Rep. Kevin McCabe: Disaster declarations — the cure that’s worse than the ailment



After celebrating fleecing Alaskans of their Permanent Fund dividends yet again, the House Democrat Coalition and its allies began the drumbeat designed to pivot away from the damage they just inflicted upon Alaskans.

Now, the only thing that matters to them is the number of COVID-19 cases.

House leadership wants Alaskans forcibly masked, they want vaccinations, they want decreased capacities, and they want you to shutter your business and stay home. 

I ran for office during the original disaster declaration and every single constituent I talked to wanted it to end. They believed, as do I, that the cost to our economy and the loss of jobs, businesses, freedom, and liberty were not worth the limited positive effect such a declaration had. Every single person told me that the government’s cure was, in aggregate, worse than the disease.

As President Ronald Reagan said, “Government is not the solution to the problem, Government IS the problem.” Alaska cannot afford another shut down or even decreased business capacity at a time they are fighting to recover from previous Declarations and facing yet another fleecing of their annual PFD checks. Covid-19 is big business with lots of dollars being made on the backs, and the psyche, of Alaskans.

In response to the constant drone from the House Democrat Majority, Gov. Mike Dunleavy quickly moved to make the tools, already in the legislative process, available on the call to special session by adding HB83/SB67 to that call.

These bills are exactly what our hospitals and special healthcare systems are asking for; Acts relating to licensure of nursing professionals and relating to telemedicine and telehealth, healthcare capacity and workforce improvements that will accelerate the State’s ongoing response to Covid-19. These bills need to be heard and moved out of committee immediately if not sooner. 

In 2020, when the Legislature needed to get out of Juneau quickly due to Covid-19, they worked fast and furious. They were out of Juneau in 84 days. The House Democrat Coalition needs to get back to Juneau, hold hearings on the bills outlined above and move them through committee and over to the Senate so we can pass them in the most expeditious manner possible. These are the tools that will help our medical community, not a Declaration by the Governor who has stated many times that he does not need a disaster declaration. 

Keep in mind that this issue is “so important” to our colleagues that the ink wasn’t even dry on their press releases calling for action to fight Covid before they were on planes home to their districts to enjoy the holiday weekend; they couldn’t even allow a minority member enough time to clarify his one question of the hearing so they could adjourn. 

I’m angry. And every, single Alaskan has the right to be angry. 

Those in power in the House are assuming the average Alaskan is too ignorant to see the game being played. The House Democrat Coalition took Alaskans PFDs down to the studs – then openly politicized our state’s response to the virus – for their own benefit.

Granted, this game has a sympathetic ear with the media, which ran breathtaking opinion pieces from House Democrats as well as officials from former Governor Bill Walker’s administration, without disclosing their role in the recent recall campaign against Governor Dunleavy. 

If the folks in Big Lake, who sent me down here, ask me what’s going on, I’ve got one answer: dirty politics. It’s time for those in House Leadership to get a rag and do some cleaning. I’m here to help with that and that is why I will continue to write #thetruthmatters articles.

Rep. Kevin McCabe represents House District 8, Big Lake.


  1. Thank you, Sir…well said. This will only end when Alaskans stop being apathetic and “going along to get along”. There are a lot of well-meaning Alaskans who are, sadly, gullible enough to drink the koolaide instead of asking the right questions (or any questions at all) and thoroughly researching the issues at hand. Instead, they let some snake-oil salesman of the legislature pat them on their heads and tell them they’ll fight for their rights, when they are doing anything but. This will not end until ALL ALASKANS stand up and fight for our rights and oust the liberals who have been dragging this wonderful state down for years! A really good start would be to make Anchorage the capital, so the legislators can’t hide from their constituents and it is easier to get to. Also, if the state’s business is not settled in the specified amount of time, there should be NO per diem or travel pay, and they should be fined. If a legislator does not show up for work and cannot prove they were too ill to do so, they should be fined $5,000 per day of work that they missed.

  2. Truth and justice do matter! No state legislator, or executive or judicial officer can war against the Constitution without violating his undertaking to support it. Time to start holding elected to their oath of office!

  3. Give it a few years and since liberals are getting “vaccinated” in large numbers this could be a self correcting situation:
    The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds increased reported cases of myocarditis and pericarditis following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination, most notably in adolescents and young adults, [1] including in the absence of COVID-19 infection. [2] Myocarditis was only rarely found post-vaccination prior to the COVID mRNA vaccines, and then mostly associated with the smallpox vaccine. [3] Typically and historically, myocarditis patients are older with high prevalence of diabetes, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease and heart failure. [4] Myocarditis is an extremely concerning condition. At five years post-diagnosis, myocarditis is correlated with a 72.4% mortality rate, and is therefore correlated with higher mortality than even Type 1 myocardial infarction (rupture of coronary artery plaque with thrombus) or Type 2 myocardial infarction (vasospasm generally), which have 36.7% and 62.5% five-year mortality rates respectively. [5] So myocarditis is likely even more concerning than myocardial infarction. This may be due to the generalized cytotoxic injury, due to external cause, throughout the heart in the myocarditis event, compared to the localized watershed damage affecting a portion of the heart, which is associated with myocardial infarction.

  4. The spike proteins that are generated by the mRNA COVID vaccines are said to be identical to those attached to SARS-CoV-2. [27] The spike protein in SARS-CoV-2 is a trimeric, or three-part protein, composed of two functional S1 subunits, as well as a structural S2 subunit. Each of those three units are, incidentally, bound and inactivated by the drug ivermectin. [28] In the absence of ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, the two drugs most thoroughly studied and most widely used in early and late cases of COVID-19, [29] the spike protein remains in a conformation that enables it to attach to the ACE2 receptor on human cells, and to enter by that portal. Conversely, either of those drugs are able to change the conformation of the spike protein in such a way that prevents entry to the human cell.

  5. The spike protein alone of SARS-CoV-2 has been found to have damaging effects on endothelial function. [37] In fact, the spike protein alone was found to produce pro-apoptotic factors that were determined by researchers to be responsible for endothelial cell death. [38] Endothelial cells that were treated with the spike protein showed mitochondrial fragmentation and dysmorphic changes, as well as reduced mitochondrial respiration with redox stress, but increased glycolysis, and it was shown that the S protein alone damaged endothelial cells by this mechanism. [39] Interestingly, in those in vitro studies, cell function was found to be restored by adding N-acetyl-L-cysteine, which is a reactive oxygen species inhibitor.

  6. Please demand a forensic audit. There is high likelihood that these leftists (and definitely proposition 2) were fraudulently put in place. Until we clean up the election mess, these people will keep destroying our lives.

    • Mail-in voting has GOT to be gotten rid of, as well.

      Anyone with half a brain could see that for the coruption-enabling, non-transparent, election-manipulating nefarious scheme that it truly is. That is why it spread from the Left Coast, and that is why Left Coasters love it so much — because for them, politics is about one thing and one thing only, and that is SEIZING AND HOLDING POWER. Every trick, every tactic, every manipulation, no matter how unfair, corrupt or criminal, is fair game, as long as it allows them to further their total-power agenda.
      Authoritarians do not have your best interests at heart — come on, man, grow up! They don’t give a damn about you, in fact, except insofar as you may be a means to their end. In fact, they hate you, and would certainly rather see you dead.

  7. We must also urgently learn the answer to the following question: Is the human recipient of a spike protein-generating mRNA vaccine reasonably expected to continue to generate spike proteins for an indefinite amount of time? Or even permanently? We need to know this, because the spike protein has been shown to have deleterious effects, and because myocarditis, which seems to be one of those effects, is now being observed in some vaccinated individuals, the mechanisms of which are discussed in this paper. There is observed precedent for mRNA medical treatments to have lasting effect on DNA, [44] which impacts future as well as present generations. Questions involving such serious potential consequences for human health must be answered, and standards of safety and informed consent must be met, before an ambitious and experimental procedure on the massive scale we are witnessing is deployed on populations. As a result, vaccines of this type must be avoided until these questions are thoroughly resolved, in order to prevent further harm to human health.

    • PJ:
      What is your source(s) of the above information? Interesting.
      1. Why then, are boosters required, if mRNA is supposed to continuously signal the replication of the spike protein of SARS 2 so that our bodies continue producing antibody agents to fight off the virus?
      2. What are the implications for those who have previously been infected by SARS2 and are presumably naturally immune to the virus? Does this type of immunity wear off over time…….and require a booster?

      • Hi Ellen…my quotes above came from an article “Is it possible to avoid heart damage from the COVID vaccine? Or do all COVID-vaccinated people have some myocarditis?” by Colleen Huber MD.
        She wrote this at the beginning:
        ‘This paper has been submitted to and passed peer review, for publication in a medical journal. However, after that process, I withdrew it from consideration, due to the current accelerating aggression toward and censorship of vaccine criticism in the US. Therefore, I am posting it on Substack, so that I alone receive any criticism directed against this paper or myself.”

        • PJ, I read that article. It is one of many describing microvascular damage from the Spike protein from the jab-not infection. Authors also consistently complain of pressure from government and colleagues to suppress this information. I am personally losing employment for refusing the jab, after previously censure for even questioning the safety when people had reactions all around us.

  8. So……..why can’t Representative Kaufman see the light too? It’s not that difficult to see, unless you have double blindfolds and masks on.

    • Agreed! I emailed him to please sign on to any legislation (which he recently did NOT do) that protects our freedoms, like the recent bill to prohibit vaccine mandates in our state. He is turning out to be another RINO just like Geissel, and I’m predicting that if he doesn’t change his tune fast, he will be a one term dude!

  9. If the Fake RINO Governor declares another Fake Emergency there will be armed resistance. Mark my words. And yes we notice who the people are that support such tyranny; so there is that. Molon Labe!

  10. Democrats don’t clean up after themselves, they find a Housekeeper to do that for them. The willing Housekeeper is the Republican American Patriot, cause they have to live here and they don’t want to live around that filth. Hahahaha.

    Thanks for clarifying. Why should your district lose confidence in one player(you) when a good player plays on a loser team. Sometimes a good player doesn’t get to pick the team they play especially when they are young on youth sports. The better player just got to remember what they are there, why they love the sport, and get the most out of each practice for next year. Maybe the next season they will have a better team.

  11. That’s a great statement but the implementation of holding them accountable is difficult to accomplish. Every election the the public is fed a belly full of lies. Voters are mostly to busy to research the backgrounds and legislative history of their votes and actions. The media pushes for the very legislators that the voters need to vote out. Money from lobbyists and special interests pour into the pockets of the the legislators that do there bidding and not Alaskans needs or positions. They make the rules and laws but do not follow them but they expect you to obey the law. The Supreme Court is so liberal that they can’t read the Constitution or they choose to ignore it so they can write their own version of the law.

    The Speaker of the House runs as a Republican because that is the only way she get elected in her district but for years abandons the Republicans and seeks power in the losing party so they can gain power. Her voters either don’t know what she does or don’t care. Then you have Kelly Merrick who ran as a Republican and said she would not betray her voters but was lying so she could switch to the losers to support her Democratic husband and his union. Hopefully we will send her home as a example of a traitor to her voters. She would never have been elected in our district as a Democrat and she knew it. Than you have the rich girl who for whatever reason wanted to be elected but do nothing. She she failed to join either party but really plays with the Democrats. She and Kelly will go done in legislative history as spoilers and play girls best known for drinking beer, playing let’s show our legs and violating House Health rules to repay their Democratic recruiters with a little fun.

    The failure and poor actions of these (multiple) legislative sessions would not have happened without their sabotage of the elected House majority.

    Many in the legislature are the perfect examples of spoiled children that will kick and scream until they get their way and satisfy their special interests contributors and lobbyists.

    If you know a way to clean this legislature please tell everyone and we will join you. But as long as they can do as they want, change the rules and violate the laws they pass and not what the voters want they will rule and we will cry.

    Forget moving the legislature to Anchorage! We have tried but they will never allow that because they don’t want Alaskans to have personal contact unless you are lining their pockets. If you don’t believe me spend a week in Juneau and attend the committee hearings, the floor sessions and then spend your time in the restaurants and bars after they leave the building where the deals are made and favors exchanged. Meet your legislators and any others that will see you and see if you can get support for your issues as an Alaskan.

    • This is exactly why we need to do more than meet these candidates. We need to look at their backgrounds and what they have been proven to do in the past to determine if they have the ability and fortitude to stand up for the constitution. This is why Kelly Tshibaka is such a red flag – she has no background that supports her being a conservative and strong senator – yet everyone is jumping on board to elect her. I suspect she will be another Kelly Merrick or worse.

      • Yeah, but who else is there running against Murkowski a true blue democrat? What she is saying on the campaign trail are all really good conservative things. Don’t we have to give her a chance? We already know what Lisa is.

        • When the Republican Establishment picks their Chosen One, and Tshibaka appears to be their pick, it discourages other good candidates from running.
          You need to ask yourself why the Republican Establishment got behind someone like Tshibaka so fast and so early without waiting to see who else might pop up. Seems odd, to say the least.
          Tshibaka, a total nobody who has distant Alaskan roots and a resume that any liberal Democrat would die for – Harvard Law and then a life in the Swamp.
          Suddenly brought back to Alaska with a plum state government job (complete with a made up state government job for hubby) just in time to establish residency and gain a bit of exposure before jumping into Murkowski’s seat.
          No real life experience except government bureaucrat but the Republican Establishment thinks she’s perfect for a senate seat.
          Tshibaka who has such a thin background that she’s still pimping her parents’ experiences from before she was even born to try and impress us.
          Tshibaka is a nobody candidate who has so little to offer that she lists identifying potential cost savings…potential, not real, as big wins from her brief tenure as a very well paid state bureaucrat.
          I guess if you want a Dan Sullivan clone (only even less impressive) then vote this woman into office.
          I guarantee you that once she’s installed she’ll be there forever.

  12. We have lost almost of generation of students due to masking and not being able to go to school. Children cannot learn from computers. Social interaction is a huge part of the education process. How about the increase in teen suicides during the lockdown? Not a word. Vaccines? Never in my 57 years on this planet have I seen such a full on multimedia press for people to take the shot. They are having lotteries and paying people to vaccinate. All a scam not to mention over a century of virology studies thrown out the window. We’re being scammed.

  13. To Kevin McCabe we say thank you for being there.
    Seems reasonable to ask, if China flu’s such a disaster, why Alaska’s health care officials haven’t demanded emergency assistance from the military, or for that matter, why the military or FEMA haven’t intervened with disaster China flu help;
    or why Providence Hospital officials have been allowed to create hostile work environments with vaccine mandates?
    Maybe, Kevin, you’ve seen this from The Heartland Institute:
    “Alaska is one of 35 states that enforce Certificate of Need (CON) laws, which deter health care expansion and access.
    …CON laws protect established industry leaders from competition by limiting entry into the marketplace, which in turn hurts the consumer because this results in fewer health care choices and higher costs.”
    China flu disaster be damned, Alaska’s lobbyist-legislator team deliberately did this to us, deliberately constrained Alaska’s health-care capacity… while stealing our PFD’s which probably won’t matter much since everybody gonna die from China flu, but still it seems rude.
    One way to hit back might be doing a fund raiser… to hire an opposition research company to find out what props up the “House Leadership” racket, discredit the opposition, expose them to RICO charges, or worse, angry lobbyists who won’t get what they bought.
    Sure and it won’t be cheap, but it’ll be worth the price just to watch the vermin get trapped and eat each other, yes?
    Battle line seems clear. House leadership wants Alaskans forcibly masked, they want vaccinations, they want decreased capacities, and they want us to shutter our businesses and stay home.
    Productive Alaskans won’t have it.
    One side wins, one side loses… big time. No compromising, no Kaufmanizing.
    Has to be that way… House leadership’s money and power -or- productive Alaskans’ lives and livelihoods.
    So, Kevin McCabe, thanks again… let’s keep in touch and don’t forget about the oppo research option.

  14. Well stated. Maybe there should be term limits for the legislators. That way, some of the most powerful might finally be cleaned out of the legislature. Usually the power centers are the core of the problem. Power centers develop from long term legislators and those with the power forget who they work for. It then leaves the governor, who is limited to two consecutive terms as weakened and those in real power as just having to wait out the current occupant of the governor’s mansion to wait him or her out. After listening to the podcast with Governor Dunleavy it is part of the real solution to help the health system to become more flexible in its response to this and coming problems by passing the two bills that he proposes. As he says, mandates and emergency declarations should be limited to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other real emergencies. This Covid problem may be with us for a long time and can best be handled by more imaginative responses that will help hospitals and their staffs to keep up with our changing times.

  15. I am angry too! We are not toys to be played with. Stop the Covid distraction nonsense. No more fake reasons to control us and remove liberties. Look at what is happening in Australia. This should be enough to shake every Alaskan and American to our Constitutional core. It’s getting serious my fellow Citizens no matter what side of politics you are on. Stand and be heard and do not comply.

  16. Alaska is so screwed.

    The population is too stupid to understand the meaning of the word statutory.

    The government does but doesn’t care.

    The judiciary is hopelessly partisan.

    The legislature serves the unions and out of state lobbyists.

    The governor is spineless

    We are being ruled by petty wannabe tyrants and the people squabble over who is more conservative/libertarian/whatever then the next guy.

    Worst of all, the people who should know better sit on their butts and whine while the left acts.

    Alaska, you did this to yourself

    • I can’t disagree that our Democratic Republic is failing. The inherent weakness of a democracy is several-fold. The electorate has been indoctrinated that the government owes them everything and they should have to contribute nothing. With no constraint on federal largess, we have been bought off today to mortgage tomorrow. As Wimpy so famously said: “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” (he didn’t say which Tuesday it would be though).
      Over 60% of Americans pay zero income tax and then complain that the rich are getting richer. The rich have attorneys, lobbyists, and accountants. The poor have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. LOL

      • Well Chris, you finally speak something of the truth. The worst part is that the day of reckoning always comes, and those with hands always out will be the ones to suffer the greatest. Government largess (with other people’s money) does no one any favors. After the last sack of Rome (455-end of the Empire) the population fell from over a million to about 20,000 and Romans as a people ceased to exist.
        Government should encourage independence and self sufficiency rather than foment dependence and enslavement to the system. But that buys no votes.

  17. Governor Dunleavy ran on reducing the budget but it has actually grown. Had the better part of $1 billion come out of the budget then the answers that the House Democrats and the Senate Finance Committee are fighting to avoid at all cost would come very easily right now. The PFD wasn’t earned but it is owed, like the $1 billion and 44 million acres given to Alaskans who are at least 1/4 Alaska Native. People who originated the PFD believed that Alaskans can better decide how to spend the fruits of the petroleum industry than government, so investment earnings are sent to Alaskans each year. They also believed government would spend it all if allowed, and that is what the House Republicans are trying to stop. Thank you Rep. McCabe and colleagues. None of this should be all that difficult but it has to begin with budget cuts. It will never begin without budget cuts. Taking too much out of the Permanent Fund so that there can be a moderately high PFD without cutting the budget just postpones the solutions the House Republicans are trying to achieve. We have to start now before this ranked choice voting turns everything upside down. Anyone disagree with this analysis?

    • Only because of Alaskans were a bunch of cry-babies in February 2019. Governor Dunleavy who still standing tall, if he wasn’t the Democrats wouldnt be still complaining about him. It’s Alaskans who cowered after his 2019 budget proposal.

      • No. The lobbyist corps went to work on behalf of their clients. Alaska voters have no lobbyist, and we thought Dunleavy would have courage as we believed the rhetoric of his campaign. It turned out his OMB director had the courage. She was fired and the budget has gone up every year since! We elected Dunleavy because he said he would cut the budget, and we agreed when he said it would not be easy. He weakened. We didn’t. Now he wants the state employee union vote but that will go to Walker – incredibly. We did not weaken but now we have no one looking out for us.

  18. I’m not mad, I’m pissed off. Royally. They stole the PFD …AGAIN, tried to lock my a** up again, forcing a worthless mask and get this…bribing me to take a injection! If we cant bribe them why are they bribing us with an untested jab, there should be a law against peddling snakeoil. No offense to the used car salesmen out there but the legislators just out did you all.

  19. “The PFD wasn’t earned but it is owed”
    So we are owed something we didn’t earn? Hmmm

    “They also believed government would spend it all if allowed, and that is what the House Republicans are trying to stop.”
    Not really Kayak – the House R’s would vote in a heartbeat to raid the Permanent Fund for a giant-sized Dividend. I suppose you could say the R’s want to reduce the Operating Budget by billions of dollars so we could afford a giant-sized Dividend but that would be a tad unrealistic.

    • Typically government doesn’t take any property interest rights without following due process (appraisal, negotiation and complete payment BEFORE ANY property is taken). This process was not done before the mineral rights were ostensibly taken from the private sector. Why is that alright with you, Chris Nyman. This is not heaven here Chris. We pay for things before we take them. If you don’t think so please do not accept stipends from public trust funds for an emolument you are unqualified to carry out. You do not defend Constitutional rights. Unbelievable.

    • Yes, owed but not earned exactly like the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, as I mentioned. The House Republicans have the moral high ground and they are doing as well as anyone could given a governor who wants to overspend out of the Permanent Fund when we already have a $12 billion to $13 billion 2022 budget, a Senate Finance Committee that is pretty much worthless so far as fiscal direction, and a very fragile House Democrat Majority that depends on 3 Republicans for their power. The Governor abandoned fiscal responsibility and the necessary budget reductions that he said he would do if elected. With Stutes, Foster, Tuck and Merrick all looking to Edgmon for every decision and not talking with House Republicans Alaskans could look to the much more experienced and stable Senate Majority to get us out of this endless fiscal traffic circle, but Stedman gave up, Bishop is confused about everything, von Imhof has all her attention directed elsewhere for the rest of the year and beyond, and Hoffman and Olson think Alaskans exist only through permission from the bush. The only leadership is in the House Republicans, and frankly they screwed the pooch when they chose LeBon and Thompson to be on House Finance. In this landscape the public employee unions and the lobbyists have the only effective franchises.

      • Congratulations on changing the topic. If you want to debate the land claims perhaps do it on your page. The historic fact is the deed did not transfer 3/4s of Alaska away from the natives to the US. The Russians didn’t sell what they didn’t own and manned up in the deal and said so like Christians, but not Baal worshippers, do. So the US did what? CFR49. The process that is due: appraisal, negotiation, payments = Land Claim Settlement Act. It’s all over but for the tears…

    • Why do you write misleading things like “raid the Permanent Fund for a giant sized Dividend”?
      Do you think that the PFD is paid out of the principal of the Permanent Fund and that paying the statutory amount would reduce the principal amount?
      Here’s a quote from the PFD website: “The dividend calculation is based on the number of eligible Alaskan applicants in a dividend year and half of the statutory net income averaged over the five most recent fiscal years. The available funds are also reduced by prior-year dividend obligations, PFD operation expenses, and other state agency program appropriations.”
      Paying out income that the fund earned is not raiding the Permanent Fund.

      • Taking more that 5 percent out in any year is raiding it. Most advisors believe 5 percent is too large a draw over time – for a “permanent” fund.

  20. Let me get this clear Kevin, do you or don’t you support this governor and his spineless approach to governing? Let’s observe this from the point of view of the recent article written by the state epidemiologist “ your natural immunity is much better than the jab”!
    This governor should put the hijab on Ann Zinc and silence the asinine propaganda comments coming out of this administration ( except for the epidemiologist) . It’s time for a huge reduction of staff in this worthless government.
    Get a damn clue already or you will be treated like Trudeau in Canada
    Need I say more

  21. No Kayak I totally agree with you. But the current majority of legislators both Democrats and Republicans won’t cut the budget because they want to be re-elected and all they really care about is who can give them the money and support to stay in office. We need term limits and if we can get the Constitutional Convention and it is not taken over by the legislature and their supporters we might be able to accomplish something. Like you I am afraid that with mail in ballots and this new voting system we are doomed to living in a Marxist and Socialist State and Country. I hope the voters prove me wrong.

    As for Kelly T running against Lisa M. I haven’t seen anyone better step up to the plate. I so detest Liza I would vote for a dead person to ensure she looses. At least the dead couldn’t vote with the Socialist and harm Alaska as she done.

  22. To reply to PJ Olson
    I am sure I didn’t understand everything you said but last week I was informed by family members that my 25 year old Nephew was in the hospital with COVID and in ICU with heart failure. The doctors have so far been able to keep him alive but he must have a heart transplant. He is wearing some kind of vest that monitors his heart and restarts it if it stops. He is a farmer with no history of anything other than the common cold. He doesn’t go anywhere except to farm supply stores for parts. He was healthier than a horse until last weeks COVID. No he did not get vaccinated but everyone else in his family did get vaccinated. We are praying foe his survival. (Sources are family members passing observations of my nephew and their conversations with his doctors)

  23. Well said Rep. McCabe!

    The rate we are going, “Emergency Declarations” will have to escalated to ‘Super Duper Emergency Declarations’ or perhaps; ‘We Really Mean It, This Time Emergency Declarations’.

    I agree with the Governor on this one: let’s remove any barriers to hospitals being able to staff themselves from outside sources. There are also other measures that the Legislature could implement that would actually help rather than resorting to the utterly foolishness of shutting down the Alaska economy. Let’s get to work on REAL solutions rather than using hysterical mandates that have no proven science behind them.

  24. I said it before when the emergency declarations were in place, if these regulations need to be removed because of an emergency then they shouldn’t be there during non-emergent times if all they do is slowdown or hamstring the economy. Government regulations just for the sake of government regulations is a waste of time and money, and unseen tax upon the population.
    Many in the legislature had a problem with the emergency orders that removed unneeded government regulations and claimed the governor didn’t have the authority to enact these orders. Now many of these same people are complaining that the governor hasn’t put them back in place using the same authority they claimed he didn’t have. At best that is disingenuous.
    The legislature pissed away an entire session, going beyond the number of days allowed. Since then they’ve pissed away multiple special sessions. We have a failed legislature lead by incompetent people who should never have been elected to begin with.
    I’m glad that Representative McCabe, for one, wishes to actually do the job he ran for and won the opportunity to do…legislate and carry forward the work of the people. Thank you Representative McCabe.

  25. Congratulations on changing the topic. If you want to debate the land claims perhaps do it on your page. The historic fact is the deed did not transfer 3/4s of Alaska away from the natives to the US. The Russians didn’t sell what they didn’t own and manned up in the deal and said so like Christians, but not Baal worshippers, do. So the US did what? CFR49. The process that is due: appraisal, negotiation, payments = Land Claim Settlement Act. It’s all over but for the tears…

  26. Thank you Rep. McCabe and colleagues. Please continue to stand for our Constitution and our freedoms as Americans and Alaskans. Mandates must be critically thought out. Current federal and some new business vax mandates have not gone through a robust process. Please resist. We need to get our state, our federal government and our country back on track. It’s time for the people to stand up, take off the mask and make a statement. ALL of US. Shit’s getting real.

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