditis, who’ll be to blame for that FUBAR. Look at the actual data coming out of Denmark where they aspirate the needle, compared to Norway where they do not– 3 times the myocarditis out of Norway.

    • Yes, nice to see that the CDC has FINALLY decided to catch up with “the science”, instead of with “the politics”, as they have from the beginning of the scamdemic.

  2. There was a time, generally speaking, when the United States of America had the best scientists in the world. Now we lead the world in lazy, politically-correct wimps that lack the will or ability to provide solid advice. Great work, Brandon.

    • I disagree.
      The US still has the best scientists in the world.
      The problem is the science they are practicing. When you are told to follow the science, they mean the political science, not the medical science.

  3. Probably decided to work with previously infected to roll the passports in.
    All along its been… FEAR SHOTS and PASSPORTS. None of these 3 are unacceptable options unless your pulling for the great reset, then a one world order.

  4. The UK, Denmark, Norway & Czech Republic suddenly reverse course & lift mask, lockdown & vaccine mandates amid the spectacular failure of the Phizer Covid clot shot! It will happen here soon. Don’t let the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity slither away without being punished for their misinformation, collusion to stifle science & their opposition to early treatment in their efforts to maximize profits. Don’t forget their names! They are responsible for thousands of needless deaths.

    • And circular arguments, quoting erroneous studies, formulated by dubious political partisans.

  5. The W.H.O. has also recommended lifting “proof of vaccination status” for international travel. Is this a collapse of the Covid narrative? Why now?

    • Because lies and deceitful propaganda campaigns can only be maintained for so long, before the intrusion of reality and truth finally smashes them.
      As Abraham Lincoln said: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can fool all of the Covidiots all of the time”.

        • What a callous comment!
          You should really be ashamed of yourself. We are sad to have lost another person to this disease, regardless of their stance. To have only compassion for those, who follow your way of thinking shows your lack of humanity.

  6. Funny how one reads news stories about studies from the UK and now Canada which show that there are higher numbers of ” fully Vaxxed” in Hospital then non vaxxed from Covid. Yet this report from the CDC states it otherwise. Are the jabs given to Americans offering more protection then to others? Or, do you trust anyone from the alphabet agencies anymore?

    • It is lying with statistics.
      If you have a supermajority of your population already vaccinated, odds are, new hospitalizations will be the vaccinated. The headline is written to keep the panicdemic alive, nothing more.

  7. Despite a budget of billions and thousands of employees, this is all we get? No good testing on therapeutics? And what of the billions Fauchi has given away? Any value there? Our reps had better be looking into this.

  8. Several hundred thousand dead, unvaxxed Americans who put their faith in natural immunity would like a word. One has to SURVIVE an unvaxxed COVID infection before you can say it was a good idea. Right now, unvaxxed folks are clogging up the hospitals and morgues. That FACT trumps (ahem) all others.

    • ©Alex Berenson
      Jan 21
      Kudos to the state of Massachusetts for being more honest about Covid vaccine failure than most blue states – or the Centers for Disease Control, which rolled out more nonsense numbers about vaccine effectiveness today.
      Unlike most states, Massachusetts provides raw numbers for infections in vaccinated people, instead of hiding them and offering only “adjusted rate ratios” that claim to compare infection risks in the vaccinated and unvaccinated.
      On Thursday, Massachusetts reported 85,000 infections, 900 hospitalizations and 170 deaths in vaccinated people for the week ended Jan. 15 – almost half of all Covid deaths over that period.
      Even more importantly, Massachusetts also acknowledged those figures underestimate the real totals in the vaccinated because its reporting systems miscount some of them as unvaccinated.
      As the report explains:
      The number of cases in vaccinated people may be undercounted due to discrepancies in the names and dates of birth of individuals, resulting in an inability to match records across systems. Hospitalization data is likely also undercounted as identification and reporting of hospitalized cases relies on that information being obtainable by case investigators through patient interview.
      Massachusetts’s admission helps explain why the United States reports relatively fewer deaths and hospitalizations in Covid-vaccinated people than other highly vaccinated countries with more complete immunization registries and national health care systems.

        • Here, see if your sleuthing skills can locate this:
          CDC MMWR Weekly Report, Vol. 17 Jan 19, 2022.
          This is the rest of the story, but you will not like what it says (if you can comprehend it correctly).

    • CDM, rarely does one find such delusion expressed in just one comment. I commend you for your ability to blindly follow and believe the false Fauci narrative despite the avalanche of evidence to the contrary.

    • CDM, considering there were millions of individuals in 2020, who had the virus, while no vaccination was available and did just fine, your comment seems ridiculous, especially since many then were confronted with jab or job in 2021, despite their natural immunity.
      Interestingly in December of 2020 the CDC reported almost 20 million cases and 341, 000 deaths about 1.5% of all cases. All this without a vaccine, yet today we are looking at almost 69 million cases and (if numbers are to be believed) 850,000 deaths, post vaccine introduction. I think the 2020 natural immunity crowd did considerably better than the vaccine crowd.

  9. …and in other news, “water is wet”. At least it is this week. Last week it was dry. Week before that it didn’t exist.

  10. I got COVID in April 2020 and have been healthy ever since, despite hundreds of contacts. Same for my other unvaccinated friends and coworkers. I got a bad cold a few months back but tested negative so it was just a cold. Meanwhile, in indoctrinated Washington state, I have many vaccinated/boosted relatives and friends doing couch time sick with COVID. Many became very ill after the latest booster. Go figure…

  11. Well this is good encouraging news tidbit for me. This stupid war over which response is best is almost over. We can go back to being accepted and being recieved. But there is trust issues. When you been pushed away once, challenging for us to recieve them and others. Just by looking around my small city here, I can already see detachment and isolation issues that will be a continual thorn to todays parents of babies after 2019 that will create parenting and future community problems.

  12. So the CDC admits it’s been acting in a purely political fashion all this time.
    Who was it that said we have to “follow the science?” Someone remind me.
    Meanwhile the democrats successfully killed off 600,000 people and destroyed the world’s strongest economy. But at least they stopped those mean tweets!
    On a similar vein, how was Biden’s speech yesterday different than the Mean Tweets? They were identical.

  13. Simply Amazing … Every day, day in and day out, week by week, month by month … We find ourselves forcibly (but likely unknowingly) living within “The Experiment.”
    Therefore, your homework assignment is the following:
    – Open your eyes!
    – Pay attention!
    – Spy the Lie!
    – Lose weight!
    – Eat healthier!
    – Increase effective activity!
    – Vote responsibly and conservatively!
    No Excuses … Git-R-Done!

  14. I’m amazed by the number of people who did everything to discredit each and every CDC statement, who have now seen the light and accept religion…now that it supports their chosen narrative!
    Amazed I tell ya!
    It’s funny to see people who literally yesterday were claiming everything the CDC was wrong are now saying what they just said is right.
    Sky is blue = sky is red.

    • That is because many of us, unlike you, Steve, do not blindly and automatically accept every pronouncement by those in authority as the Gospel truth, to never be denied or questioned lest one fall into the ultimate sin of heresy. But when they DO finally conform to the ACTUAL science, such that any independent thinker can clearly recognize the fact, then it is only honest to acknowledge that fact as well.
      Really, this is not difficult, well, not difficult for those of us who are not blind conformists and abject bootlickers of those in power.

      • Jeff,
        Thanks, once again for proving my point and agreeing with me. Some of us have been following the science and using independent thought throughout this pandemic. I’m glad that you are finally starting to accept some of the facts that many of us have been sharing for the last few years, better late than never.
        I’m curious to know where you think I’ve “blindly and automatically accept(ed) every pronouncement by those in authority as the Gospel truth.” You’ve obviously not read, nor understood anything that I’ve said here if that’s what you think.

  15. Better late than never i guess. I liked this headline “Why those with omicron symptoms are still showing up to work”. Duh because the pandemic is over and it’s now endemic and you don’t stay home from work because you have a runny nose. Of course the actual article goes no to say CNN and the CDC stays it’s the wrong thing to do and that’s two sources that are never wrong. Right?

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