Randy Sulte: Everything isn’t ‘fine’ in Anchorage, so vote like your life depends on it



The people of Anchorage know our city should function better — much better. What has occurred during the past three years, the decline and decay of our hometown, has been heartbreaking to watch, and it’s unacceptable to us and our families.

We know crime and homelessness are severe problems the current Assembly has not effectively addressed over the past several years. We can see with our own eyes the boarded-up businesses, vagrancy and vandalism. This is what the current Assembly, including John Weddleton, has inflicted on us and small businesses across our city through its misguided policies, and it’s time for change.

That change started with Dave Bronson being elected to the mayor’s office. But Dave needs help to bring sane and sensible policies back to Anchorage. He can’t do it if the Assembly is fighting him at every turn.

My opponent in the South Anchorage District 6 race for Assembly is on the record in this newspaper saying things are going well in Anchorage government. He says the Assembly is getting along with the newly elected mayor. He says homelessness is being solved.

Weddleton says government is working well. He says you should not believe what you hear about dysfunctional government. He says all of this is normal, and that this Assembly is working cooperatively with the mayor.

The woman who was stabbed on Feb. 14 in the Loussac Library probably doesn’t agree with Weddleton, who is also on record saying that all people must be allowed to use the library, “no matter how vile.”

That woman is now paralyzed from being stabbed in her spine as she simply returned books to the library just feet away from where the Assembly meets. She was an innocent citizen whose life will never be the same.

The evidence shows that nine members control the Assembly — Weddleton among them. He alone could have shown leadership and stopped any of the numerous veto overrides.

The record shows that nine members of the Assembly, who Weddleton agrees with the majority of the time, are constantly searching for ways to sideline Mayor Bronson. They pepper his offices with endless and petty public records requests. They look for anything they can find that would distract and hobble him from being able to succeed in helping Anchorage get back on its feet. We need to work together despite our differences.

I am the conservative candidate running for Anchorage Assembly in South Anchorage. I have the support of Mayor Bronson. I will work to lower property taxes, fight the rising crime rates, and help rebuild the small businesses of Anchorage that the current Assembly has devastated.

I am not going to stand by and watch this dysfunctional and unproductive Assembly take the city down. I won’t align with the nine who are more interested in agendas than problem-solving.

Instead, I’m going to stand for what is fair, sensible and productive to help Anchorage get back on its feet.

Weddleton is wrong. If everyone on the Assembly was getting along with the mayor, and if everything in Anchorage is getting better, I would not see a need to run for Assembly. Our city needs all of us to stand up and defend it against an Assembly that has become hostile to the very citizens it serves.

Voters know better. Our eyes are open. I urge South Anchorage to vote as if their lives depend on it this year.

Randy Sulte is a candidate for District 6 for the Anchorage Assembly.


  1. Thank you, Randy. We look forward to your successful election and putting an end to this madness!

  2. Pray. When all has been done that can be done. Whatever God wills that we remember and see it all for our good. Even through struggle he strengthens us, he uses it to increase how much we love other believers including the world who pretends there is no God. Bad for those not knowing concrete
    promises of God before the struggle arrives to carry them through it know he hasn’t left us.

  3. Sometimes I think everyone is so gullible that they actually believe the media and television adds. And they even think that there is such a thing as a 100000 dollar house and that voting for bonds is going to make anything better. Show me the evidence. They have never spent them for what they were intended and are not required to. It just fattens their wallets.

    • AAF, there is NOTJHING “liberal” about the ass-embly’s neo-Bolshevik Marxist Nine. They are simply arrogant, iintolerant and sociopathic authoritarians, pure and simple. And John “Pull My Finger” Weddleton votes in lockstep with them at least 95% of the time.

  4. You got votes coming from those of us who still hope this town can be saved. Thanks, and this will be a bellwether event for Anchorage.

  5. Did this one a while back when I heard he was in the race…

    Big Randy:
    Came a big man who sure had enough
    Of the crap put out by the Assembly stuff
    Into the ring he’ll throw his big cap
    To show all the others he’s tired of their crap
    He’s throwing all in to call their big bluff

    He comes out of the patch where thing need getting done
    Where he’d gather a team to be working as one
    His demeanor you’ll see will clearly energize
    Only in your interest will he compromise
    From outside the box his thinking would come

    An honest man as known by his friends
    His drive to do right it seems has no end
    He’s tired of the current Assembly stink
    I can do much better is what he would think
    Shine a bright light to help this city cleanse

    Towering above those he gets near
    A gentle giant, no need to fear
    Although he his stature can be quite imposing
    Attentively listen to what he’s proposing
    And to the tenets he’s likely to adhere

    Into the Assembly he’ll catapult
    ‘Cause honesty is what he’s all about
    He’ll give no quarter as he starts to strive
    Shining his light on the Assembly’s hive
    Let’s all give a vote to Big Randy Sulte

  6. Cross your arms and close down the funding for bonds, we can survive with less debt, and the tyranny must stop. Start with voting with me for Randy Sulte! It is insulting to hear radio spots excusing past uncivil behavior or blaming the mayor. It’s our job to cull out the bullies and the individuals too weak to stand up to the pack dogs and excuse their lackluster service to this community. Elections have consequences. 5 fresh faces on the Assembly would be a great start. Add Ries and Cox on the School Board – and let’s reverse the slide Anchorage!

  7. There’s an old joke out there…….but it’s not a joke. It’s the truth:
    Q: Why do men die before their wives do?
    A: Because they want to.
    There’s a lot to unpack from that. To begin, look up The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, published in six volumes between 1776 and 1788 by Edward Gibbon and consider his theory on why the collapse occurred. Remember: WWIII can begin with a few miscalculated words. A divorce can be the result from a slice of burnt toast.

  8. Recalling the devil’s brew of Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in vote system, ballot harvesting, Dominion vote-counting gear, amateur Municipal handwriting “experts”, and an Assembly Clerk who actually counts the votes for her employers, one of whom is Weddleton
    … it’d be nothing short of miraculous if Randy’s allowed to win an election which grants access to the inner holiness of the Peoples Assembly.

  9. South Anchorage needs to rid itself of Weddleton. He is arrogant, condescending, Democrat who thinks he has all the answers . We need Randy!
    Vote Sulte!

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