Randy Ruedrich: This is an action item — return your voter information card



Anchorage municipal voters, it is your time to act. This past week the Muni Election Office sent a voter information card to every Muni voter on the State Voter File.

Inspect every card you received for accuracy. 

If the address is correct, you should expect your Muni by mail ballot after March 15, 2022.

If your address is not correct, go to State of Alaska’s Online Voter Registration website:  voterregistration.alaska.gov and update your information. 

If the card is addressed to someone no longer living at this address, you must return the card to sender. Your action stops the Muni from sending a ballot to that voter at your address.  

Your effort saves the Muni $2 – no wasted ballot is created and mailed.

You are participating in a real election integrity operation.  Returning the card does not cancel that registration.  Important actions do occur:

  1. The Muni stops sending that ballot envelope to your address.
  2. The state voter role is marked as undeliverable for that voter.
  3. This returned card becomes the first step in canceling the voter registration. 

Let’s improve voter turnout by reducing the number of wasted ballots distributed.

Want a cleaner state voter file, follow the instruction of the card: if you are not the addressee,

Please write “Return to Sender” on the card and place in the mail.  

Randy Ruedrich is the former chairman of the Alaska Republican Party.


  1. Do it Anchorage and you can shave off a lot of “Ghost Voters” that are used to steal elections like they did in 2020. I would make this a priority and if you can, organize a canvassing of your voting districts. We need to make sure Alaska has clean voter rolls.

    • Perhaps you can provide actual voter fraud that occurred instead of BS. In Wisconsin it was 4 ballots out of 3 million. Exactly who in Alaska had a stolen election?

        • So where is there any evidence of voter fraud in Alaska? Jefferson or Michael Johnson – can you provide any or are you “never going to see anything that your blind partisan biases do not favor you seeing”?

      • The Alaskans did, every single one. I and 113,000 other Alaskans as reward for voting in 2020 ended up having our personal information hacked and sold on the dark web. How is it the new voting machines were specifically designed to tabulate RCV when RCV hadn’t been “voted” in until magically it was “voted in.” The burden of proof is on you and each individual. There should be concern for your fellow citizens instead of poo-pooing them just to argue.

      • You didn’t see any ballot harvesters flown in from out of state in your neighborhood? I sure did. That’s not fraud. That’s kept legal by politicians that know how to use it. You truly don’t think Barb Jones doesn’t act partisan at every turn and you don’t think that’s shady? Really? How would you like Amy Demboski being the Muni Clerk and being as partisan as Barb and actually violating muni policies out in the open? If Barb is willing to do that out in the open, just imagine what she does in spite behind closed doors. Did you think Biden was the best candidate for the Democrat party or do you feel ummm “robbed”? After what the DNC does every single primary, you really think Democrat politicians do everything on the up and up? Really? Most of the successful politicians, left or right, will cheat if they think they no one will ever know, and Democrats have the luxury of not having corporate media holding them accountable even when the cheat Democrat voters. This town could have civility and be purple and have people that trust the elections, but you keep supporting this arrogant flagrant partisan crap that would piss off anybody, no matter the party that is the opposition. Doesn’t Al Gore still think there was fraud and that he should have been president? How about Hillary? Don’t want to talk about Hillary because SHE is the one that actually committed fraud, but you probably don’t even know what I’m talking about. Keep throwing rocks in your glass house and you will keep looking like arrogant antagonistic fool to people that merely just have some different perspectives as you.

  2. If you get a Voter Information Card for someone who does NOT live at that address, and you DON’T send it back to the Muni, then the Muni will send ballot(s) to that address for that person. This could lead to illegal voting. So, do your part.

  3. Great information. Thank you Mr. Ruedrich.

    Forward this info to all you know who vote in Anchorage. I just forwarded to our newly married daughter and son in law who recently bought a house in Sand Lake area. They are young busy grad students and likely would just throw in the trash. I fear many others would as well.

  4. Sending the card back for someone no longer living here doesn’t work. I’ve done that twice, still got a card from the former owner’s tenant this last week. Gives me 0% confidence in the Muni elections.

  5. If a person does not return the card, they will still receive a ballot. Since most people will toss this card, how is this going to clean up the voting role? Another waste of taxpayer money designed to give us false confidence of voter integrity. The only way to get rid of bad actors is if people actually vote. Or a return of vote in person. The mail in ballots are never going to be secure.

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