Raffling off Alaska: Donors to Al Gross senate campaign can ‘win trip to Alaska’


In one of the more odd advertising campaigns of the 2020 cycle, Senate candidate Al Gross has an ad on Facebook telling people to donate to his campaign and get automatically signed up to win a trip to Alaska — paid for by the campaign.

In other words, Gross is running a game of chance in his fundraising program, a raffle, to be more precise.

The donation platform for entering the Gross raffle is ActBlue, which is the dedicated national Democrat tool for web-based donations. It’s only available to Democrats, and Gross has said in many ways that he wants to “flip the Senate.”

The candidate who is running as the Democrat Party’s chosen candidate either forgot to exclude the Alaska audience from his online ad campaign or didn’t realize how it would appear to the people he seeks to represent in a state that is still fairly red.


  1. Wonder how APOC will rule on having a game of chance as a campaign finance tool. Can we call this quid pro quo?

  2. Act blue has done several ads up here.

    Asking Sen. Murkowski for her support in blocking Kavanough for Alaskans.

    If you listen to the ads for Lisa to take actions that are against Alaskans interest at the end of the ad listen carefully.

    Paid for by
    Blue share
    Blue wave

    These are Democrat outside-interest groups trying to get Alaskans on board with their goals for our state.

    Many out-of-state groups view our state as their park! Just a place to visit, vacation, enjoy. Thus, the diminishment of
    development of resources, to just be their park!

  3. Isn’t it just unbelievable how whatever is good for America is not good, according to Democrats. They want to dissolve the medical insurance industry and make it a crime to obtain medical treatment of any kind…except for themselves of course. Just like Democrats in Congress forced their deceitful and corrupt ACA on all of America while exempting themselves from having to buy into this huge insurance fraud. Remember Pelosi “we have to pass it to know what’s in it”…Pelosi is the liar, and deceiver. Then there’s the “Deceiver and Thief” of all the Democrats… Obama, who said: You can keep your plan, keep your doctor, and your insurance rates will drop by an average of $2,500 a year. All you have to do is look at the fraud these liars perpetrated on America to understand, and see what this completely corrupted Socialist party is attempting to do. They are the party of liars, deceivers, infanticide. They are morally, ethically, and spiritually corrupted.

  4. I wonder why Al posed in an Orange Patogonia Jacket for this picture and not in that beautiful Wolf Skin Parka he inherited from his father? I mean, what says Alaska more than a fur parka, right?

    I am sure it was just a wardrobe oversight, since Al would never want to be seen by Alaskans as pandering to outside wealthy environmentalists for campaign funds, right?

  5. Seems like this might not be quite legal, forget that this is soliciting money for a campaign for public office, almost every raffle/drawing that I’ve ever seen has a no purchase necessary requirement. I would like a free trip to Alaska, I would just use it in reverse and get a free from Alaska to a warm sun drenched location!

  6. I already live here, Al, so don’t need a trip here. Certainly need zero enticement to vote for anyone but you. Keep pandering to the outsiders and remind us who you truly care about.

    • You could’ve won a trip to Anchorage to see bums and Democrats.
      But now you’ve blown it and are very sad, yes?

  7. Dan Sullivan’s next campaign ad will feature a raffle to send Gross on an all expense paid trip to McMurdo Station for a year, beginning this November. At $100 bucks a shot, I’m in.

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