Rep. Jim Jordan widening investigation of social media censorship targeting conservatives


House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is spearheading an investigation into a purported “misinformation” tracking group accused of stifling free speech on social media, with allegations of ties to the Biden administration.

The group in question, the Center for Countering Digital Hate, is a British nonprofit with an affiliated U.S. arm.

A recent lawsuit lodged by X Corp., previously known as Twitter, alleged the CCDH made “false” claims stating hate speech had surged on the platform since its October takeover by Elon Musk.

Earlier this year, Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola voted to allow federal workers to engage in censorship.

Rep. Jordan is demanding the CCDH produce records by Aug. 17 that could illustrate the extent of its alleged White House-linked censorship operations, according to a letter sent to the center.

A senior GOP congressional aide told reporters, “We know from the Facebook Files that the Center for Countering Digital Hate was working with the White House to censor speech, but how far did it go? Republicans want to find out, and of course subpoenas are on the table if we don’t get answers.”

The letter, obtained first by the Washington Examiner, marks the most recent advancement in the inquiry about how the Biden Administration is pressing private sector platforms to diminish the appearance of conservative speech, including that relating to the Covid-19 pandemic and policies, by labeling those opinions as “disinformation” or “misinformation.”

The public watchdog group, America First, has also waded into uncovering the practices at Facebook. It has filed a series of Freedom of Information Requests with the Department of Health and Human Serives, the FBI, and other agencies, seeking communication between the British censorship facilitation group and the Biden Administration.


  1. You gotta love the raging arrogance and hypocrisy of radical leftists being the champions of Soviet and Nazi-style censorship. Only in in the writhing, swirling, seething miasma of their ragingly chaotic and conflicted minds can their tyrannical evil be justified as something good.

    Am I right, Maureen? Frank? Dog?

    • Jefferson, Damn boy, that was some great wordsmithing above, except for the “ragingly chaotic and conflicted minds” bit. I take exception to the idea that those poor souls are in possession of something resembling a mind, I fear that what was within them that was previously capable of being mindful has been so grotesquely contorted that now these poor souls are unable to determine even the most basic observations around them. Like whether something is male or female. Good or Evil. Left or Right. I am beginning to think that the condition of which you refer is actually a manifestation of a spiritual problem.
      Lord have mercy and may we beseech God’s wisdom in combatting this evil.
      ” no man can be a sound lawyer who is not well read in the laws of Moses”

      • Fisher, I tend to agree with you about the spiritual aspect of the current mass psychosis on the (radical) left. It is so profoundly both insane and evil, that more and more, it seems to me that it is actually and quite literally a manifestation of some sort of demonic phenomenon.

    • Jeffy, I’d love to take your bait, but you know, it’s a beautiful Sunday evening, so I’m going to demur and continue listening to my Mendelssohn instead. Why not pour yourself a nice glass of Scotch, and spend an evening without rage yourself?

      • So what you are telling me here, Dog, is that you cannot logically or morally support your rabid defense of wholesale censorship by the corrupt and self-serving ruling class establishment, so you choose to run away from the attempt instead. Which is understandable, if predictably cowardly of you.

  2. Social media including X are protected by the First Amendment, Government including Rep Jordan needs to stop trying to regulate free speech

    • In a fascist regime, “Frank”, censorship by pro-regime corporate monopolies and oligarchies is nothing more than state censorship once removed.

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