Rep. Peltola raises $827,000 in quarter, but spends it just as fast


Rep. Mary Peltola has been spending her campaign cash fast. She raised $827,000 in the last reporting cycle, which was due Oct. 15, but spent over $555,000 of it, leaving her with little cash on hand. She spent 67% of everything she raised last quarter.

Since January, Peltola’s campaign for reelection, which started before she was sworn in, has raised $1.7 million, yet she has increased her campaign cash by just $360,000 for the entire year. She has five salaried campaign staff, including at least two who are also paid from her taxpayer-funded official account — her chief of staff Anton McParland and Shannon Mason, her deputy communications person.

Many of Peltola’s larger donors are Democrat political action committees from Outside the state, such as Emily’s List, and some large companies that may be hoping for a meeting or favorable actions from Peltola.

Over $200,000 of Peltola’s donors were not disclosed because Peltola has made the decision to not report those who donate less than $200. The source of nearly half a million dollars this year hasn’t been disclosed by Peltola’s campaign.

Nick Begich, the Republican running against her, raised $265,000 in the quarter and has $228,000 cash on hand for his campaign. He entered the race in July, so didn’t raise funds for a complete quarter. More than 80% of his funds raised appear to be from Alaskans and he has itemized donors under $200.

In the presidential race, Joe Biden and Donald Trump were the big fundraisers for the quarter.

Biden raised $24.8 million, but had raised $71 million with the Democratic National Committee during the past three months. Biden has $91 million cash on hand. He doesn’t have to save any cash for the primaries, since he is the Democrat incumbent.

Trump raised $25.5 million during the quarter. Trump’s campaign has $37.5 million cash on hand, with $36 million designated for the Republican primaries.

Republican Ron DeSantis $11.2 million for the quarter, and has $5 million cash on hand for the primaries, and $12 million total in the campaign account.

Coming in third place for fundraising is independent Robert F. Kennedy, who reported $8.7 million raised in the quarter with $6.2 million cash on hand. Kennedy, who is a Democrat, is running as an independent after getting no traction with the Democratic National Committee. Because Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas has not declared him a legitimate major candidate, the Secret Service will not provide Robert F. Kennedy security, as it has given to the other major candidates.

Republican Nikki Haley raised $8 million in the quarter, has $9 million reserved for the primaries, and a total of $11.6 million cash on hand. Vivek Ramaswamy raised $6.4 million, followed by Tim Scott, $4.6 million, and Chris Christie, $3.8 million. Mike Pence raised $3.2 million.

At the tail end of the major Republican candidates is Asa Hutchinson, who raised $700,000.

Being able to raise funds is a sign of strength for candidates, because it costs enormously to be able to compete with ads, mailers, appearances, and to pay for all the reporting costs of a campaign.


  1. Wow that money could be used for way better things such as homeless drug use crime and many others. Just think how much is being used to buy votes.

    • Actually most of the votes are paid for with our tax dollars. Build a road here, give a teacher a raise there, and so on. The grift of campaign donations is a different animal.

      • Richard
        No the non profits get money from the government and it winds up being donated to politicians. There is proof out tax dollars are being laundered .

  2. Grifting isn’t cheap. Plus how else is she gonna pay for her socialite, jet setting ways?

    On major difference between Trump and Biden dollars wise. Trump has huge and growing legal fees. That has to cut in to how much he has to spend in other areas.

  3. That’s a LOT of money to receive and spend in a non campaign year. Pockets getting filled I think. 😉

  4. This aught to be a pretty good indication to almost everyone that our elections are not free or fair. They are bought and paid for! 100%

  5. Whoa, Sec. Mayorkas has responded to RFK Jr’s criticism of his disastrous Border Policy by denying Bobby Jr a security detail. Mayorkas denial speaks volumes about the diversity and inclusion practiced by the modern democommie party. Fall in line Comrade or face the consequences…

    BTW, Bobby is right on regarding 7 out of 10 issues in my opinion, he and DeSantis, Ramaswamy and even Trump break my 7 out 10 requirement. Niki represents a far lower score as does Pence.

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