Restaurant forced by Municipality to remove ‘Dunbar tax’ from receipt


LaMex Restaurant owner Trina Johnson thought she’d send a message when she printed “Dunbar Tax” on her receipts.

Since Feb. 1, an alcohol tax is being added to patrons’ tickets, and Johnson blames the Assembly member Forrest Dunbar, who is also running for mayor. The Municipality of Anchorage objected and asked for a meeting with her. Instead, Johnson backed down.

In a note to the Municipality, Johnson wrote “I have removed the words DUNBARTX from the tax line and replaced it with ALCOHOL TX on the receipt. It was not my intent to hurt Mr. Dunbars feelings by putting DUNBAR TX on the receipt, but rather to inform people that Assemblyman Dunbar voted for the tax to be placed on the ballot after repeated failures in past years by voters. I would also like to add, I do not believe that ballot measure passed legally.”

Johnson has added a line to the bottom of her receipts, which states, “It’s Still a DUMBAR TAX.”


  1. Good for Trina to give it one last jab at the end when she was only giving credit where credit is due!
    At least she had “the balls” to say it like it is. I hope more men step up similarly soon.

  2. Thumbody’s feelings were hurt. We must all modify our actions, speech and thoughts to accommodate the little snowflakes so they don’t cry (or scream racist).

  3. The women are rockin the boat around this town. Not afraid to speak out about our supreme leaders. Assembly has awakened Mama Grizzly’s. ??????

  4. She removed the “The Dunbar Tax ” cause it hurt his feelings. Boo Boo crybaby Dunbar. How about Dunbar rescinding the tax cause it hurting LA TEX and other Anchorages businesses.
    Suck it up Dunbar

  5. Screw the muni. They have no say on what you put on your receipt. They can kiss the ass, put it on the friggin sign outside.

    • Exactly! The Municipality can’t dictate what an owner puts on their receipts, menus, etc. I do love the fact that she left that last line on the bottom of her receipt. Next time the Municipality comes knocking on her door and tries to stop her freedom of speech I hope she tells them to shove off.

  6. What right does this idiotic Assembly have to tell a business owner what they can and cannot put on a receipt?!?!

  7. Wished all businesses in Anchorage would follow her example, the only reason they are so upset about that is now he wants to be mayor……can you imagine what his plan is? I’m sure you don’t want to know.

  8. If elected Muni officials and staff workers have nothing better to do than obsess over a political statement by a private business, you know the taxpayers of this Muni are in trouble.

    Consider a counterfactual. Had Ms. Johnson not entered: “Dumbar tax” or words to that effect on the La Mex receipts, did the time and effort expended to correct such a perceived self-serving breach of law, custom, or who knows what result in a better Anchorage?

    Obviously we have at least one grim idiot (certainly in the denotative sense of the term “idiot”) running things.

    Hannah Arendt noted that “The greatest enemy of authority, therefore, is contempt, and the surest way to undermine it is laughter.” Our rulers are clowns, let’s laugh.

  9. Just a matter of time before the totalitarianism with a death grip on LosAnchorage goes national. Will you be ready?

  10. The muni assembly must be replaced using legal voting-no more mail in voting or rigged elections-when Anchorage insists on AN ELECTION day with “in person” voting and refuse to let “covid” run elections illegally, THEN the city will again reclaim an assembly representative of the people

  11. Well the shoes is on someone else foot now. After all Dunbar and his crowd like to publicly shame and poke fun at others expense. What He puts out comes around agian right back at him.

  12. Dunbar is another liberal leftwing moron! God Bless Trina and her staff at La Mex! Dunbar along with other liberals in the Assembly need to go and the sooner the better. That includes our liberal mayor. Wake up Anchorage before these clowns shut down our once great city!

  13. I think on the charge lines you need to call it by its literal name (guessing that’s why the Muni could have any say). Think accounting and such if someone needs to claim it for perdiem or something. An accountant somewhere might argue the “Dunbar tax” sounds like a local joke, or maybe it’s a euphemism for a tip for the waiter named Forest Dunbar and is not reimbursable under company policy.

    Her putting it on the receipt in other places is perfectly within her right.

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