Recall Dunleavy Committee, ‘with heavy heart’ folds up shop after admitting it failed


In a letter to supporters Wednesday morning, the Recall Dunleavy Committee admitted defeat, saying it would not be able to get the signatures in time to stage a recall election for Gov. Mike Dunleavy. The primary election for governor is less than a year away and the group has failed in its three-year-long mission.

The group said it had accomplished much but fell short. The group also did not say how much money it has or what it would do with its remaining funds.

“As of today, Wednesday August 25th 2021, the Recall Dunleavy effort is officially drawing to a close. We are proud to have run one of the most successful, bipartisan, and overwhelming grassroots efforts in the history of Alaska. The movement to recall Michael J. Dunleavy from the governor’s office was driven by Alaskans who care about the future of this great state and who are courageous enough to take a stand against the imminent threats to our communities,” the group wrote, saying that a court decision proved that Dunleavy had repeatedly broken the law.

“The decision to wind down the Recall was made thoughtfully by the steering committee. Strategically speaking, the Recall has done what it was intended to do, to protect Alaska and Alaskans from Dunleavy’s complete ineptitude and failure of moral character,” the group wrote. The group realized that once Dunleavy filed for reelection they would have to treat their data differently and reveal their donors.

The group also said anyone who signed the second recall petition risks retaliation, so they don’t want to release the names to the Division of Elections, after which they become public record. They also said that “Dunleavy has been crying and panhandling in Florida and all over the Lower 48 to funnel money through his anti-recall group.”

“Timing is everything, unfortunately last spring, the pandemic broke our stride. With a heavy heart the tough decision was made to pull back our signature gathering efforts for the safety of hundreds of our volunteers. The transition to COVID 19 conscious signature gathering by signing at home was another historical first, but was a slow and arduous climb. Today, 15 months before the next election with 62,373 signatures in hand, we have decided it is time to look to the future,” they wrote.

The politicos said the group always knew it would not succeed but intends to use the signatures as the data-mining it needs to back a candidate against Dunleavy. It will turn those names over to the candidate it believes in, and most likely that is former Gov. Bill Walker, since his former chief of staff, Scott Kendall, is one of the prime movers behind the recall effort.


  1. Shift of resources and energy to Bill Walker for Governor campaign. The highly disgraced, former governor ordered the shift himself. The ghost of Byron Mallott whispers in his ear every night.

  2. Oh, please. Didn’t Walker do enough damage the first time? Wasn’t his administration fraught with scandal sufficient to blacken his name forever from running a successful campaign even as the lowliest position in this state? His administration with Byron Mallott made us a laughing stock. The only way I foresee a win for this PFD thief is by skewing the vote with a ton of Outside money and a campaign packed with mudslinging and malfeasance. It works for Murkowski every time.

  3. LOL it amazes me when people like Little Scotty Kendall loses and rewrites history..
    No grace in losing just spread more lies and excuses!

  4. All these people can do is blame, blame, blame. Everyone but themselves, they need to look in the mirror to find their problem and the fact that people are waking up to what Dem governors do. Just look at CA, OR, WA. All far left governors who have done a horrendous job and have really crippled these once great states. One is being recalled and the other two should be also.

  5. The Recall Dunleavy had already lost its stride long before the pandemic started!
    I hope this is sign Alaskans are changing their heart, recognizing when we individuals need help, do not run to Government civic leaders for aid. Unless most Alaskans just don’t care who is Governor. Hahaha. I do come across a lot of people who do not even want to be involved understanding their government. I mean they have zero interest. Then! there are still Christians, new believers, who think being a Christian means having no interest in Government matters, except the Bible and Jesus.

  6. The politicos said the group always knew it would not succeed but intends to use the signatures as the data-mining it needs to back a candidate against Dunleavy. It will turn those names over to the candidate it believes in, and most likely that is former Gov. Bill Walker, since his former chief of staff, Scott Kendall, is one of the prime movers behind the recall effort…………………

    All the more reason NOT to vote for Walker ! His agenda has and always will be for himself, not Alaska.

  7. Excellent, we have a real Governor. The Recallers should be made to forfeit their ILL GOTTEN money to the State.

    • Agreed. I doubt there is any money left after they pay Kendall and donate the rest to Walker – what a scam…

  8. Still a huge victory for the recall folks.

    Instead of wasting money on a recall campaign that was never going to work they can now cash in on the names, addresses and voter info for tens of thousands of people. That kind of info is worth big money these days.

    All in a day’s work.

  9. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would be really upset if someone was mining my information to give to someone I may or may not support

  10. “We are proud to have run one of the most successful, bipartisan, and overwhelming grassroots efforts in the history of Alaska.” If this is what the deem a success, what does a complete failure look like?

  11. My name is not on that list, but if it was, I would be expecting an arm twisting for total compliance with anything that tyrant Walker wanted. I ask that the advocates of this third world political group be exposed for their underhanded manipulation of our government thru their uncivil personal attack on the Governor.

  12. A thought came to mind who is the Republican party’s second choice candidate who could carry on Governor Dunleavy’s good work and vision if he loses the rank choice voting.
    The Democrats they presented Walker, and now Gara, and they probably working coming up with a third choice likemind candidate. The Republicans only have Governor Dunleavy still as the only candidate identified as a Republocan. Need two more likeminded candidates who can continue the good work he has completed while inching Alaskans more conservative and independent minded.

    • Yeah..because Kevin Meyer really inspires waves of conservative confidence. He would have lead a glorious renaissance of anti-establishment fiscal and regulatory restraint…

  13. Maybe this can scare dunleavy enough to actually get busy, get tough, cut the damn budget and stand up to Juneau instead of just Reinbold. Grow a backbone already tall man, kick the Dems in the nuggets and get Alaska back on track

  14. Never a bad thing to see leftist activists waste so much time and money. As for data mining, I doubt there are too many folks that weren’t already on some list or another.

  15. It absolutely did NOT fail. They got Dunleavy to acquiesce on almost everything. It was a smashing success.

  16. The whole thing was a resounding success. They smeared his reputation and told the legislature, especially Bryce and Bert that it was OK to not cooperate with the Governor. So he had to keep finding new ways to fight back. Notice how he kept his cool in the face of all the name calling from the likes of the recall minions and also bloggers like Dermot Cole and others and did not respond to the name calling. Just proved them wrong. Still, instead of flooding the Republican right with more names, thus splitting the vote, unite behind Dunleavy and let the Dems and Liberals split their vote. That’s what happened last time. It is always politically stupid to allow division and it only helps the opponents. Next step is to expose Walker, who can always run as a Republican, which he was once registered as.

  17. That’s funny…basically they’re trying to claim awesome success while admit that they failed completely. It probably makes sense to them because they’re a bunch of liberals and leftists. Those shallow thinkers will believe almost anything as long as it conforms to their preconceived biases and prejudices. At least this kept them busy for quite a while.

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