Weddleton says everything is fine in city government


According to Assemblyman John Weddleton, running for reelection, everything is fine in Anchorage government.

The go-along, get-along Assembly member, feeling pressure from a credible challenger, told voters they shouldn’t be too concerned about what they read. It’s all under control. Everything is going to get better, he said.

The Anchorage Daily News gave the South Anchorage incumbent prime space in its opinion section to campaign to mollify voters in his district, who are evidently not happy with him.

Newcomer Randy Sulte, who has asked the newspaper for equal space, has appealed to voters who think the Assembly is underperforming, and evidently Weddleton is hearing that message from residents, loud and clear. That’s what he addressed and said is wrong.

Weddleton, who collaborates with what’s known as the Liberal Assembly Majority, wrote that as he walks the neighborhoods in his District 6 area, he hears the frustration with local government, that it is dysfunctional.

“I don’t hear blame on the Assembly or the mayor. It is toward both as our governing body. We’ve all seen the fireworks, but behind the smoke, it’s not so bad and will be better. Let’s take a closer look,” Weddleton started out.

He proceeded to make the argument that he and the Assembly are actually working very well with the mayor, and he pointed out several instances that he said proves it.

He detailed how it isn’t so bad that the mayor and the Assembly are embroiled in a lawsuit. He denied that the Assembly has denied mayoral appointments. And he defended the Assembly’s work on homelessness.

Weddleton was an apologist for what many see as a dysfunctional Assembly. That’s just noise, he wrote.

“There are more examples, but these show that despite the noise, your city government is working for you. Our system of municipal government has two branches: the executive branch under the mayor and the legislative branch called the Assembly. By their nature, there is a tension between them. Within this structure, the Assembly and the mayor are working together to help Anchorage become greater,” Weddleton said.

Mayor Bronson wrote a short letter to the editor addressing such claims from his perspective as mayor. Bronson wrote:

“I’ve read in recent news that some members of the Anchorage Assembly are saying that they are working with me as Mayor to help our great city. In fact, the Assembly and I are currently embroiled in a lawsuit after the Assembly attempted to grab power specifically vested in me by our City Charter. Additionally, the Assembly has continually denied or delayed the hiring and appointments of people to important positions that impact the flow of city business and operations. I am all for working with anyone to help Anchorage become greater. But that actually requires willing Assembly Members, who instead of pretending to work with me, actually do so.”

The election for Assembly ends April 5. Ballots were mailed out to Anchorage voters in mid-March and must be postmarked by April 5 or dropped into secure drop boxes by 8 pm on April 5 to count.


  1. John belongs in the looney bin right alongside the other 8 partners on The Anchorage Assembly.
    He personally has done as much as the rest of those rascals at tearing down and compromising Anchorage Businesses among other things. His legacy is how many of my neighbors did I destroy?

    John is a two-faced prevaricator. He votes opposite of the Constants and Dunbars and Riveras et al when he knows his vote will not impact the outcome of any issue.

    John needs to go back to his store and keep what nose he has out of politics.

  2. Too little too late, comic book store guy. Weddleton is worse than a rino, he doesn’t even try to pretend to be conservative. We have had our fill of lefties John, now step aside.

  3. I’ve never seen vetoes and “over-rides” as evidence of working well together. In fact it reveals to me quite the opposite, discord. I don’t recall so many overridden vetoes in one year ever before. Weddleton is whistling past the graveyard.

  4. Go-along to get-along is right about all of the Assembly Nein (Nine). They only get along with each other.

    Kameron Perez-Verdia claims he “gets along” with people. He and Weddleton don’t “get along” with the mayor. Perez-Verdia, Weddleton, Felix Rivera, Quinn-Davidson, Forrest Dunbar, Chris Constant, Meg Zalatel, Pete Petersen, and Suzanne LaFrance all have to go. They are wrong-headed. They are like Joe Biden. Their brains are wired incorrectly for some reason. 2 + 2 = 5 to them. They either don’t know their brains are wired wrong or they are horribly deceptive liars. They think they must be in charge because “the little people” (the citizens of Anchorage) don’t know what’s best for them. So they must lie, and say the “get along” in their euphemistic TV and radio ads. So far from the truth, it is disgusting.

    Get rid of these people. And make sure to watch the vote. Bronson only won because his team watched the vote like hawks. It is ridiculous to think that Bronson only won by 1,500 votes. Lots of ballot harvesting and hidden ballots going on.

  5. This is just more blatant and insulting gaslighting from John “Pull my finger” Weddleton, proud member of the Anchorage assembly’s Marxist Nine.

  6. That’s a line of BS if I ever have heard one or the media is lying about all the assembly’s doings that have caused more issues than their should be. This is why we need normal people in government and no more of what we currently have that’s ripping us off and treating us like cattle.

  7. One only needs to listen to the advertisements to Know that the Assembly is doing anything but resisting the Mayor at every turn. They say so even in the radio spot we need an Assembly that will push back on the Mayor. Sorry but I’m old not stupid, the Assembly does not want to work for the people but for their own little agenda.

  8. There is no opportunity to hear the people. The nearly daily “meetings” the pubiic pays generously for has no opportunity for public intrusion. Paid men in costumes are paid to remove undesired commenters which are limited to three minutes if communication. This is unconstitutional and “not fine”.

  9. I seen this oath breaker on tv he was lie in so so good at the lie in game everything is fine if our city was in hell clown. If this oath breaker gets re-elected it’s a fixed election I can not believe there are citizens who would support this evil oath breaker. I bet his pets run off on him. This fake is one of the evil oath breakers who got us here. Thank you Suzanne.

  10. Weddleton is deluded, he is part of the problem. He sat there and said that taking money out of government operating funds to fund BS homeless programs that enriched a few was not a problem because “FEMA will pay it back”. Well, FEMA isn’t paying it back and now the property owners will see significant tax increases because of it. Sulte for Assembly.

  11. What type of garbage is this? Since he’s in that Liberal Assembly Majority, he sees, but doesn’t admit the unrest this Assembly has caused on many issues. They have become a disfunctional group.
    The Assembly is the legislative branch, not the executive..The Mayor has priority. The Assembly is supposed to work WITH/under the Mayor, but they love their domination and insist they are the ruler of all.

  12. Weddleton’s rose-colored glasses do nothing to address the ills that affect Anchorage and, being the largest city, the state of Alaska. Evidently, if You are a progressive liberal (redundant), ignorance IS bliss.

    Guess he forgot about the break ins at his Bosco’s store and the barriers he had installed afterwards.
    No crime, no waste of Taxpayers’ money, harmony between the Mayor and the assssembly (sic), everyone is happy, everything is beautiful.

  13. Why has Weddleton not defended female members of the assembly who were called sexist and vile names by Constant? He further enabled the last 2 years of assembly madness. Weddleton is a cuck who needs to be gone.

  14. I’m also for Sulte. But losing two recall efforts has made me cynical about his re-election. I think the brainless sheeple will re-elect him, just like they did LaFrance. Because he is a centrist, he’s way better at screening his complicity with the left. If LaFrance could get re-elected, the Weddleton is a shoe in. Hate to say it. But it is true

  15. Locking the populous down, dictating how many people one is allowed to have in their home, stripping property rights while increasing property taxes, ordering you to wear a mask outside your home. what part of that is Weddleton speaking of when he says city government is working for you??? They’ve done nothing but increase the cost of living in the city and got involved in nearly every inch of people’s personal lives. smh

  16. Those voting against these radicals need to hang out at election central for a few days/nights to keep a watchful eye on the process. Barbara Jones was ‘hired’ by this assembly and wants to keep her job. You bet she’ll do whatever she can to keep it. She is in charge of counting the votes for her boss(es)! She is the fox in charge of this hen house! It is one of the biggest conflicts of interest I’ve seen in some time! I have no idea why any lawyer or the attorney general does not address this issue.
    Vote Anchorage peeps! Let’s make the support for the conservatives too big to rig!

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