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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Report says Anchorage wears masks, and most of us won’t host Thanksgiving or Xmas gathering this year


The Institute for Social and Economic Research says that since the end of July, most respondents of its Anchorage surveys say they wear masks most of the time when they are not at home. The mask-wearing rate is 87%.

During the Oct. 21-23 survey, many respondents also said they:

  • would support a modified or abbreviated “hunker down” order to curb increasing COVID-19 rates (62%)
  • are willing to get the COVID-19 vaccine once it becomes available (70%)
  • are not likely to travel outside Alaska for the holidays (over 90%)
  • are not likely to attend/host a gathering for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the New Year (over 60%)

The State of Alaska’s Department of Health and Human Services referenced findings of an ISER research team that support the benefits of isolation on slowing the coronavirus. In the September 2020 Tracer Analyses for the State of Alaska, researchers Katie Cueva, Lisa Bulkow and Elaina Milton calculate that 10 times fewer Alaskans will get COVID-19 if infected individuals isolate themselves within 6 days instead of 8 days.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • ISER? You spelled USSR wrong.
    Sheep. Amazing.

  • 62% would support another Hunker Down Order I guarantee these are not Small Business Owners.

  • Our large family will be celebrating Thanksgiving, and the next two days are large events with friends.

    • Ditto!

  • Don’t we know by now that these polls are worthless?

    I wish they had called me in addition to the 50 folks living downtown. I don’t support hunkering down, plus hosting a Thanksgiving dinner and traveling out of state for the holidays.

  • Only leftist hive drones and the politically illiterate are responding to polls at this point. Half of Americans will never respond, and actually disdain the media who pay for them and the leftist academia that contrive them.

  • I was not asked by these researchers but 1. I do not support another “hunder Down” order from any political agency. 2. i am willing to take the Vaccine once it becomes available..3. I have traveled to and from Alaska throughout the past 10 months almost monthly…4. I do not plan on hosting a Thanksgiving or Christmas or new Years gathering other than to go to church, which I guess fits all these gatherings. Our business has remained open this entire past 10 months and our employee’s work hard at not doing anything stupid….and have remained well throughout these months.

  • Good for them. Now they should mind their own business and let the rest of us get on with life.

  • These surveys are always skewed. Respondents are in liberal cities who do anything their masters instruct them to. Others are afraid to answer honestly or don’t respond at all.

  • Hahaha!
    Faith and family will always be cherished and celebrated, no matter what the Communists may bring!

  • The only reason I’m not traveling is the paranoia running rampant through most of Alaska.

    Why go to Anchorage when you have to eat every meal in a hotel room and have to wear a mask everywhere? Save my money and the headache.

  • In short Anchorage is a population of miserable Sheeple who choose Tyranny over Liberty. How un-American, though I am not surprised.

  • They sure didn’t ask me. Screw the communist —, live your life free as long as possible.

  • I am surprised there are that many people in ANC responding in that manner. What happened to the tough, individualism that made Alaska famous?
    Well, actually no. I am not surprised at all. In fact, I am kind of surprised the percentages are not a lot higher. After all, the average person reads nothing more than the headline, and too many of them get their news from their Facebook feed.
    Is it any surprise that the average person has not looked into whether masks are actually effective? No. Is it any surprise they have not asked if the lockdowns have any effect whatsoever? Not surprising at all. Do any of these people actually do the math on the raw data and come to their own conclusions? Surely you jest. Easier to just do what the government tells me to do.
    Seriously, there is more and more supportable evidence every day that masks and lockdowns have no statistically meaningful effect on the spread of the virus. But, why take the time to question the experts? Some bureaucrat in the CDC says use a mask, so just do it. People that died from their two-plus life threatening morbidities tested positive for the virus.
    Does it matter to these people that 97.1% of the tests administered come back negative for the virus? Nope, they were told to be scared. Are they aware that 97.8% of the people testing positive do not get hospitalized? Probably not, because it is easier to trust the politicians that talk about overrunning the healthcare system. No one bothers to do the math and find out that 99.6% of the people who test positive survive. Instead, they choose to focus on the number of people who tested positive at death, as if that is proof the virus killed them.
    In fact, if I were to point out the above to the mask wearers that are cancelling holiday plans, they would probably just call me a conspiracy nut, claim I am calling the pandemic a hoax, and then probably call me a racist. You can lead the horse to water…

  • Great survey, really glad they published data (87% report wearing masks) that proves masks have no effect on the case count. You could easily interpret the data to claim wearing masks increase case count, that is if you are a correlation = causation liberal

  • Surveys nine times out of ten are there to manipulate not inform. This appears to be a UAA produced survey. I could not find the number of participants anywhere in their report.
    According to their website, they use this data to advise the state. Their disclaimer at the end states that this is was done by a panel that “may” not be representative of the population of Anchorage, but may provide a trends….

  • No one is going to answer a survey truthfully about Covid. They don’t want big brother knowing what they are doing!

  • “The mask-wearing rate is 87%.”….which coincidentally, is almost the exact percentage of people who got seriously ill with the Kung Flu, that reported they always wore a mask.
    With that info, someone could make the case that masks cause people to catch the virus.
    I don’t actually believe that masks cause people to catch the virus. But I do believe that if you wear one, it works at protecting me from you with the same efficacy as your pants work to protect me from smelling your farts.
    It’s for this reason, and also the fact that any doctor who dares to post a video explaining how you can improve your metabolic health, making you able to breeze through being infected by the virus without any serious ill affects, gets their video removed…….that proves that the mask hysteria and lockdown fervor, is purely political.
    It’s panic porn pushed to keep the masses fearful and doing what the politicians want them to do.

  • Research results brought to you by Dominion/Smartmatic voting systems.

  • yeah right! In their dreams people will respect and won’t celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas for the fear the are desperately trying take hold. If you lose a friend or family member by Suicide because of loneliness that’s on you and your self centered selfishness. Go enjoy your relatives and friends again. No one knows when this be the last year or last time you will see someone. Go Celebrate the people around you. Cause some people as young as 10 years old from what I heard thru a Allard 650 AM interview they are not here, they killed themselves, they won’t be eating Turkey nor will they be opening a present this Christmas, cause their body is dead. Go appreciate the people around you.

  • Looks like a UAA sponsored thing. If that’s correct,, it’s a case of the booming voice asking the echo chamber about the acoustics:

  • NEW FACT: 100% of people responding to this article don’t agree with the numbers. Maybe only the people reading this are aware enough to know we are being manipulated and lied to.

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