Dunbar criticized coffee stand owner for not being ‘progressive’ enough

Assembly members Chris Constant and Forrest Dunbar listened to the concerns of hockey coaches last week after taking a break during an Assembly meeting due to the noise of the protesters.

In an email to Assemblyman Chris Constant, Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar made fun of a local business owner, who had written to the Assembly to plead against plans to create a homeless industrial complex in Anchorage, through the purchase of hotels and other properties to convert into shelters and drug treatment facilities.

Dunbar forwarded the business owner’s email to Constant with a snarky note topping it that said: “‘Common Grounds” coffee, despite its name, appears to be not-so progressive after all…”

Michelle Duncan, the owner of Common Grounds Espresso for 17 years, had written to oppose the city’s purchase of the old Alaska Club on Tudor as a bad move.

“As someone who grew up in Anchorage, K through 12, married an Alaskan in Anchorage, launched a business in Anchorage, bought my first house in Anchorage; I worry for the reputation, safety, and peace of our city if we just spread the homeless out,” she wrote.

Duncan has been through a lot, witnessing crime and even a kidnapping that led to murder, as a business owner with locations in midtown Anchorage, once thought to be a safe place. A barista who worked at one of her coffee stands was abducted and killed by serial killer Israel Keyes in 2012 in a case that deeply frightened many in Anchorage, particularly young women working in coffee stands. The kidnapping was caught on the video security camera of the Common Grounds coffee hut.

Dunbar and Constant’s emails were accessed through a public records request by citizen activist Russell Biggs.


  1. This is my surprised face! They not only hold us in contempt, they ridicule their own. These people belong shoveling manure on Pt Mackenzie, nothing more ever near public office or any position of power.

    • Yes it is! Under progressives, America lacks in self responsibility. Paying off others’ college bills, Mitt Romney proposed we all pay others’ child support. All coming out of every working Americans tax dollars. Our government has subjected working Americans to keep their agendas pushing.

  2. These are the words and actions of bad people and neither of them should ever be allowed to hold any level of public office or position of authority over other citizens….They are both bad apples that needed to be discarded long ago…it will take a lot of work, and some time, to repair the damage they have done to our City and our State…

  3. Is being PROGRESSIVE now a litmus test for a business to operate in the Municipality of Anchorage? That doesn’t sound very tolerant nor inclusive. This could be worrisome for a want to be Mayor of Anchorage.

  4. Oh dear! Oh gosh…
    What is wrong with Member Dunbar? He seems to be self destructing.
    It will be a pity sight the public witness that man fall due to his pride.
    What is sadder is his influence created more people his age and his parents age to adopt his behavior and reactions turning them away from Life.

  5. Dunbar and Constant continue to prove themselves to be arrogant and condescending.
    Wake up people! They are screwing Anchorage and laughing at the fools who voted them in!

    • Nice take Comrade. Forrest; Chris is that you? Thomas it appears that you have a bright future working for the “Ministry of Truth”.

  6. Listen. Understand. The Leftist is out there. It can’t be reasoned with, it can’t be bargained with…it doesn’t feel pity..or remorse, or fear…and it absolutely will not stop—Ever. Until your liberty is dead.

  7. No, even when liberty is completely removed from the masses leftism will not be satiated. Their envy and hatred burns to the core; they only exist to hate everyone and everything, including themselves for the destruction they bring to mother Gaia. A leftist can be reasoned with no more than one can reason with a Black Widow. To quote Heinlein: “I’ve heard all the usual Sweetness and Light that kids get pushed at them—how they should always forgive, how there’s some good in the worst of us, etc. But when I see a black widow, I step on it; I don’t plead with it to be a good little spider and please stop poisoning people. A black widow spider can’t help it—but that’s the point.”

  8. Hey, Thomas, get a clue, these email were aquired THROUGH THE CITY! They are absolutely a real representation of the personalities of these two butt pirates. Anchorage is worse for them being here.

  9. For those who don’t realize it. Dunbar is an Army National Guard officer that is still subject to the Alaska Code of Military Justice or ACMJ. This is equivalent to the Uniform Code of Military Justice or UCMJ. The codes practically mimics each other. With that being said, this code applies to him 24/7 regardless where he is or what job he does. His behavior alone and blatant discord to his constituents are a direct violation of Conduct Unbecoming of An Officer/Gentlemen. He swore an oath and he can’t even abide by it. What does this tell me? He is a person with No Integrity, and No Morale Fortitude! Anchorage, please Wake Up and Realize the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing!

  10. It shows they need to know which businesses are owned by liberals and which are owned by conservatives so they can reward and punish accordingly. They were obviously upset when the name of this business somehow fooled them in their assumptions.

  11. They are both Losers
    Remember I said before, Anchorage is blue if Dunbar gets elected to mayor.
    You got your wish, dark blue just like Portland

  12. Dunbar needs to move to California, his twisted damaged brain doesn’t fit in Alaska. He must have had massive head injuries when he was young.

    • No, progressivism is a mental illness in which delusions become their reality. Sadly, their fantasies of crisis and grandeur allow absolutely no dissention and anyone questioning them must be ‘re-educated’ or destroyed using any means, honest or dishonest does not matter so long as the end is met. Rather than move to San Francisco to join like minded loonies, they strive to drag just enough fanatics to conservative holdouts to gain control, then manipulate the processes of government so that they never lose power again. Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Joseph Stalin have how much blood on their hands? “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction”…Ronald Reagan.

  13. Support this local business . It’s hard enough to keep a business open in Anchorage these days, even harder when your being targeted by your elected officials

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