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Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Rivera goes on attack against the public

In a video ad playing on Facebook, Anchorage Assembly Chairman Felix Rivera is burning up the airtime by mocking his critics.

The man who arrived with a box over his head to protest the mask ordinance is mocked.

The woman who burned a mask at the podium is laughed at.

And Rivera reserves special distain for Dustin Darden, a municipal employee who is running for Assembly and who is a frequent critic of the municipality.

In fact, Rivera, who is facing a recall election, seems to be saying, like mayoral candidate Forrest Dunbar is saying, that the critics of the mayor and assembly are unhinged.

“The reason people are being theatrical in these meetings is it’s the only thing that works anymore,” said Russell Biggs, who has led the charge on the Recall Rivera campaign. “You can’t go in and have a reasonable conversation with the Assembly. The reason these meetings are so out-of-control is that people feel they are not being listened to.”

Over 5,000 people signed the petition to recall Rivera on the April 6 ballot.

But Rivera’s supporters, including the AFL-CIO, and the National Education association (NEA) are mounting an aggressive counter-campaign to place Rivera in a flattering light, as one who has helped reduce homelessness and crime in Anchorage, and who is helping to make Anchorage a livable city.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • A politician demonizing and mocking his constituents. Hmm, where have we seen that before? A person would think that a union (not public) would support the candidate who supports the members and their jobs, but that rarely happens any more and too many union workers sit on unemployment while drinking the Kool Aid from the bosses.

  • Useless individual.

  • Is Mr. Rivera using the Muni’s official recording for this? Sure looks that way…

  • Awww…is the wittle megalomaniac having a tantrum because everyone knows he’s such a chump? Pound your heels on the floor a little harder, Felix…maybe someone other than your puppet masters (unions and such) will care, (or not).

  • Reduced homelessness and crime?
    Does he live in an alternate universe?

    The last time I was in Anchorage (last summer) it was wall to wall filth and homeless.

    I suppose it depends on how one defines “livable”. I saw this mess coming in Ethan’s first term and got the hell out of the muni. I encourage every sane person still there who can leave to do so.

    • The Berkowitz Administration and the Rivera Assembly should get out of the muni!!!
      I’m not leaving, this Is My Hometown…
      I encourage Conservative Voters to show them the pathway to the West Coast.

  • 2030 will unhinge everyone when the full reality affects EVERYONE by the mass invasion that occurred on the Southern Border.
    No one on the left realizes the impact allowing 100,000s, thousands and thousands, illegals crossing the border will do to them. We can bet anyone taking ANY government assistance stands chance losing it and their wait times much longer because of the increased need by added illegals flooding over the border from 2021-2024 to 2030. Let the Leftist have their laugh. They laugh out of ignorance and pride. We get the last laugh in 2030! Hahahaha

  • “…….But Rivera’s supporters, including the AFL-CIO, and the National Education association (NEA) are mounting an aggressive counter-campaign to place Rivera in a flattering light, as one who has helped reduce homelessness and crime in Anchorage, and who is helping to make Anchorage a livable city…….”
    Don’t believe your lying eyes as you behold the tents. Homelessness has been reduced. They say so.

  • Anchorage is beginning to resemble Portland, Seattle, Berkeley, LA, SF, and NYC. Liberal policies killed communities one bad decision after another.

  • Reduce crime? Who is he blowing smoke at? People have given up even reporting it since nothing is done about property crime.

  • Someone should turn over a few rocks, prior to Rivera’s enrollment at APU. #justsaying #investigate

  • Yes
    Recall this loser who’s rights, my are his.
    Your choice, stay the same with no freedom, are vote this loser out so you have freedom.

  • I don’t know but I see alot of Bronson Signs in Anchorage. None for Felix. I don’t think Felix has a prayer….

    • As Joseph Stalin once said…”Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” Nowhere was this more true than the Democratic primary in 2016 and 2020. The DNC decided who they wanted and got everyone else out of the way. As far as signs are concerned, all I saw were Trump signs everywhere last year and virtually no Biden signs, so don’t look at that as a sign (no pun intended).

  • Typo: “a laughable city”

  • Felix has a striking resemblance to Nancy Pelosi, in both tenor and intent.
    Excessive drama, little productivity.

  • Paid for union muscle will beat motivated citizens, unfortunately.

  • Not surprising that the NEA is behind this. Teachers? Care to chime in on the use of your union dues? Felix and the NEA will ensure that the Critical Race Theory books and Gender Dysphoria case studies can be force fed right into your kids brains – and maybe while their biologically male teacher is wearing pumps and a lovely skirt.

  • Looks like some reels from the old Pravda archives. Unfortunately my new home purchase closing has been extended past the election*, I would so love to have voted to recall this fellow.

    *(joking, I wouldn’t move to his district to recall him)

  • Ah. Good ol’ Felix Rivera….

    The Harold Lauder of Anchorage, co-starring the Assembly as Nadine Cross, and Forest Dunbar as Randall Flagg……sigh….

    I truly wonder what type of employment he will choose once this gig is done.

  • Like all leftists, Rivera proves he’s little more than a toddler.

    Instead of actually countering the charges, ridicule is used. Had he just repeated “I know you are, but what am I?” over and over again it would be more mature.

  • I just wonder, what machines are they using when it is time to vote ? Last I heard, we had Dominion machines; anyone know how we find out ? If Dominion, count Felix as a winner cuz you know how those machines count,, hahaha.

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