Read the poll: Trump is bringing back voters from swing states, according to Morning Consult


The latest Morning Consult poll shows Donald Trump leading in swing states of Wisconsin, Nevada, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, in a general election contest that compared views of Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Jill Stein and Cornel West as the candidates on the ballot:


Trump 43% (+8)

Biden 35%

RFK Jr. 10%

Stein 2%


Trump 43% (+12)

Biden 31%

RFK Jr. 12%

Stein 2%

West 1%


Trump 43% (+6)

Biden 37%

RFK Jr. 8%

West 1%

Stein 1%


Trump 44% (+7)

Biden 37%

RFK Jr: 8%

West 1%

Stein 1%


Trump 45% (+13)

Biden 32%

RFK Jr. 9%

West 1%

Stein 1%


Trump 43% (+8)

Biden 35%

RFK Jr. 10%

West 1%

Stein 1%


Trump 43% (+3)

Biden 40%

RFK Jr. 7%

West 1%

Stein 1%

The poll shows that Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, which went for Trump in 2016, Biden in 2020, are returning to Trump in 2024.

The survey was conducted with nearly 4,956 likely voters. Of note, registered independents are trending toward Trump, but only 5% of Democrat-registered women would vote for Trump, while 33% of independent-registered women would vote for Trump, and 24% would vote for Biden. Swing voters will be the key demographic in this general election, and now represent the largest voting bloc.


  1. When will you write about the corruption of Bernadette’s father Dan Zipay dumping without paying??? CORRUPTION

    • I want extensive coverage of Fani Wilson’s corruption. With an emphasis on how her hubris has killed her case and potentially her career.

      We don’t always get what we want.

      • TMA: You just need to look elsewhere for that news. The Epoch Times has daily posts on this subject…if you’re serious. Just sayin’. I tend to skip over much of that and wait for the end of week summary.

  2. I think any republican must decisively win swing states to win that state since it is usually democrats who count the vote. and if close keep finding ballots until they win. there is 1-2 points of cheating going on and one party is very good at it and the end is what counts, not honesty.

  3. Grandpa Bloodstains ran, among other claims, as a uniter of people with the promise of resorting “normalcy”.

    Appears this early swing states prefer Trump’s chaos over Grandpa Bloodstains “ normalcy”.

    • Yet polls will be treated as gospel when they turn against Trump.

      Do you ever wonder if this is what the average Roman felt like as Rome was falling? HTF did we get here? We used to be great and powerful.

  4. I think the Democrat today would rather burn down the country Than to ever see Donald Trump president again. That’s what my concern is what terrorism may occur from Democrats and their left-wing nut terror groups after Trump’s re-election.

    • There have been two presidential elections in the past decade, 2016 and 2020, and I seem to remember only one insurrection regarding the results of either of those two.

      Wasn’t it President Trump’s supporters who broke down windows and doors at the Capitol to stop Congress from certifying that his opponent had won the election?

      • You hang on to the insurrection myth. It’ll help you sleep at night.

        BTW: you do know Santa isn’t real, correct?

      • Now that you mention it, wasn’t it federalis in disguise who broke the windows. No one knows who turned off the magnetic door locks. Where is that Ray Epps fella? He was stoking the fire and leading the initial charge. The whole lie is unfolding and will be exposed in the multi million dollar lawsuits the capital cops are facing.

        • The DOJ threw the book at Ray he was sentenced to a year of probation a $500 fine, and 100 hours of community service. Apparently the judge was a tad bit sympathetic with Ray and in no way did politics have any influence on the sentencing. While he noted that many conspiracy theorists still refuse to believe that the Capitol riot was an insurrection…even though not a single person from January 6th has been charged with insurrection.

      • Uhhhhhhh I guess you’re unaware of Maxine waters calls for violence against people who supported trumps win in 2016????
        Or the guy who showed up at kavanaughs house with a gun?
        Funny how you libs think it’s ok when you do it…..

        • The vast majority of political assassinations and political violence is perpetrated by the left, and by vast majority I mean virtually all of it.

      • I can’t speak for anyone else, but I generally like my insurrections more violent than what happened on Jan 6th.
        Especially since it is apparent to anyone with half a brain that any actual violence on that day was the work of agitators placed in the crowd. It is really curious to me that they have not arrested anyone for breaking windows or doors, despite having video with clear view of their faces.

  5. I’m not convinced that these mythical “swing voters” actually exist. This isn’t the 1960s where the debate between JFK and Nixon could easily be mistaken for a Republican primary debate today; we are so polarized that people (on both sides) pretty much just vote with their “team” without thinking. The main variable is whether they bother to vote at all; winning elections is about getting more of your base to actually show up and vote than the other guy, not about courting suburban women or some other perceived “swing” demographic.

  6. Tell me again about American exceptionalism. We don’t always get what we want, are qualified for or deserve; or intrinsically who we are like civil liberties. Sometimes we get chirpy communism instead. :*)

  7. On Fox News this morning they posted the Quinnipiac poll that showed Biden 50% to Trump 44%. Those VoteVets ads are getting some independents to side with our Gold Star Families and Biden. Shake it off folks!

    • Your obvious desperation in attempting to support and defend the usurper’s wholy illegitimate regime, and its pro-globalist, pro-totalitarian agenda, positively delights me, Sebastian.

      Now, don’t you have some boots to lick?

      • I could easily take apart his post with logic, but he’s starting to bore me.

        I’m sure there’s paint drying somewhere. That’s far more interesting and intellectually challenging.

        It is worth noting the near hysteria the usual suspects are resorting to.

      • Jeff, the families of wounded vets and those lost in action are tired of Trump denigrating them. They are not suckers or losers! They are patriots unlike that bunch you cheer on from Jan. 6. FYI, it’s wholly, maybe dropping out of home school wasn’t in your best interest after all.

        • They are also tired of joining the gold star family club, due to endless conflicts our public servants keep leading us into. How many wars did DJT lead us into? How many conflicts has Brandon got us into directly and indirectly?

        • Thank you for that correction, Sebastian.

          You are wholly a radical leftist extremist, and a captive of the establishment narratives and propaganda. There is a hope, a very small one, that you may eventually liberate yourself from that mental captivity. But I doubt it; conformists and servile lackeys to authority almost never change their stripes.
          Their automatic obedience to those in power is simply their nature.

        • You never saw the pictures of Biden checking his watch after the 13 bodies of the troops we lost during the botched afghan withdrawl were off loaded… you’re stupid to the point of laughable, keep posting….you’re doing great.

        • I think I challenged you on that “suckers and losers” comment supposedly from Trump. And, yes, I looked into it. Numerous news outlets on both sides of the aisle carried that story.
          The exact story. Almost word for word. As if they were just copying the same AP wire article.
          And, the story only mentioned one person as having heard Trump say that. Someone who has turned out to be as anti-Trump as Hillary is. It is weird how the President of the USA, who is constantly surrounded by people pretty much all the time can make a statement denigrating military, and only one person heard it… Weird.
          I think the average person in the military is smart enough to see through that smokescreen.

  8. Dementia Hitler and the rest of his democrats are gonna run on abortion and Jan 6. Our Side needs to be ready for that onslaught. Cheers –

    • Yep. Can’t run on the economy, or the border, or peace in the Middle East, or peace in Europe, or energy security, or American exceptionalism, or etc., etc., etc. It will be democracy and abortion, since they’ve made it clear they don’t believe in democracy it will just be about abortion…hopefully it’s clear to everyone they don’t actually believe in democracy.

      • They’re also gonna run on Trump. Multiple indictments, a wildly bogus faux rape award, and his famous impulsive control issues.

        Trump will run on issues, Biden on emotion. Considering roughly 40% of voters will back Biden even if he was chanting death to America and shooting people wearing MAGA hats while giving Iran our nuclear codes…

        It’s gonna be way closer than it should be. Just like 2020.

  9. Does not matter.
    Even 100% for Trump and 0% for any other candidate living or dead is not enough to overcome the vote fraud machine.

    • Good for you, Union Guy!

      I have little or nothing against those in unions, it is their pro-statist, pro-radical left leadership whom I consistently despise.

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