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Friday, March 5, 2021
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Report: Alaska Airlines, others are banning guns in checked luggage to DC now

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Leading up to the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, a handful of airlines will prohibit guns being shipped in checked luggage.

The gun ban from Alaska, United, and Delta appears to apply only to flights to Washington, D.C., according to the Chicago Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle.

Reports say that the airlines are trying to curb any intended violent insurrection that may be planned for the inauguration. Washington, D.C. has specific gun laws, but generally, people are allowed to transport a firearm through Washington, DC from a state where their firearm is licensed to another state where their firearm is licensed. But in general, it’s a felony to possess a firearm in D.C.

American Airlines is going to once again ban alcohol service on its flights to and from the Washington, D.C. area. Flights will start going dry on Saturday, and continue through Thursday. Airlines are also moving their crews out of some hotels in the nation’s capital for safety reasons.

The Alaska Airlines blog makes no mention of it. The normal firearms policy at Alaska Airlines is at this link.

In related news, AirBNB has cancelled all reservations for Washington, D.C. area rentals in the days leading up to the inauguration. No new reservations may be made at homes around the Capital.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Sounds like more Dem disinformation about violence.

    • BLM shirts? Nice to know our “local” airline is a supporter of domestic terror groups and against the 2nd Amendment. Boycotts won’t work since the liberals pour money into their companies in the name of Covid relief. Utter B.S.

      • Of course. But you can take a stand based on principle and not soil yourself nor give any of these people one penny of your money. Same goes for all of the fellow Travelers via social media platforms, we need not speak their names everybody knows. You decide.
        “… but I need to share pictures of my family”…. don’t cut it anymore. Take a stand. Not directed specifically to you Jesse but just saying …you know?

      • You should thank AK Airlines. A law and order person would not bring a firearm knowing it is a felony without a permit

  • This is growing weirder by the day, while he is telling Americans to stay home and keep calm, christians reminding us keep the faith and pray at home, and big tech and media is censoring like we never seen before, and congress members wearing under house arrest facial expressions are recieving military armed escorts

    • If Alaska Airlines is so concerned about rioting and such, why are they supporting BLM thugs?

      • Alaska Airlines like so many other so-called woke entities are willing to cut their own throats in the end to acquiesce to these people. It’s mental illness really in the end. Or they’re just damn stupid.

      • Good point Alaska Rose, perhaps it is because AA is afraid of BLM thugs burning down their Seattle Base?

        • More likely, the snowflake employees of AS who work in the mid-level bureacracy, have convinced their superiors that the woke culture is now mainstream.

          • The superiors are in on it. They really don’t give two cents what the employees think unless it’s for some Rainbow or other woke cause. Any serious business person would have never endorsed BLM… Tells you everything you need to know about Ak Air.

  • The slow, inexorable destruction of civil rights, the constriction on the freedoms on the population are like a python squeezing the life out of our society.

  • AK Air has been a fellow traveler of those destroying this nation for years. A Seattle based, morally degenerate corporation like so many others of late. They push it in their internal material and even the in flight magazine. I have been a full fare first class paying passenger since 1990. And that only because I want the room and not have to be pressed into a coach seat with somebody who weighs 400 pounds, dressed in sweats who has not bathed for days, tben falling asleep on me 30 min into the trip. The last flight I was on had a first class-what do you call them now that won’t offend them… Flight attendant? The most effeminate male I’ve ever seen, wierd hair, manner of speech and general demeanor. Man acting like a woman. And overly flamboyant. Why? They’ve just got to push it in your face.
    Flight prior to that was very bitter middle-aged woman first class cabin attendant who would not make eye contact, seemed angry and never came back to offer us anything during the three-hour flight to SEA. We complained on both the above experiences. Alaska Airlines does not care, they never responded.
    So, the last two trips out of AK before this whole virus thing… We drove. Fortunately had the time so it worked. We are done with Alaska Airlines as they have jumped the shark in more ways than one.
    When will people decide they’re going to stop traveling and spending their money with those that need to force their politics down our throats?

    • Let me guess. BLM, and ANTIFA are terrorist, and the armed seditious crowd trying to take over the Capitol were just practicing free speech. Yea, stick with that logic.

      • Bill, blockcading a Police Station with officers inside while setting fire to it is okay with you? Just wondering. Free speech? Yeah, I get that. And as for a hostile take over, Bill, you just lost any hope of ever having a credible election. I submit that the prospect of tyranny is a far worse outcome. Wecome to hell Bill. The ridiculous Pronoun Free Zone submitted last week in the House is typical of how fascist operate Bill. Yeah stick that logic somewhere for me, ok?

      • Give this guy a cupie doll.

  • I would never fly Alaska airlines again, and I encourage everyone to boycott them. Their employees don’t follow their own policy on masks. Back in May of last year, a male stewardess pulled his mask down so he can have a conversation with a woman who is waiting to use the first class bathroom. They were within two feet of each other standing right above me. I didn’t say anything at the time but I sensed my mask on even tighter cringing on their every word. I didn’t want them spitting in my food or worse. I was once on a flight where they were making cookies and it smelled the whole compartment up with that good cookie smell. I guess their time ran short and we ended up not getting the snack we were supposed to and I’m sure we paid for in the ticket pricing. A few minutes before landing in San Francisco {comma} I saw them munching on the cookies and they handed a plate in to the pilots. I use the kill them with kindness approach when I am on board a plane but it’s really just about the role of the dice on what kind of temperament you’re going to get out of one of their stewardesses or stewards.

  • Who flies these days?

  • I am old enough to remember when comedians used to make jokes about airline stewardesses in the USSR during the Cold War. They were portrayed as fat, ugly, surly, hairy, political, middle aged females that looked like truck drivers. Welcome to air travel in the USA in 2021!

  • This is just the start. The corporate left is gonna squeeze and squeeze until, while guns aren’t illegally per se, possession of them will be near impossible.

    This is what you voted for America.

    • Paranoid right wingers are going to kill the 2nd amendment. Kept saying they were holding on to there guns to use against a corrupt government. Instead, they tried to over throw a “legitimate ” government. I’m not worried about losing my guns, because I will never attack my own country.

      • Nobody in DC that day was trying to overthrow the govt.
        Stop with your drama, shame on you. Don’t be a child growing older. Wake up.

      • An illegitimate government has to use censorship & military force to survive , Bill.

  • Let me get this straight. If someone is going to go to DC to terrorize with a weapon, do you think they’re going to fly into DC with a checked weapon? Wow, this is a real effective deterent AK Air, some real brain work going on here.

  • “They’re a private company! Than can ban anything they want! Speech, guns, reservation systems, social media accounts, email accounts.

    Until they want a handout from the government.

    Then they quickly masquerade as “common carriers”, “essential providers”, “required businesses” for the preservation of our very existence. I see this as just virtue signaling by these companies, hoping the socialist alligators eat them last.

  • An Alaska Legislator demanding that Alaska Airlines take the word Alaska out of its name would be a hero throughout the state. For my part I am preparing letters for family who live in other states to send to their Congressional delegations that demand an end to federal subsidies paid to Alaska Airlines. It’s time to end subsidies for landing in Juneau and in other southeast communities!

    • Triggered much?

      • Fair but curious question. I try to dry fire every day, at least with a pistol. I always intend to shoot a few hundred rounds a week but sometimes that doesn’t happen partly due to less daylight. During this time of most retail places being closed (even government offices are closed to the public, I read), restaurants and movie theaters being out of the question, etc. shooting is something I can do that I continue to enjoy very much. I think that most people, including both men and woman, and all age groups, are shooting more often now despite scarcity of some ammo and reloading components.

  • Biden is rabidly anti-gun. AK Airlines is simply not going to offend the powers that will be for the next 4 years at least. Worst to come.

    • Right. At some point soon they will deny Travelers the opportunity to travel with Firearms of any kind. Unless you have a badge. And even then probably very limited. It’s coming.

  • There are no major airports in DC. This ban impacts everyone flying into Virginia (Ronald Reagan and Dulles), and Maryland (Thurgood Marshall), possession by non-prohibited persons is legal for travel in the latter, and for all legal purposes in the former, VA even honors the permits (and in some cases permitless carry laws) of 48 states.

    This is yet another case where “private companies” by virtue of their effective monopoly, in this case on air travel, can in practice infringe on fundamental Constitutional rights. This needs opposition from Congress and the Courts.

  • More ‘virtue signaling’. Pretty sad.

  • LOL, no gun would be a threat at the inauguration before 2021, even less now today when there are 20k armed National Guard troops letting no one within a mile of the podium.

    • Almost none of those guard troops will have live ammo. Despite what the news has reported about lethal force being authorized. Trust me, they won’t have live ammo.
      In certain previous Administrations, soldiers overseas were liberated of their live ammunition when certain politicians came to visit for a photo op.

  • Proof that our rulers make up crap and have long tentacles.

  • Agreed. But the courts won’t touch it and neither will the simp Republicans. Every one of them to a person is compromised it’s very clear. It’s time for people of character and principle to stop traveling to these Rat Hole locations, stop using carriers that decide they want to play policeman and push their woke politics (Alaska Airlines is frankly one of the most egregious of this) dysfunctional criminally managed destinations include most all East Coast cities along with Seattle Portland San Francisco and Hawaii. Almost nobody will though because they need to acquiesce to their flesh. Reap what you sow people. You will.

  • Well then, I guess you can all spend your winters in Alaska instead of buying those bargain Alaska Airlines tickets to Hawaii. Enjoy.

  • So, if I wear a MAGA hat, will I be denied a flight on Alaska Airlines, but wear a Black Lives Anarchist shirt I can?

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