Rep. Kelly Merrick files for Senate for Eagle River-Chugiak


Eagle River Rep. Kelly Merrick has filed to run for Senate. She made it clear today in a filing with the Alaska Public Offices Commission.

Merrick represents what used to be called District 14. During redistricting it became Senate Seat L. Redistricting had pushed Merrick and Rep. Ken McCarty.

That district picks up three precinct from Rep. Cathy Tilton and Sen. Shelley Hughes, all very conservative, except for one precinct. Merrick, who left the Republican caucus and joined the Democrat-led caucus in the House, became the House Finance co-chair.

District 22 Republicans censured Merrick for joining with the Democrats earlier this year.


  1. Dear Rep. Merrick:

    I wish to applaud you for finally doing what is right for your constituents. Giving up the house seat you won by pretending you would represent Eagle River is much appreciated. Since you have zero chance of winning a Senate seat, I consider your candidacy a win-win for the entire State of Alaska.

    Please continue to chase your delusions…It is, after all, the best way you can serve the public interest.

  2. Why can’t she and the other house majority representatives just go away, so I don’t have to see her Fake smile anymore.
    If she lived in another state she could never get elected. To be honest, Alaskans serving in any elected position, past and present, they could never get elected in Florida, New York, California, Oregon, Arizona, or even Washington. Only in Alaska because of our small population can ignorant poor people get elected.

  3. Can’t interrupt the romance between her and Zack Fields.

    Either a world of arrogance or a galaxy of cluelessness.

    • I think Sara Rasmussen is also in on that. I would hate to stop them from “caucusing” together in Juneau

  4. Yeah it is pretty funny to see her acting out a delusion. Eagle River is solidly conservative. If she was running in District 4 she’d be a shoe-in. Someone needs to tell her that conservative voters are tired of RINOs.

  5. It’s up to you people in Eagle River, and in Anchorage and the Mat-Su Borough, to once and for all ensure an Alaska Legislature led by true Alaska Republicans. We already have a government that is so large it has a knee on on the chest of the Alaska economy. The economy cannot breathe, and it shows. If people like Stutes, Merrick, Edgmon, Foster, Wool, and any number of others remain in control of the House then Alaska is doomed. The Senate is controlled by the Senate Finance Committee right now, and the Senate Finance Committee looks at little else but protecting and expanding state government. I’m afraid the political machine controlled by the public employee unions (as supported by all unions, including those that depend upon the state capital budget), the lobbyists hired by munis and nonprofits, and the education industry is so powerful that you need a movement rather than a few campaigns to break it apart. Just the other day a woman said to me that the leg wrestling with lobbyists, and within the House Majority has led to a circle jerk that continued for 4 sessions this year, and she added that oil prices are high enough to allow the Alaska economy to idle in neutral for a few more years. We all must recognize what really goes on in Juneau; we must posit that the Legislator gets to leg wrestle during the session with permission of the union – a tax-free perquisite.

  6. Rep Merrick, now that you have our attention please explain why you abandoned the Republican caucus that elected you, and joined the democrat caucus?

    We have all day. Please. Explain yourself.

  7. That was the plan from the get go, realign the voting districts to give Merrick a fresh look.
    Suzanne where does leave Reinbold?

  8. It will be delicious watching Kelly Merrick go down in flames. Turncoat. The only thing better would have been a successful recall. I will be thrilled to donate to her conservative opponent. She needs to dry up and blow away.

  9. She had no history of being a Republican, she is married to a big labor boss Democrat, but ran as a Republican then caucused with the Democrats. Makes one question the wisdom of EagleExit and the lack of rigorous analysis.

  10. More money than brains. This union financed false flag is nowhere near as intelligent as her constituents. They’ll ignore her new red flag.

  11. Kelly certainly takes a great picture! The one at the top of this story at least.
    That observation having been made, I wonder what percentage of voters will confuse Kelly “M” with Kelly “T”? From reading the comments above, I sense a strong contingent of anti- Kellyism. I note that we have Kelly T running at the same time for a separate Senate Seat. Will this help or hurt Kelly T? It will be interesting, Hmm 😒

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