Rep. Chris Tuck announces for State Senate seat freed up by Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson


Something had to give. With State Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson no longer in the running for her Anchorage seat, House Rep. Chris Tuck has decided to run for her seat. Redistricting had put him in the same House seat as Rep. Andy Josephson, and both are Democrats.

The Senate district, now called Seat G, is drawn for Democrats who dominate that area of midtown Anchorage. Tuck has the endorsement of Gray-Jackson, as well as State Sens. Bill Wielechowski and Tom Begich.

“Hard work, dedication, and the will to succeed are the values that pioneered Alaska and throughout my life, I have demonstrated those values. Now, I would like to apply those values to serve Alaskans in the Alaska State Senate. My focus is education, the economy, and jobs.
I want Alaska to be a place where ideas and innovations flourish; education is of the highest quality; the economy thrives; and most of all, I want to make sure that as we develop our resources, Alaskans come first,” Tuck said in his announcement for his campaign, called Tuck for Alaska.

Tuck also used his announcement to endorse Gray-Jackson in her bid for U.S. Senate.

Tuck has been in the House since 2009, serving as minority leader and now as majority leader. Outside of his legislative work, he has been a business representative for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1547 and an instructor at the Alaska Joint Electrical Apprenticeship School.

He is currently chair of the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, which is conducting an inquisition into Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot and Rep. David Eastman’s membership in the veterans militia group called Oath Keepers.


  1. This is good. Tuck is an extremely moderate democrat, for example he is against Covid Mandates. He will be an upgrade over Jackson

    • Excerpts from an Alaska Public Media story published in 2013: “Anchorage Senator Lesil McGuire credits the idea to former representative Mary Kapsner, an Alaska Native from Bethel. ‘Back when she was in the House of Representatives serving, she had an aide named Katie Real and they started wearing kuspuks every Friday.’ When Real passed away from an illness, Kapsner and other women in the House of Representatives continued wearing kuspuks to honor her legacy.”…”While a kuspuk is a traditional Alaska Native garment, Senator McGuire notes most of those wearing kuspuks on Friday in the Capitol Building are not Native.”

  2. Start studying the US Constitution like you have never seen it before. It’s the most important thing. The Lees Resolution that independent states are free from Britain. in 1774 the 1st Continrntal Congress was held. Patricj Henry saidthis “was no time for ceremony” The question was “Freedom or Slavery. He stated he revered heaven above all earthly kings. He said: “I am willing to know the whole truth and to provide for it. We have but one lamp the lamp of experience.”
    Our absolute unalienable rughts inclue our property rights. What do you do about public servants who usurp the US Constitution? We had a revolution. Loss of rights command restitution. Our rights are the law. Have you read the Federalist 9? Please do about our republic state of being by deeds whose dignity the citizens they sustain – not a democracy. Government doesn’t have jurisdiction over rights. Did you know this? And much more. Fixed determinate rights. The early Congresses got this done for us.

  3. @Andree
    Wear what you wanna wear bro.
    Run what ya brung.
    You gonna claim cultural appropriation that there are Native Americans that drive snow machines?
    Or that white folk mush dogs?
    Do you drive a foreign car?
    See where you go when you say something like that?
    Its all good because people are people. Why should it be any other way?

  4. @Andree
    BTW I’m not a Tuck supporter.
    But I can find legit things to pick on him about.
    I only hope that he has some conservative opposition in his bid.
    But like @Jon Anderson said, he would be better than the incumbent.

  5. I’d say he’s probably going to win too, unless he loses the primary. It’s not a competitive general election district.

    • The new election system makes every general election competitive. He will be running against other Democrats in the general

  6. And let me guess, anyone who does not support kuspik-wearing Chris Tuck will automatically be considered a “violent right-wing insurrectionist”, right?

  7. I would ordinarily be happy to support Chris Tuck in a bid for Senate, however after watching his silly political machinations these last two weeks regarding David Eastman, well, lets just say that Mr. Tuck has lost any credibility that he may have once enjoyed. Real Alaskan men are huskies Chris, not noisy little lap dogs for the DNC. Pathetic!

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