Republican chairman calls on law enforcement



Alaska Republican Party Chairman Glenn Clary issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon, calling on law enforcement to ensure the safety of legislators:

“This afternoon in Wasilla, threatening, shrieking Democrat protesters  
and their ancillary leftist accomplices disrupted a peaceful session  
of Republican legislators who were considering budgetary matters  
pursuant to Governor Dunleavy’s instructions. We have seen these  
tactics used by similar mobs who injure conservatives around the  
country. And now the Democrats have brought this type of indecent  
behavior to our great State,” Clary said.

“The Alaska Republican Party expects law enforcement to protect all of  
our duly elected legislators and media representatives, wherever they  
are in the State of Alaska, from all harm so they can go about their  
lawful activities,” he concluded.

Clary’s remarks were in response to unlawful occupation by leftist protesters of a lawful assembly of legislators at the Wasilla Middle School earlier on Wednesday.

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  1. They (Troopers or local authorities) better step up and do their job! Looks today like they took their non-action right out of the Portland Police Dept’s shameful playbook. I hope the Governor has the cojones to sent the Troopers to Juneau to get all our so called legislators brought to Wasilla in handcuffs. Mr. Speaker and company certainly seem to be considering themselves above the law these days.

  2. Bring all non-compliant legislators in Juneau….back to Wasilla… chains. Take photos.

  3. The faces of diversity. All in chains. How appropriate. With all of the money spent on diversity, the Democrats can only come up with this? They didnt get much for their money.

  4. And some wonder why I refer to the leftist/socialists ” as ‘dims’. If their actions are ‘politics’, there are many ‘clutches slipping’. Tactics of ultra spoiled third graders. What happens when/if they grow up? Real life doesn’t abide by their antics. Lessons aplenty coming for these ‘protesters’. Wonder how many state/university employees were there instead of at work. Why won’t the police escort them out of the meeting? Would they do the same if the ‘protesters’ were conservatives? I just saw a listing of salaries posted on the internet. Did you know that a ‘senior patrolman’ in Anchorage has a base salary of $450,000, plus benefits? The amounts of all ‘public servant’ salaries is stupendous. What the devil is happening in Alaska? This entire dog and pony show is being orchestrated by the very people who should be preventing it. The ‘senior public/education employees and law makers/breakers, all the way to the top, are the instigators. An outrage. If the politicians, publicly employed police and supervisors of these hooligans won’t do their jobs, what is the solution for Alaskan, American citizens? I have an opinion but I won’t tarnish this site by posting it.

  5. Good, now how about doing something about the gang of lawless Republican legislators meeting in Juneau! Call these traitors for what they are, esp Sen Kathy Weasel!

  6. May we all learn something from this appalling experience and start a grassroots conservative effort to replace all the RINO’s who went to Juneau this week and are up for election this Fall? If us conservatives don’t start to get organized our state will be lost to the Antifa crowd. Every single Republican who went to Juneau for this special session should be removed from office IMO!

  7. It is interesting that the troopers didn’t remove the protestors for causing a scene in Wasilla. They sure didn’t have a problem using tasers almost a dozen times on David Haig in an Anchorage courtroom a couple of winters ago for doing nothing more than insisting that he be allowed to present information related to his case. One could make the case that troopers bow to the court system but that doesn’t explain the reluctance of the Wasilla police to take action in this case.

    • I agree! What was the point of the Wasilla Police being there is they weren’t going to do anything !!

  8. This is a really really bad look for the Democrats. They have a gay priest (?), two androgynous IDK-whats in Halloween costumes, and some old lady probably suffering from menopausal dementia chained to a high school door. Looks like circus performers or API-escapees more than serious people with any sort of feasible political agenda or solutions. The whole “the sky is falling” narrative is going to fall flat on its face tomorrow when the sky doesn’t actually fall and ho-hum life goes on.

  9. No need for any of this silliness. The veto override is history. Idiots in the Juneau group lost by 8 votes. 1/3 of my $3K PFD is going to help defeat the Juneau idiots.

  10. What a pathetic “protest” to try and grab headlines. This makes me even happier that the 22 legislators are staying in Wasilla and following the law and allowing the vetos to stand. I look at the people protesting and I smile. These are the types of people who are upset? We should have made major cuts to the budget back in ‘14 when Walker announced the deficit. All these protesters can pack things up and move back to their liberal enclaves in the lower 48. Alaska will be a stronger and better state after these cuts take effect. A good weeding of government agencies and the UA system is long overdue.

  11. The comments here are spot on. The more they have these type of clowns as the face of their cause, the better. They rant incoherently. Dress like fools. They couldn’t hold an intelligent conversation about any of the issues with you if they tried. I question their residency.
    I will breathe a sigh of relief once the final FY2020 budget is signed and we can get through the summer. Our short Fall season will be upon us and the snow will begin to fly. I don’t know who is up for re-election this year, but I’m sure there is some house cleaning to do in that bunch. Remember the names of those who wronged us.

  12. So, the Chief of Police in Wasilla, answers to the Mayor and City Council (Pretty sure). Has anyone heard a peep out of these fine public servants about this? What were they waiting for? Punches to be thrown? Blood to flow? I saw plenty of legally defined assaults in the video, and I know that the officers did also-they are the professionals, remember? Psssst! City of Wasilla management-your slip is showing!

  13. I’m sure Alaska cops have some general formal training in civil disorder and crowd control but they have very little experience with it. Public building managers have little experience with it, but most know it is a good way to get your picture in an unflattering situation on the 6 PM news.

    Provocative groups always show up with media. Conservative groups and governmental groups being protested against almost never have media beyond personal cellphones. In sum a confrontation between a conservative or governmental group and an organized leftist protest group is going to look like the leftists want it to look and is going to be described by the leftist reporters they brought with them.

    In my battles in the ’90s with ASEA’s Guerilla Theatre Troupes and their mau- mau attacks against supervisors and work units, I simply didn’t consider the media except to avoid them because they were uniformly hostile to the State. I also didn’t consider law enforcement. We had little Trooper presence in Juneau; the Governor’s Security and a little Fish and Wildlife Patrol. We didn’t have any real authority over the Juneau PD and depending on the administration relations between the State and Juneau were not always friendly.

    What I was going to do is rely upon my knowledge of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” Rules is a lot easier for conservatives because most of Rules requires crazy people to carry out, so we on the right only need a few rules. The first and most important rule is never let them get what they want. The want to provoke you, preferably to do something stupid or violent. Conservatives can never be the first to resort to violence, even if it means we give a little blood. So, we can turn to the cops on scene. If they didn’t take action to control the scene because they didn’t know what to or didn’t have an order, that’ a bad thing but it can be fixed with training and analysis.. If they were told to stand down unless something life-threatening happened that is another matter. We’ve seen the scenes in big blue places where the cops are simply there as bystanders; That’s a bad thing, but it is going to happen in Blue cities.

    In the sane situation, you should have cops on the scene but try not to use them. They will confront and sometimes assault the cops. Trying to remove them will cause a violent scene and the secene will all be on the cops. The males will all claim excess force and the females will all claim sexual assault. It is really frustrating to leave them alone when everybody on your side wants to just beat Hell out of them.

  14. Wow, can you believe these bozos? Would have been so much smarter for these folks to put on white hoods and carry torches in their effort to intimidate politicians. That’s how you get things done. Maybe add a little noosed-up rope? Seriously tho, you people crack me up. Didn’t expect this with all your wailing to move the capital? Maybe you don’t want to be close to the people after all.

  15. I never would have believed this would be possible right here in Wasilla Alaska. I thought an armed society would be more polite.

    • “They” know we won’t use our arms – because then WE would get arrested and “they” would score a propaganda coup. The threat of armed opposition to their lunacy emboldens them. Martyr complex and media attention are their primary motivations, not the issue of the day.

  16. What? No straight, White, older Male? Where’s the diversity? I suppose “someone” could say that there is a gay man, a Black man, a Native woman, and a Lesbian. See…..D I v e r s I t y. But Interior Secretary James Watt tried doing that in the 80’s and it cost him his job.

    • James Watt also said, ” and I have a cripple,” (employee in a wheelchair). That statement went over with a thud. Haven’t seen Secretary Watt since about 1983.

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