‘Republicans for Rule of Law’ targeting Sen. Murkowski on impeachment inquiry



A conservative group that includes former Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol has targeted Sen. Lisa Murkowski as part of a $1 million advertising campaign to turn on-the-fence Republicans into “yes” votes on impeachment.

A “Republicans for the Rule of Law” ad focusing on Murkowski showed up in Alaskans’ Facebook feed in recent days, imploring Alaska’s senior senator to “stand up for the rule of law.”

Over the summer, the group had placed hundreds of thousands of dollars in ads in home districts of Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida, Roy Blunt of Missouri, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Richard Burr of North Carolina, and James Lankford of Oklahoma. Murkowski ads are part of the group’s expansion effort.

The group has also targeted U.S. representatives who are seen to be facing competitive races in 2020, including Rep. Mark Amodei of Nevada, Fred Upton of Michigan, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Will Hurd of Texas and Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington.

While Murkowski is not up for reelection this year, she is seen as one of the more likely senators to vote to impeach Trump if and when the matter reaches the Senate.

Another group called Need to Impeach, which started two years ago, is targeting Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Joni Ernst of Iowa, Cory Gardner of Colorado and Martha McSally of Arizona, all of whom are up for reelection next year. Until September, the group had only focused on Democrats.

Earlier in the year, the Republicans for the Rule of Law advocated against Trump’s wall along the southern border with Mexico. But it’s been working on the Ukraine angle to oust Trump for the past six months.

A year ago, Murkowski was targeted by groups imploring her to vote against confirmation of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. In the end, she simply voted “present” on the final vote. Kavanaugh was confirmed without her. Political strategists are using a similar playbook as was employed during that effort to convince Murkowski to vote a certain way.

Names on the Republicans for the Rule of Law advisory board include Charles Fried, former Sen. Slade Gorton, Chris Gagin, Chris Truax, Peter Rusthoven, and Wendell Willkie II.

Republicans for the Rule of Law is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit and a project of Defending Democracy Together. The big-ticket names associated with the Defending Democracy Together group include columnist Mona Charen, Linda Chavez, former Chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party Jennifer Horn, and former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman.

Liberal groups that are actively lobbing for impeachment include: By the People, Center for American Progress Action Fund, CREDO Action, Courage Campaign, Daily Kos, Demand Justice, Democracy for America, End Citizens United Action Fund, Free Speech For People, Hispanic Federation, Indivisible, Kremlin Annex, March For Truth, National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund, People, For the American Way, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Progressive Democrats Of America, Public Citizen, and Stand Up America.


  1. Lisa Murkowski is a back stabber.. Of course they reach for her. She was Obama’s Republican henchman and that has not changed. Frank Murkowski dumped his family trash on the Republicans and then the state of Alaska. She has been fined for lying to the FCC, runs on promises and then heads in another direction. Nothing good about her and the Dems know it.

  2. Let’s be positive , who would you like to have instead of her.

    Alaska, like every state should have 2 senators. Right now we really only have Sullivan. Let’s openly have a discussion on who we like and who is willing and roll up our sleeves and deal with is mess. She is not going to change. The power is in th hands of the people as long as WE remember that and maintain that responsibility.

    • John Cox would be a great replacement for any of the Alaskan so called reps and senators. You just can’t convince people that Murkowski, Young and Sullivan are crooks

      • A large contingent of voters support Murkowski because she reliably delivers “free stuff” to them. As to her attracting support of leftist groups, it makes perfect sense. She has a long-standing reputation as being a “producing well” of support for their issues.

        Although many view Alaska as a conservative state, it is, in fact, the pinnacle hotbed of socialism in the USA.

  3. Lisa needs to go bye bye. She is a creature of the swamp and beholding to those who elected her in that write -in campaign. Recall that during the recount whole precincts in the bush had her name written in all by the same hand. Election corruption at its finest!

  4. “Daddy’s Little Princess” has shown herself to be an opponent to Trump from the very beginning. At no point during his term has she ever supported President Trump. She’s shown her true colors and character in such an overt and smug way that many of us AK Republicans wonder why she even aligns herself with the Republican Party. Regardless, I will never cast a vote for her.

  5. Follow the money back to Satan’s Financier…………………..George “Holocaust Profiteer” Soros.

  6. Lisa is currently in her last term as senator of the great state of Alaska. Her wishy-washy, wait and see which way the wind is blowing type of decision making is not a good leadership. Anybody can get up there and do that. The fact that her morals do not represent what true conservative Republicans believe in just means that she has to go. I don’t know who will replace her but somebody will run and will look at their background how to make a decision. Lisa is part of the swamp and eventually she will go down the drain with the rest of them.

    • Murkowski is not a Republican or any type of leader, why hasn’t she changed her affiliation to what she really is ?

      • Please, help me to understand what a “real Republican” is. Do YOU get to decide? Is there room for discussion.
        Oh, right! Silly moi Each of you is a lord unto himself. Herself.

        • In my mind, a true Republican has conservative values, is fiscally responsible, doesn’t kill babies, believes in a small centralized government so that local governments can make their own decisions, pretty much everything opposite of what Hillary Clinton believes in.

  7. Boy, the knuckle-draggers sure come out whenever they can to object to their own primary winner losing to a statewide write-in campaign. Too bad they can’t fix the statewide election to allow only Republicans. Heheh!

  8. Very True, she has always been a rino, she is a democrat through and through, but knows she can’t get elected in Alaska as a democrat so she plays a Republican.

  9. Rule of law is fine and dandy and is what should happen. But this is a radical group that has their compass a little off-kilter. Someone advocating for rule of law nose that due process has to happen. None of that has happened yet with Trump and we all know that the swamp is deep and doesn’t want to be drained. I encourage the house to impeach Trump, because then the rule of law allows the Senate to call anybody they see fit to testify and that means Hillary commy, podesta, FBI and CIA in department of Justice officials current and former, even Chelsea Clinton might get the nod see what the foundation’s been up to. So yeah go ahead and bring on your impeachment and we’ll just see what shakes out in the wash.

    • And what possible information can” Hillary, commy, podesta,” (I’ll skip the FBI and CIA, because they probably DO have some stuff on the Trumpster), and “Chelsea Clinton”?? have that will shed light on the clandestine machinations of the Trump.
      Go to the source. Follow the money. And just because the RINO Senate doesn’t convict the Criminal in Chief does not means he is Innocent.

      • You must be joking. Hillary and podesta hired the MI6 agent to manifest dirt fictitious dirt on Trump. Where have you been the last 2 years? The FBI use that fictitious information contain many fisa warrants on Trump people which gleaned nothing I repeat nothing. I threw Chelsea Clinton in there just because she’s in charge of the foundation and might know where the two billion dollars that came up missing when Hillary left the state department or the many many millions of dollars that bill stole from the Haitians on the cleanup efforts. But probably it’s been laundered and some offshore account by now. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

  10. Lisa has always been dumber than a sack of rocks. Her Bush supporters were as dumb as a sack of rocks, and her daddy Frank was a sack of rocks.

    • I’ll have to admit that you got something there. “W” Bush supporters were dumb as rocks.
      And you got that right about Frank, too.
      Hey, one outta two ain’t bad.

        • But Lisa really IS dumb. She came from Frank’s loins. Frank’s DNA. Frank Murkowski wasn’t capable of doing anything without checking first with Nancy. Unfortunately, Lisa didn’t get any of the good stuff. All Frank. And that’s why she is an idiot.

          • Logic doesn’t seem to be part of your thinking Paul-her outwitting Joe Miller and the knuckle-draggers on here shows her political savy!

          • Bill, you’re an idiot too. Lisa couldn’t outwit a frog trying to hop across the sidewalk. The Left-wing press bashed Joe Miller around. Democrats taught the Bush to spell Lisa for a write-in, knowing they couldn’t spell Murcowsky. Most of em couldn’t spell Lisa.

  11. Who is this Republicans for the Rule of Law group, really? There is no way long-time conservative Republicans, who claim to want “rule of law” would push for impeachment of President Trump on these endless witch-hunt charges … is this group actually RINOs for the Rule of Law?

  12. Where was “Democrats for the Rule of Law” when it came to Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne..?

  13. In researching Defending Democracy Together, which oversees the “project” Republicans for Rule of Law – they go hand & hand with left-leaning organizations (and are funded by some of them) – they have opposed Trump on numerous things; such as invading Iran (they wanted to), eliminating birthright citizenship (they want to keep this), striking down his National Emergency & building the wall (they asked Republican reps to vote against those), they were for the ongoing investigation of the Russia hoax ~ and they go hand & hand with climate change environmentalists. Does this sound like a long-time, conservative Republican group to you?

      • And you have proof, that no one else has reported, to support your ‘fact’ ~ even though the 2+ year Mueller investigation found nothing to support the accusation ? I believe the only “interference” in the 2016 election came from the democrats / Obama / Hillary camp. And they still lost, thank God.

    • Yup. Sounds like they’ve done their research and come to logical, disturbing conclusions about where the Grifter in Chief is taking us.
      You might want to look up the definition of “conservative.” No, no, not the current GOP definition, the dictionary definition. There is a difference.

  14. This article has been edited since the original posting. The connection of peter rusthoven to the federalist soceity has been removed. Are Republicans for the rule of law a bunch of Rinos? The Federalist Society are legal profesionals who consider themselves conservatives and believe in the seperation of powers. It appears kevin clarkson is a member.

    • Rusthoven has been a contributor to Federalist Society but that’s the extent of his association, they inform me. – sd

  15. The jury is still out on Iran. We let North Korea get nukes but they’re not quite as radical as these idiots in Iran. North Korea just want to kill Japanese and maybe rightfully so. Japanese were some pretty horrendous folks when it came to war. Cutting off babies heads and raping women. They pretty much had it coming. They certainly aren’t conservative if they don’t think we need to secure our borders. And the whole Russian conspiracy put on by podesta and Clinton and perpetrated by the FBI and Obama’s justice department should have never happened. Lieing and manufacturing evidence are not conservative values but frequently appear in liberal lifestyles. So it looks to me like they cherry-pick which values they choose to follow and are not true conservatives which sadly gave rise to the term rhino.

    • Yep, rhino’s. Fantastic animals. Maybe at the very least you could be hep to the language of your tribe. Makes one think you may be just a blabbermouth with too much time on your hands.

  16. Finally, a group of Republicans who are not RINOs, but who actually believe in the rule of law (no, not the Law of the Jungle, like the RINO baiters) and have, perhaps, even read the Constitution.
    A refreshing breath of fresh, globally-warmed air.
    Perhaps there is hope.

    • I’ve actually read and seen the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta. Nothing is changed with conservative values. The only thing that has changed is some labeled Republicans are spineless and have learned to promote their own self longevity in office grease the fence and slip from one side to the other or whatever direction the wind is blowing.

  17. “A conservative group that includes former Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol has targeted Sen. Lisa Murkowski as part of a $1 million advertising campaign to turn on-the-fence Republicans into “yes” votes on impeachment.”

    A conservative group my behind, they are nothing more than a bunch of left leaning RINO’s. Unfortnately Lisa will cave to them like she always caves to the left.

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