Rep. Liz Snyder was in favor of statutory PFD, until she wasn’t, and voted against it


Rep. Liz Snyder, who ran for office and spent $750,000 to win House District 27 away from former Rep. Lance Pruitt, ran on a full statutory Permanent Fund dividend. Now that she is the representative for East Anchorage, everything is different.

On Aug. 30, she voted against the formula, which is the law.

Here’s what Snyder told the Anchorage Daily News before the 2020 election:

“I share the same view as our incumbent, based on past public comments. I support full pfd payments based on the original formula, but recognize that we need to have a collective conversation about the sustainability of this approach and agree to any necessary changes. And in light of our current budgetary shortfall, I do not support back pay of previously reduced pfds. I would prefer to see us grow the Permanent Fund — some have targeted $100 million — so that we then have an incredible, sustainable resource to support current and future generations of Alaskans. With such a resource, we would be the envy of the rest of the US.”

The House of Representatives on Monday night voted down the legally established dividend, but has offered no legal substitute for what would be about a $3,800 payment to qualified Alaskans this year.

Her Democrat colleague, Rep. Geran Tarr, was the only Democrat who voted in favor of the full PFD.


  1. The only way to fund it is to cut the 2022 budget, which would be the one honest action to take. Apparently no one knows how to do that. Also, there is no one to show them how to do it, which may be why it’s never been done. The ban on lobbyists in the Capitol Building needed to last throughout the calendar year. While I may have never before agreed with Rep. Edgmon on anything, he is correct (as he said in the session yesterday) that if we over-spend this year we will (doubly) over-spend next year as it is a huge election year; which is how we got into this never-ending debate, that and the total absence of leadership.

    • Rep. Edgmon is never correct. He is deceived.
      All the more to get rid of these over-spenders. The legislature has been overspending every single year whether or not the year is an election time
      If Alaska will ever start following the law, it might as well start with honoring the past generations PFD statute. Else! It will never get around begin cutting the operating budget, it’ll just add more taxes and increase it every single year. They know very well how to cut the budget. They wouldn’t been electable if they didnt know a thing or two about data spreadsheets. They are more afraid of political ramifications like what rose against Governor Dunleavy last time he tried to cut the budget.
      Alaskans out of their victimhood they make too many excuses to excuse bad leaders.

    • I have a red pencil! Robbing the PFD for state spending is against the law, plain and simple. The legislature can change that, but until they do they are breaking the law.

  2. These elected officials that campaigned on a full statutory PFD and then voted it down need to be primaried in the next election. Where are you Republican State Committee on denouncing these people?

  3. That’s the difference between empty political rhetoric and cold hard reality Ms. Snyder.
    Many of the 19 voted for the statutory Dividend based on political considerations – knowing that it would only be symbolic.

  4. The value of the Permanent Fund is 81 Billion dollars and the Earnings Reserve Account (ERA) is 21 Billion dollars. The legislators are saying we can’t afford a full statutory permant fund dividend (~$3,800), but this year we’ll take 71% and you get what is left over?

    TOTAL FUND VALUE AS OF JUNE 30, 2021: $81,098,900,000
    Principal Total $60.1 Billion | ERA Total $21.0 Billion

    Vote her and every one of them out of office that campaigned on a full statutory dividend, but changed their spots once elected in office to reduce the dividend. Until there is some accountability for their actions, nothing will change.

    • All of you Permanent Fund Raiders fail to understand that the $81 Billion dollars, if left to appreciate, will provide additional income every year for the rest of time under the 5% POMV. Now that we can actually pay a modest Dividend without raiding our savings account, we have crossed the threshold where Dividends will increase rapidly into the future. As far as the ERA being $21 Billion, don’t forget that the CBR is owed over $12 Billion and that it is supposed to be repaid under the Alaska Constitution Article 9, Section 17. We also should pay off the oil tax credits in a lump sum ($1 Billlion approx.) and be done with it.

      • Chris Nyman, nice speech above, but… one would have to believe that the Legislators of the future would be not be scofflaws like the present bunch and actually deliver the loot to the people.
        I have an idea, since the Leadership in the House and Senate are obviously opposed to the PFD Formula, why don’t they change and or replace the offending Statute?

  5. Liz Snyder cares nothing about her constituents. The survey she sent out was a joke, multiple choice that was worded in such a way as to lead to her desired outcome. You can be certain I filled up the “Other Comments” box just as I’m certain she’ll never read it. And why does she care about what I think of Bronson’s homeless plan? She doesn’t do her OWN job!

  6. We as Alaskans need HONEST representation in Juneau . Havent seen that in a long time . I see LIARS and more Liars . They have a great ability to manipulate numbers
    They need to go !

    • I recommend: DO NOT. Vote for her for even dog catcher again. Her understanding and support for the US Constitution is abysmal just like the rest of your choices who do NOT respect we the people and our property rights! Or, at least LIKE them (and you). Representatives are not nannies nor babysitters.

  7. Well, sounds like the public servants are not going to do what they have been elected to do no matter what. Sounds like we the Employers will have to keep voting them out one by one. Cutting Alaskas fiscal budget should not be this complicated. Maybe they should not recieve per diem until thy can produce Dividends.

  8. The truth about the PFD is that anyone serious about winning an election must swear a solemn to protect everyone’s hard-earned dividend! Or it is a constitutional right. Why not be truthful and say I just love free money…want a much as I can get…I want more!

    Only in Alaska: “Republicans” are ready to fight to the end and make UBI a constitutional right. Unbelievable.

    • I’m new to Alaska. I’m baffled that Democrats are NOT in favor of guaranteed basic income and that Republicans are FOR free money.

      Dependency isn’t a good thing.

      • It is quite a shock isn’t it David? Though the caveat here is that the Dems want that money to be spent on government dependency programs that “do good for the poor” while solving nothing for poverty. Where as on the otherside, there is a general consensus that it’s not the Government’s money, but yours and you should be the one who collects it.

  9. The solution that none of them wants to talk about is smaller State Government.
    Once a full audit of every department is done, the overwhelming reaction will be, “Holy Crap!”
    Look at the workload and see if it can be distributed to a leaner workforce. Other obvious savings from a trimmed staff is less supplies, healthcare…the list goes on and on.
    This also applies to local admins…look at how many jobs Berkoshitz added to the Municipality of Anchorage.

  10. I recommend: DO NOT. Vote for her for even dog catcher again. Her understanding and support for the US Constitution is abysmal just like the rest of your choices who do NOT respect we the people and our property rights! Or, at least LIKE them (and you). Representatives are not nannies nor babysitters.

  11. At least she admits she is a Democrat, unlike Kaufman, LeBon, Thompson, Stutes, Merrick, and Rasmussen

  12. What does statutory mean in law?
    Statutory law or statute law is written law passed by a body of legislature. This is as opposed to oral or customary law; or regulatory law promulgated by the executive or common law of the judiciary. Statutes may originate with national, state legislatures or local municipalities.

  13. Snyder – was she the one who used what looked like last-minute mail-in votes that ran 90% her favor to steal the election from Mr. Pruitt? And we’re surprised that she lied about the PFD?

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