Rick Whitbeck: New Alaska group says ending oil and gas is the goal



Sun Tzu once said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Last week, I was sent a link to a new organization that recently reared its (ugly) head into the Alaska energy scene. It’s clear they are an enemy to prosperity and our bright future, so we should get to know them. Spoiler alert: they are just another fanatical eco-group.

Calling themselves “We Are Alaskans” (we’ll call them WAA for short), the group’s website touts their organization as being “resilient, innovative and intelligent”, while demanding an end to traditional energy development being the economic driver for the state. If that doesn’t check all the boxes for another cliché environmental movement, I don’t know what does.

You’d think an organization with “resilient, innovative and intelligent” members would be proud of who they are. In fact, WAA operates in complete anonymity. There is no “About” section on the website, no staff, board of directors or organizational structure disclosed, and no contact information is available for the group. 

Although WAA has decided that secrecy of the organization is paramount, what isn’t hard to find are who they see as ideological partners.  Perhaps a more accurate name for them would be “We Are Alaskan Haters” or WAAH for short. After all, “WAAH” is the dominant cry of the eco-left.

WAA(H)’s website highlights how to transition to a regenerative (translation: traditional-energy-free) state by a partnership between the “Alaska Just Transition Collective” and the “Green New Deal Network.” They emphasize the latest efforts of the “Alaska Climate Alliance” and its Regenerative Economies Working Group, along with featuring a document providing “pathways to a regenerative economy,” including a full transition to renewable energy and a demand for “green” tourism.

Any organization championing the Green New Deal should immediately be viewed as extreme. After all, the Green New Deal was filled with energy, economic and social-justice goals so excessive, not a single U.S. senator would go on record as officially supporting it when it came up for a vote in 2019.  

Alarms should immediately sound when any group demands we throw away decades of Alaska’s leadership on developing and enhancing the U.S.’s national and energy security.  

Furthermore, groups like WAA(H) dismiss the fact that petroleum and mined materials are woven into every fabric of daily life. Calling for an end to extractive efforts – especially when the alternative to domestic sourcing, processing, and manufacturing of essential items only empowers countries at odds with the U.S., such as China and Russia – is ignorant. You can see the clear miss between WAA(H)’s talk and their walk, as their website, video, clothing and even protest signs are made up of the very materials they claim to hate. 

Let’s be clear: WAA(H) is the latest tired iteration of a pathetic movement. They will join activists and ideologues located throughout Alaska who have fought our resource industries since well before we became a state. Much like how cockroaches scatter when bathed in light, groups like WAA(H) need to be identified and scrutinized before they can grab footholds and do damage to Alaska.  

It should be the goal of every rational Alaskan – those of us who believe in a balanced approach between environmental stewardship of our amazing and beautiful state and safe, technically-proficient, and responsible development – to challenge those who look to dim our bright future.  

Rick Whitbeck is the Alaska State Director for Power The Future, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for American energy jobs. Email him at [email protected], and follow him on Twitter @PTFAlaska.


  1. Soros, Bill Gates, and the other oligarchs keep shoveling this crap at us. It’s easy for them to set up new groups of dedicated (and otherwise unemployable) fanatics who will say and do almost anything to garner unrestricted funding from these elite America-haters.

  2. WAHH, like every other radical leftist group and individual, is not so much a political action entity (although it is that), as much as it is just another hydra head of the collective death cult and suicide club that is radical leftist extremism.

  3. Are these activists even from Alaska? I’m thinking they aren’t. These people should be called out for what they are…economic terrorists. If we take away all petroleum products from Alaska, people will die and many will be Native American. I imagine the funding sources come from China and Soros.

  4. Hardcore astroturfing lol. I wonder which billionaire is responsible this time. They wouldn’t make a group like this unless they had something to gain. Perhaps locking our state up in efforts to create a shortage and to charge more for their mining products and power generation? Nothing is accidental, and this group smells hard of the lesser-48.

  5. I want to fight them at every spot. Let’s take away their fuel and electricity. Let’s make sure they don’t have any fossil fuel use. What building are they in?

    • Let’s get their synthetic fibers and all their so-called “green” energy supplies which require vast amounts of fossil fuels and mined materials to produce.

  6. Yep. I figure that when these folks or their allies come to execute me – which could be soon – they will be very pleasant and smiling. They will truly believe that they are acting in a furtherance of the divine will.

  7. That’s the entire point of climate change politics…….end of oil and gas. One world government ………Totalitarianism. And it could be accomplished with the majority never even knowing what happened.ja

  8. Eventually, the oil & gas industry will be a relic of the crapitalistic dark ages. It’s time to concentrate Alaska’s resources on developing clean, predictable and sustainable, tidal power generation. Those who stay asleep, will weep the most.

    • Whatever they ride or even sit on in their home office was fabricated, packaged and delivered and/or installed with or by petroleum products. Imagine heating or cooling your home without any sources. Hey charging stations-what produces your energy? Bottom line they are knowing or unknowing puppets in their own demise.

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