Reporter arrested, booked after accusations fly over Mayor Berkowitz


Maria Athens, a reporter for the Fox New Channel 4 in Anchorage, has been arrested and booked at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center.

(Update, Sunday night: Athens has been released from Hiland, whereabouts unknown).

The drama unfolded Friday. Athens came out on Facebook with a devastating announcement that she had evidence that Mayor Ethan Berkowitz had posted nude photos of himself on a minor’s website.

She encouraged Facebook followers to share her post, which hundreds of them did. As of Saturday morning, tens of thousands had seen her stunning revelation, which carried on across Facebook.

All of this began at 12:08 pm Friday, at the same time the mayor was beginning his regular Friday Facebook press update on COVID-19. He seemed completely unaware of what was unfolding on Athens’ page, and none of the reporters in his press conference asked him about the allegations.

Later, Athens posted a couple of nude photos of the back of a man’s body, which may or may not be Mayor Berkowitz, and may or may not be the floor of his private bathroom in City Hall.

Berkowitz’ press office issued a denial, and Channel Four news reports last night made no mention of any of the events that had taken place with their reporter.

The State has charges against Athens but the details are not specified.

None of the mainstream media outlets have reported about the case at this point, and Must Read Alaska learned that the mayor had requested police protection at his home overnight.

As of Saturday morning, Athens’ allegations and photos are still posted on her page.

This story will be updated.


    • Robert, if you know Maria Athens, have her call you and we’ll post her bond or bail or whatever…. we can go in your car and I’m not kidding. e- mail me with a message in here…….Suzanne Downing could have the scoop and straight poop.

      Post Script ; the police have a dedicated Officer and hardware/software AT apd(sic) just for monitoring the servers and users for porn, pedophiles, prostitution, and who knows what else……if the mayor did it —– well, he owns them .

  1. Thousands of us are waiting to hear what if anything she was charged with and the circumstances surrounding the time of and the time just prior her arrest.

  2. I saw it on Facebook and was waiting to see what you found out. Gotta say, if a reporter comes out with such a story, their sources better be cross checked a few times.

  3. Your post reads: “The State has charges against Athens but the details are not specified.” Did the assembly and mayor institute some kind of star chamber when I slept? Was the arrest subcontracted to the GRU, NKVD, KGB, Stasi, or any of its associates? That Athens has been arrested on no charge or some secret charge is crap. Kafka anyone?

  4. Somebody’s being naughty. Question is who. What’s provocative about this story is that the posting is listed as being on a minor’s website.

  5. I imagine there may be an MD or a PA that’s recognizing that butt and that floor and thinking ‘holy moly… I didn’t expect this to happen’.

    In an oddly perverse way I wish it were true but either way there will be a serious dust up. If it’s true it would certainly rid Anchorage quickly of an idiot and a scourge. Maybe even limit his ability to ruin other political posts. If it’s not, a personal attack on a family that has previously demonstrated an ability to run over pedestrians and not be held accountable may not be the wisest choice a news gal could make.

  6. So, what’s her story, and did she cover herself with an auto-info release? Berkowitz and his administration is as corrupt as any. We may never hear from her again.

  7. Too bad she didn’t flee the People’s Democratic Republic of Anchorage for the Free Republic of Matsu. where the Anchorage KGB couldn’t arrest her. She would be free now. I wonder if they have the power to “disappear” her? Of course AWOL Mike is nowhere to be seen or heard from.

  8. If she was set up after her revelation I hope she has proof. If her story is false and the altercation story authentic, I hope she gets the help she needs.
    One thing for sure, if it had been Dunleavy, Trump or any other Republican the MSM would have trampled each other to run with the story with a weak caveat.

  9. Most exciting news story all year and silence from ADN?
    Events like these only help cement my distrust of MSM.
    Glad MRAK chose to cover this story as today is “Mental Health Day” in America.
    There are no coincidences in life.

  10. Suzanne, truth or rumor, why would Maria do such a thing? She is/was the lead reporter & producer for Fox News here in Anchorage. She had to know it would kill her career in journalism if it were not true. Also, what charges could be filed against Marie that would cause her to be arrested and placed in prison? Putting a story on Facebook doesn’t seem like the: send a team of officers over to arrest her and hold her at correctional center pending arraignment kinda incident! I thought we had free press in Anchorage? Not a dictator state!

  11. The case # is “CR”, not “CI”, meaning that it is a criminal case, not civil. “CDP” means “ChargingDocuments Pending”. So, we don’t know what she may be charged with. Could this be an example of the Mayor using the Police for his own means?

    • State charges = State Prosecutor, so I’m not sure that the Mayor has that kind of pull, especially with a Republican Administration. Very strange though…at least with what’s presently known.

  12. Ethan Berkowitz, born Feb. 4, 1962.

    I’ve never seen anyone with this many natal planets simultaneously (7) in Aquarius… it’s a statistical rarity for sure. Depending on their natal house locations & relocated adjustment (SanFran to Anchorage); he has an incredibly powerful chart, and one fully susceptible to such hanky-panky.

      • Got you both beat. My granddaughter just had octupolets, and she’s moving in with me. Eight in my neonatal house. And if Berkowitz tries anything with them, his a** will be kicked clear to the seventh house of the moon.

  13. True or not, that was not wise of her to post something like that without first being able to show proof. Many people look alike from the back, and – as much as I hold the mayor of Anchorage in contempt – I dislike the rumor-mongering that woman engaged in. Shame on her.

  14. Arrested? Really? Booked at Highland?
    What was the charge? Was bail set? What role did Berkowitz play in having her arrested? Did he file a complaint?
    I cannot imagine the Mayor letting this thing get out of hand. My grandfather once said: “never ever ask for an investigation” .
    Now there will be an investigation. And who knows what might turn up.

  15. Typical fascist move by a fascist Mayor. Was an arrest & jail the proper way to handle her allegation?

    • Who is and where is her legal counsel?
      Public defender statement?
      Does not the law provide for disclosure of charges to the public?
      This ‘smells’ of a Berkowitz/Assembly ‘lube-job’!!
      Berkowitz is the perp who deserves portage, at best.

  16. Just APD – who works for the Mayor – doing their job. Sort of like Praetorian guards in olden times. Nothing to see here.

  17. Sounds like Mayor Berkowitz’s “Thugs” were sending a message.
    What is a Athens was charged with, fourth-degree assault? That was maybe a shove, and that’s it.
    Sounds like she was set up!!!

  18. I thought the assembly was asking for a $1.8 million/year “special tax” to increase police transparency? Now that it’s the mayor involved, we don’t get transparency regarding why she was convicted and being held? Nothing regarding why the mayor deserves and/or needs more police protection? If the mayor wants me to even consider agreeing for more taxes to help the police have more transparency, he needs to start with himself and this case. Something doesn’t add up here.

  19. Actually, it isn’t slander, its libel. Slander is spoken. That is reality.

    Another reality is if you ever cared about Anchorage

    If you’re guilty, get counsel, and resign ASAP.

    If innocent, still get counsel. Then clearly and transparently defend yourself against these charges, not the reporter.

    Charges like this should be treat with respect and truth.

  20. The KTUU article said she got in an altercation in the parking lot of the TV studio. Athens was charged with fourth-degree assault, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

  21. There’s something more to this already weird enough story and it’s this:

    “Police said they took Maureen “Maria” Athens, 41, into custody Friday in the parking lot of Coastal Television Broadcasting Co. on East Tudor Road after she and a man were allegedly involved in an altercation.”

  22. Is Berkowitz paying for APD security detail himself? They’re not his personal bodyguards. Will they come protect my home on a whim, as well?

  23. I haven’t got a clue as to the veracity of her FB post or the, “joint investigation” of her allegations by APD and the FBI. I have no doubt that a lot more information is forth coming. Folks let’s not jump to ANY conclusions based on the scant information provided at this point in the story(?). Let’s all wait for Due Process (innocent until proven guilty) for both the Mayor and the news anchor. Hopefully, there will be an independent news investigation of all parties, including this so-called rapid joint investigation by APD and the FBI – transparency! Unfortunately, given the local partisan divide, re: the mayor’s office, an independent review of all facts associated with these allegations is in order – transparency and confidence of both the mayor, his police department, the FBI, the local MSM media, and the veracity of the news anchor’s story are at stake. Until that investigation is complete, we should all wait before jumping to opinions based on unproven allegations by anyone.

  24. Eric, if memory serves from previous Kool- Aid induced comments you’ve madeI I find your observation without merit.

  25. If it were just the photos I would suspect they were taken by someone else and/or pictures of someone else not the mayor, but what happened after the reporter’s post certainly changes that perspective and the actions by the mayor, police department and station actually make Berkowitz look guilty of something.

  26. The mayor owns APD, (1)point whatever million for a remodel, silent two-week suspension for Police Chief Tolley, Mara Kimmel runs over a pedestrian and the police let her walk, City hall hires from Mara Kimmel’s immigration lawyer practice (and 108 languages on the MOA web-page), MOA web page 10-fold increase in cost, police home cars nobody knows how much they cost each, …… on and on…… follow the money, there are unobligated bonds in the budget and now another bond for the APD. The sooner the city goes broke the sooner we can fixit….. I voted for berkowitz and his assembly stooges just to watch citizens have to go broke….It’s fun to watch the clown show.

    • The clown show is your misunderstanding of each issue you cite. And that you voted for Ethan Berkeley. Dig a little deeper into former chief, the home car program and facts of the case regarding Ms. Kimmel. Just because you weren’t “told“ about each and every thing does it mean there’s a conspiracy.

  27. I thought people are innocent until proven guilty. Something does not sound right here. Regardless, I would never vote for either of them regardless of the out come.

  28. Just like every other politician blame someone else, lie and discredit…Pelosi and Ca are a prefect example.

  29. Just another sick Democrat with to much power. He probably went after her to keep her quite. What this idiot Mayor has done to Anchorage with the unneeded shutdowns is a crime! Get rid of him Anchorage! The American people need to stand up to this kind of abuse by corrupt politicians.

  30. She is trash. Mad that he wouldn’t leave his wife for her and she snapped. She should not to have been meddling if she was going get attached. He had an affair, she falsely accused him of pedophilia, and harassed him, and threw a temper tantrum at her job. Ugh please….Hate seeing such a terrible person gaining credit and being hailed a hero. Get better idols people!

  31. Good to see another anti-American liberal out of government. Notice that most of these sexual misconducts are done by liberal democrats? Recently the senator Cal Cunningham from North Carolina is yet another example. The demorats are plagued with immoral behaviors which is why they support LGBQTUVXYX immoral unnatural lifestyles.

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