Railroad board rescinds its vaccine mandate, for now at least


Must Read Alaska has learned that the board of the Alaska Railroad Corporation has met and has rescinded its decision to mandate Covid-19 vaccines for all its employees.

The railroad’s CEO Bill O’Leary sent a letter to employees last Friday, giving everyone a deadline of Dec. 8 to be vaccinated. About half of the employees are already fully vaccinated, and some employees began to talk about striking as a result of the mandate.

The board said the mandate was the result of President Joe Biden’s September executive orders requiring all federal workers, federal contractors and businesses with more than 100 employees to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19. The Alaska Railroad has numerous federal contracts, but the question remains whether the federal government will take a draconian action against the railroad and the Alaskans and military community it serves.

An official announcement is expected.


  1. ARR backs down, Southwest Airlines backs down Hilcorp says that they never had a mandate (and cherry picks great employees from ENI). Could the tide be turning against tyranny? Let’s hope so.

  2. OSHA has never formulated actual regulatory language, what OSHA has done is direct employers NOT to report adverse effects that employees suffer when forced to inject the experimental medical treatments. This is a very unusual move by OSHA, which formulates regulations to PROTECT employees on work sites.
    These mRNA treatments cannot be defined as vaccines as the efficacy period is between 3 months and less than 6 months, if effective at all.

  3. Common sense prevails!! Let’s see if it lasts. Don’t want RR workers to join nurses in a growing shortage that will have an sooner or later have a drastic affect on the public.

  4. Was General Washington a tyrant when he mandated inoculation for his troops?

    And the US military for most of its existence?

    • General Washington’s orders applied to neither civilians nor businessmen supporting the cause of Liberty.

    • Please do your research on inoculation failures and what actually cures disease, like better hygiene! Humans have survived without inoculations/vaccinations with our natural immune systems. Let’s work harder on increasing immune system function through nutrition, stress management and sleep habits and stop lining the big mafia pharmaceutical companies shareholders pockets!

  5. One would hope it is due to the proverbial lightbulb going off and a tad bit of common sense emerging. What the heck is the end goal? If it is so their employees would not miss work due to Covid well there are no guarantees as they will still randomly get Covid. And they will still transmit to others. The vaccine should be an option, but should be one of a few options. Ivermectin is working, monocloidal antibody treatment is working, contracting Covid gives better immunity than the vaccine – there should be no forced vaccines and it should be an individual decision.

    • Agreed. Write him today. I have and I hope others do as well. Encourage him to join existing lawsuits out there to push back on these mandates. The ground swell isn’t a swell unless states and individuals rise up en masse.

  6. A governor with the gravitas of a Ron DeSantis would have already gone to bat for the people of his state and declared that there will be no ‘vaccine mandate’ within his state AND followed it up by decisive action. Apparently the Alaskan governor murmured a few words awhile back that he was against vaccine mandates but never followed this up with ANY action. Governor Dunleavy has a duty to defend Alaskan businesses against the coercive federal government which is bullying them to impose ‘mandates’. We live in extraordinary times, governor. History will take note of those who acted and those who became constrained by paralysis of fear.

  7. Agreed, AKY!
    History proves that it often only takes a committed minority that is willing to stand up for its rights to make tyrants back down. For far too many years, far too many Americans have been far too lazy and insouciant in this regard — until now. Let’s hope that the trend continues, although this country has slid so far into statism and degeneracy that I question if any real and widespread rebirth of liberty-mindedness can or will occur before this nation cracks up entirely.

  8. The tide is not turning. Most of these cowards are just waiting for actual govn backing before they continue to violate human rights. Some may care, but too many have shown they dont. 2022 is going to be a rough year for folks who dont want the shot, with mid-terms being the only thing that might slow the tyrants down.

  9. Could this be Dunleavy behind the scene? ARR hauls the coal to Fbks that powers the Ft. Wainwright power plant. Not likely any other way to get the coal there. Doubt the Feds would cancel the contract.

  10. What happens to these businesses when the Federal government cancels contracts? Give some people who really want to work for them, enough to get a simple shot, a chance for a decent career! Get rid of the ignorant deadwood Alaska Railroad!!! Keep the mandate!!

      • They did. They could have stayed locked down and masked up and vaxxed up forever. In this day and age, almost anything can be delivered or picked up with no or very minimal interaction. People are also free to move to locales that have more aggressive measures in place if they feel that helps.

        All that said, total mortality statistics coming out are proving that vaccinated status of nations has nothing to do with total death rates, and if anything there is a slight positive correlation with highly vaccinated countries and higher death rates. This may owe to the fact that the vaccine is extremely inefficient at actually stopping infection or spread, and it’s uses were always intended to be to subdue symptoms—an important and worthy goal, and one it’s been effective at, at least in the short term—yet it was sold as something that would, essentially grant immunity. The false belief in that immunity may be causing otherwise cautious people to be complacent and unknowingly continue to spread a disease, they were told they could not get..

        Also interesting to note, that for the month of September, in both Sweden and the UK, of the total Covid deaths, 70% were among the vaccinated. To some extent you can expect that, if the total number of vaccinated people is high, in this case 75-80%, that would make some sense that the pool of fatalities would somewhat align.. but not if the vaccine stopped the disease. And we know this now definitively. It does not.

        This has been a terrible disaster for the world. With the destruction of lives and livelihoods, on a scale most of of have never seen or thought we would ever see in our lives. The only thing that could really make it worse, would be if we decided that the response to this should be to alienate, castigate, or foment hate against those who choose to forego putting an experiential gene therapy drug into their body, while making the false claim that we have the right or moral high ground to compel them to do so. We do not, and We should not.

  11. There is no executive order mandating businesses with more than 100 employees to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19. This has been an on going misunderstanding that has obviously caused lots of problems for some reason.
    All of the executive orders can be found in the Federal Register. Here are the executive orders under Joe Biden “https://www.federalregister.gov/presidential-documents/executive-orders/joe-biden/2021”

    14042 deals with Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors and 14043 deals with Requiring Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination for Federal Employees.
    Is it possible that whomever issued the mandate from ARR didn’t understand that there is no EO about businesses with more than 100 employees to being vaccinated for Covid-19? I’ve seen many confuse it here and many confuse it where I work.

    • Steve, again with your typically misleading and disingenuous comments here.
      So what if there is no official executive order mandating workers of business with more than 100 employees take the coerced jabs or be terminated? That lack of an EO means literally NOTHING in the face of Usurper PotatoHead acting as if there were such an EO, and making repeated and very public demands and threats to that effect, and many millions of employees ALREADY having been fired, or facing imminent termination as a result. How can you deny any or all of this?
      Your laughably shallow and dishonest argument consists of a close-minded legalistic denial of the reality on the ground. The fact that all this federal bullying and threats against the employees of larger businesses lacks any truly legal basis takes nothing away from the fact and the reality that it is happening, and is having seriously damaging and widespread consequences.
      It is for exactly this kind of repeated and willfully misleading dissembling on your part that you lack any credibility and respect here.

      • Thanks, Jeff. One of these days you might even bring something valuable and has merit to the comment section, I have hope for you. If you keep stalking me the way you are, you will no doubt continue to pick up information the way you’ve done in the limited time you’ve been here. You really have progressed quite a bit since you first started posting here, but you still have a ways to go. Keep at it buddy and you will get there.

        • Don’t flatter yourself, Steve, I do not “stalk” you here any more than you stalk me. I merely respond to your invariably misleading, untruthful and pro-establishment-narrative comments as I come across them.

          • The gentleman doth protest too much methinks!
            Honestly you hade me worried for a bit Jeff, you almost went an entire day without posting your same tired schtick without so much as a whiff of proof to support your nonsense. I almost thought you might have found another guy to chase around whispering sweet nothings to.

      • Jeff, did you even bother to look at Steve’s link that he left? Steve is correct, Biden has twice stated the mandate Sept 9 and OSHA said it wasn’t legal & they wouldn’t back it up. Then Biden said it again Oct 15. It seems that Biden thinks he’s a King and he can do whatever he wants.
        Sadly, a lot of employers are using it as an excuse to force the jab.
        Both times he stated these mandates he did it to deflect the MSM off of what was currently in the new. Both times they were investigating and harassing Biden about Afghanistan. Both time it was just the squirl that they needed to change the subject.

      • Jackie,
        I’m not sure a crazy old man saying something and then people falsely repeating something the crazy old man said is covered under color of law, even if that crazy old man is President. Who would be acting under the color of law, the businesses that are wrongly claiming there is an executive order, the media that is repeating it, the people in comment sections repeating it? At this point there is no executive order regarding vaccines for businesses with more than 100 employees, there is apparently an OSHA work around being finalized because the administration knows an executive order for this would be ruled unconstitutional.
        The point that some here are missing is that with no executive order and no OSHA rule, there is no government mandate regarding businesses with more than 100 employees. If people want to deny reality and pretend there is then they should be presented with the facts.

        • Again with your misleading and untruthful statements here, Steve. You are nothing if not consistent.
          You can make all the legalistic claims you want to regarding executive orders or the lack thereof as they relate to (non-)’vaccine’ mandates on businesses, but the REALITY is that Pretendent PotatoHead IS making such claims and threats, the federal bureaucracy such as OSHA ARE preparing to officially institute such mandates (and more), and employees by the millions ARE being fired or threatened with imminent termination as a result. You are jousting with windmills and wrestling with strawmen that exist only in your own imagination if you think that your fevered denials of reality mean squat in the face of what is happening in front of all of our faces today.
          Your ‘argument’, such as it is, boils down to “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” Well, my eyes are actually not lying, and I’m going to believe what I see, and read, and hear, over your specious and disingenuous denials of reality.

          • Jeff,
            Seriously obsessed, you are repeating yourself over and over, mindlessly chanting the same rendition without providing even a scintilla of evidence to support your ramblings.
            I had hope for you as a stalker, but now I’m not so sure you have what it takes.

  12. As Steve-O noted, the only EO’s out affect federal staff and federal contractors, but the White House and its propaganda arm have been actively pushing widespread mandated vax so everyone can be “responsible” and “prepared” for new rules to come… As Brian notes above, OSHA has already crossed a line suppressing reporting of adverse vax reactions. Should they move forward with vax mandates, even on an emergency basis, the results would be outright devastating for our state and our country. As I sit and watch my federally employed friends face losing their careers, I am just dumfounded at the tyranny of the mandates. The suitable therapeutic list is growing by the day. There is no emergency. Please write Governor Dunleavy today, everyone, express this issue of lost freedoms and common sense in your own voice. Get involved or stay quiet. It will eventually land on your front porch and by then it may be too late.

    • Very well said, don’t forget, there are a lot of Federally funded programs through the State of Alaska not only the Rail Road, this could affect A LOT of people if King Biden keeps pretending this is real.

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