Republicans in District 8 unanimously endorse Tshibaka for Senate


The District 8 Republicans met on Tuesday and endorsed Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate, bringing the number of organized districts endorsing her to 20 percent. Tshibaka is running against Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the 2022 election and has won the endorsements of Districts 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 21, 23, and 29.

Also endorsing Tshibaka are both Kenai Republican women’s clubs, both Mat-Su Valley Republican women’s clubs, and the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club. Bikers for Trump, and former President Donald Trump himself have endorsed Tshibaka, who was raised in Anchorage.

The Alaska Republican Party has organizations in 37 of the 40 districts in the state, which are organized around state House seats. The Republicans will meet at their State Central Committee in Fairbanks on Saturday, when it’s expected at least two voting entities — women’s clubs or districts — will request an endorsement from the party for Tshibaka.

District 8 is the Big Lake area, represented by Rep. Kevin McCabe in the Alaska House and Sen. David Wilson in the Alaska Senate.


    • I’d really like to adopt her. Far more productive than having an unemployed, house-husband hanging around, always asking for another handout from the old man.

  1. Kelly the worst thing you could have done was use Dunleavy’s campaign manager, they are in bed with Murkowski!!!

  2. Looks like Suzanne has decided to censor my comments. I guess she doesn’t appreciate a non-rah rah viewpoint when it comes to her gal Kelly. Post my comments, Suzanne, or are you just like the liberals when it comes to freedom of expression?

  3. Kelly presents herself as someone who fights wasteful government spending.
    So do this internet search: Kelly Tsibaka Moving Expenses
    You’ll find information on the $81,000 that the Dunleavy Administration paid to move the Tsibaka family to Alaska so that Kelly and her husband could assume their $100,000 plus state jobs…his specially created just for him.
    So, Kelly somehow wrangled a high level state government job for her husband and got Alaskans to pay to move the family.
    Kelly also presents herself as a cost cutter.
    So do a search on her proposal to privatize DMV functions in selected rural locations.
    You’ll discover that her cost cutting solution involved closing down rural DMV offices without cutting any state jobs and turning DMV functions in those locations over to a private company.
    This move was estimated to more than double the costs to residents of some DMV services.
    Her actual presentation is online.
    So her idea of cost cutting is to protect government jobs while eliminating government services that we’re forced to utilize without reducing the original costs of registration and licensing and, in fact, leaving us, the people, with greatly increased costs!
    Investigate this woman’s background…what little hasn’t been scrubbed from the internet.
    Kelly is not someone who shares “Alaskan values” with the rest of us…not unless your values were formed and refined through elitist Ivy League schooling and matured in the high level government bureaucracy in the heart of the Washington DC Swamp.
    Real journalists should be digging into Kelly’s background and reporting what she actually did during her government service.
    What I’ve found makes her look like a typical bureaucrat who thinks it’s ok to make us little people pay more for less as long as she can claim that she cut costs and she’s obviously not above taking a huge amount of money from Alaskans to pay her own expenses nor is she immune from leveraging her position to get special treatment for her spouse.
    Is this the kind of person we want representing us in the Swamp? I don’t. She came from the Swamp and she wants to go back…only with a lot more power and influence. She’ll fit right in, though, if we’re dumb enough to elect her.

  4. I’m in district 18. I hear nothing from it. Has this precinct endorsed a candidate?

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