Rep. Don Young calls for bipartisan cooperation as he swears in Pelosi as Speaker


Congressman Don Young, as Dean of the House, did what members of the minority caucus typically do in such circumstances: He called for the parties to work together in a spirit of bipartisanship. Young took a moment before swearing in Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who giggled at the dais during his remarks.

“Madam Speaker before I issue the oath, I’d like to take the privilege of the floor as the dean. I’ve been in this House longer than anybody else. I’ve served with you longer than anybody else has served with you. I love this institution. I will be honest, I do not like what I see. It’s time we hold hands and talk to one another,” Young said. The House Democrats stood and applauded, as House Republicans sat and applauded.

“And Madam Speaker, I say this with all sincerity. You will be the Speaker of the House. Not of a party. That may hurt some of you,” he said, referring to the members. “The job of our nation is for the House of Representatives to govern this nation. It was never meant to be the executive branch. It was never meant to be the judicial branch. It’s this House that raises the money and dedicates how it shall spend and we are representing the people, as we’re elected.

“And I say this with all sincerity, Madam Speaker, that when you do have a problem or if there’s something so contentious, let’s sit down and have a drink,” he said. The House broke out in laughter, “Here, Here” and applause.

“And solve those problems for the good of this nation, for this institution, and, as you said, for the future children of this great nation. We can do it as a body. I ask you that, as the Dean to the new Speaker. I ask you to try to attempt to do that with our leader. We can do it together.”

Young then administered the oath of office, where members swear to uphold and defend the Constitution “from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.”

Pelosi then began her remarks by saying, “Thank you, thank you, Dean. I’m honored to be sworn in by you, my friend of many years. Thank you for your guidance and, again, I don’t drink, but I’m happy to have ice cream with anybody, any time, uh, yeah, ice cream. Thank you.”


  1. When did Nancy Pelosi quit drinking alcohol? She spends over $100,000 a year on alcoholic beverages, just flying back and forth from California and Washington DC! Does she not know that this is public information? Are we expected to believe that it’s the pilots whom are consuming all that liquor?

  2. Young is naive if he thinks the Democrats want to work with those of us who voted and reelected President Trump. They just assume we go away but it’s not going to happen we are done with those despicable Leftest

  3. How Disgusting. I thought (stupidly) that Don Young was a good guy. I (stupidly) voted for him this year. NEVER AGAIN. Don Young is clearly a member of the Swamp. The “Republican” party is letting me down ~ again. Good Bye Lisa, Good Bye Don, Good Bye Dan? Do good “politicians” even exist?

    • Being a purist is unrealistic in politics. Young knows he is outnumbered so he’s making the best of the situation. He has proven himself very knowledgeable and effective on Alaska issues; far better than Galvin ever dreamed of. The real problem is the dumbed-down American electorate which keeps voting in leftist/communists (who call themselves progressives). However, a leftist campaigning on communist principals is actually more honorable than a poser campaigning on conservative principals who then behaves like a leftist. Anyone who actually delivers on campaign promises is technically more honorable than those who fail to do so.

      • Calls for bipartisanship with the election stealers is weak sauce. At some point it’s time to fight and Young has demonstrated that that point doesn’t exist in him.

        • Art, I agree with you in principal. However, your statement alludes to a gigantically important unanswered question.

          What is your precise definition of “fight?”

  4. “It’s time we hold hands and talk to one another,”
    … and do what, sing “Nearer My God To Thee” as our republic slips Titanic-like beneath the waves?
    Could The Dean have a point… if we hold hands with the bast… (whoops! can’t say that!), at least they can’t pick our pockets.

  5. I just about vomited reading this. What a traitor. I guess his motto is Love the one You’re with. It doesn’t matter what the Democrats did with the fake Russia probe and the illegitimate impeachment attempt. I guess he has no heart left no soul. Maybe Don has been itching to come out of the closet all along and just waited for the perfect opportunity.

  6. You mean the Kool-Aid, Don? You two have been drinking the Kool-Aid together for decades. Nancy was laughing at Don, because as a Democrat, she has zero respect for him. Democrats talk about compromise and bipartisanship all of the time. But what they really mean is that you must go all the way to their camp. Middle ground means only a slight delay in moving to their side. Many RINO’s already have moved all the way to the Democrat’s side. Lisa Murkowski.

  7. Unbelievable how Don cowers up to the Democrats, grow a spine or let someone in office that has one already. 2022 is time for you to retire.

  8. Alaska needs a young strong conservative rep. Don was okay, but we need new blood. Not a socialist democrat either.

  9. I hope Rep Young feels that way on January 6th & contests the Electoral College Certification of a fraudulent election for the good of Congress & the Nation!

  10. Young and Sullivan are RINO’s and sit silent as the greasiest fraud against America’s freedom is taking place right before their eyes as they turn their backs on America and their oath of office. Murkowski is at least true to being a SNAKE.

  11. What’s up with Young violating the new gender neutral rules in the House of Representatives???

    “Madam Speaker before I issue the oath, I’d like to take the privilege of the floor as the dean.”

    He should be ashamed! Can’t even follow simple rules…haha…guy has been in Congress longer than most people reading this comment have been alive.

    Think about that…career politician living off your tax dollars almost his entire life.

    Part of the problem and, right now, opposing the solution by calling for all of us little people to rally behind our soon to be “installed” fake president.

    Vote Young out of office.

    Time for the new blood of an actual patriot rather than this swamp creature.

  12. You have lost the fire in your belly, Don.

    Time to retire!

    Especially before you are voted out by a commie running for your seat.

  13. Nancy Pelosi just slapped Don Young in the face with the new house rules. These republicans keep expecting different results from the communist democrats. I guess Don hasn’t learned anything while in congress.

  14. No, the ideas are great to read but you missed it by a 100 miles…….the catch being Article 25 of the US Constitution. Pelosi and Schumar keep telling all of you and you are not listening. Lots of propaganda first against Trump. They want you to quit any and all communication with a Constitutional President. Article 25 will go into effect sometime in the next couple of years due the incapacitation of Commie Biden. The first communist president of the United States. He will slowly fail and Article 25 will be invoked to bring on K. Harris as President, first woman president of the United states. Then the next in line to take the vice presidency is Nancy Pelosi under Article 25. Look for change with some shock and awe. It won’t happen till Commie Biden is assured of no criminal charges against him or any member of his family for their treasonous acts with China. DOJ is probably working on it now. We know our Senators and Representatives are. All big tech companies are getting rid of conservative accounts and shutting them down so they can’t communicate the will of the people. Every site is shutting down, letting the commies take over. After all, where do they make the phones, tablets and computers? Where do they make the tech products and new communication products that are so much fun? You all should be listening too is the “screwball” Speaker of the House, Pelosi and Schumar. They will make the USA worse than Russia and China and Iran. If you voted for Commie Biden then you will live it and love it as you put up with a lot of propaganda. Schumar promised change.

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