Rep. Rasmussen dials it in, due to ‘close contact’ with … Covid?


Rep. Sara Rasmussen was a little vague. She didn’t say “what” she had a close contact with, but the inference is that it’s with someone who had the Covid-19 virus, so she is staying away from Juneau.

Rasmussen announced her decision on Facebook to her Sand Lake constituents, to be transparent about why she is not in Juneau with the rest of her colleagues.

“Until contract tracing and follow up testing is completed, I’m following quarantine guidance from public health,” she wrote.

“I hope to be able to get to Juneau to finish the work of this session ASAP, however with our hospitals at capacity I feel it’s best not to risk potentially spreading anything to other Alaskans,” she wrote.

Rasmussen was in Juneau for just one day so far, in the special session that started on Aug. 16. She was fishing on the Kenai River and attending events, telling critics that going to Juneau was a waste of time. Rasmussen is not in either the conservative or liberal caucus in the House, and has taken up the new position of former Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, who turned on conservatives and then on liberals, becoming a caucus of one, before she was unelected in 2020.


  1. Wonder why Alaska Republican party has, yet to censure this representative. I can just assume they didnt want to censure someone so young who identifies as a Republican, since the Republican party wants new young leaders, while Merrick is already old, gray, and her district pretty much have general consensus to vote her out. Hahaha

    Although I don’t like inconsistent and unstable leaders, they are more damaging than a corrupt leader.

  2. I’m a Republican and I don’t believe a word that comes out of her RINO mouth! Especially since she’s already said and displayed that she does not want to be there.

  3. Why not just resign, Sara, and give Sand Lake competent representation they deserve, you are a phony disgrace.

  4. We saw this play out two years ago, poor choice and consequences for her constituents.
    Too bad Legislature has no designated voter rule, like baseball.

  5. This is a nothing burger story. The real question to ask the Representative is why she is pushing hard to pay a bunch of bankers and other holders of the silly oil & gas exploration tax credits over a $100M this year, an amount that vastly exceed the statutory payout scheme for the bogus cash-for-credit program?

    She seems to be phoning it in, which may not be justified but what is obvious is that what she is phoning in is detrimental to her constituents. Paying cash for the credit program with funds we do not have in abundance is a sure way to take money away from the PFD that right now sits at ZERO, thanks the Governor Dunleavy’s veto.

    Oh well, we get what we deserve in this little democracy ………………………..

  6. What they fail to tell you is that “hospitals at capacity” can mean 6 beds are full. Capacity is based upon how many nurses they have to appoint to a department for example the “ICU”. With a massive influx of nurses jumping ship because they are given the ultimatum of “Jab or no job”, “hospitals at capacity” could be reached with as few as 3 patients despite having hundreds of empty beds.

    FURTHERMORE, most don’t realize that the FDA’s approval of the jab wasn’t approved for ANY vaccine currently available.
    “The FDA approved” means full approval.
    The FDA has fully approved the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine. THIS vaccine will now be marketed as the “Comirnaty vaccine” and is not yet in production.

    • Bingo! All this whining about capacity is partly self-inflicted. The “shot or else” ultimatum to nurses out there, even those, who had the disease, artificially lowers capacity as nurses take the “or else” option. Why you would fire nurses, a profession notoriously short staffed anyway and make the care situation more dire is beyond me.

    • “Massive influx of nurses jumping ship because they are given the ultimatum of jab or no job?” Where are the statistics to back that nonsense up? There has been a nursing shortage for years across the whole of the US, this isn’t a vaccine related issue.

      • It’s called the Internet, R-I-N-O. Actually, use DuckDuckGo or at least FireFox. You’ll find its roughly 40%. On Google, you’ll find the “nonsense” you crave.

      • Google is your friend (or enemy). Use the keywords “nurses” “resign” “vaccine”. I got LOTS of hits. It’s going on nationwide. Example:

  7. If she is neither conservative or liberal, what does she stand for? Does she like to throw wrenches in legislation because she wants to have that feeling of power to sway people one way or another? We have had enough of wishy-washy do nothing politicians that fill a seat and do not represent the people in conjunction with the U.S. & Alaska Constitutions. They are elected by the people to represent the people under the framework and guidance of the Constitution. Any power not expressly allowed by the Constitution is reserved to the States and the people. When these folks enact legislation that restricts the freedom and removes the prosperity of the people, they should be removed from office. Mandates are not law and should be rarely used unless there is a clear and present danger to enact them. COVID-19 is a severe respiratory cold virus that is effectively treated with therapeutics. There is no need for vaccines that harm your body or masks that can’t capture the virus particle. Any official that promotes mandatory shutdowns, vaccines or masks, is either on Big Pharma’s payroll or the CCP’s payroll and should be immediately removed from office. We are at war folks, wake up and take action to protect your future.

  8. Is this the young lady who was “leg wrestling” with those other drunken legislators the other month?

  9. Funny. Wasn’t her attendance in Juneau already an issue before Covid? Why is anyone surprised?
    On a side note, I did see her at the elementary school the other day, not wearing a mask, so her response makes zero impact.

  10. If she would have travel to Juneau and stayed there to work, she would not be in this predicament. Sounds like an excuse to avoid having to have an opinion and get further grief from her constituents. She better not put in for per diem for the days she was fishing or “out sick”.

  11. Maybe her “husband” has put the kibosh on her having anymore “fun” with her male co-horts in Juneau.
    Rasmussen – just like Murkowski – an elitist who ONLY has her position because of the powerful influence of her mommy, daddy, grandmother, and grandfather – everything that’s wrong with politics.
    Nothing but a Squish Rino.

  12. So far as I have heard the Canadian quickstep cannot be passed on through Indian wrestling aka leg wrestling. However, I knew a fellow who claimed he caught it just by attending the hoochie-coochie show at the state fair. That’s what he told his wife anyway. I suppose if a staff lobbyist from say an oil company caught something while lobbying, Indian wrestling for example, he would be able to collect workers compensation.

  13. She’s obviously lazy and too self-involved to show up for work. Time to fire her —.

  14. Is this a result of the ONE constituent Sara met with on Sunday or from her extra curricular activities? I rather favor her staying home with her tiny children at this point.

  15. Got to say as a voting sand lake resident and conservative, I sincerely look forward to not reelecting this joke!!! It blows my mind that these elected officials don’t think that we actually watch the news and pay attention as to what is going on in Juneau. Sara very disappointed in you, and the fact that myself and my family voted for you this last term. Won’t make that mistake again! Thanks for showing us in the sand lake community your true colors!

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