Quote of the Week: Attorney General gives thumbs up to banishment

Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth

“We recognize that it presents constitutional challenges. But I don’t think it’s the state’s place to approve or disapprove of anything.”

– Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth, relinquishing her authority as the State’s top law officer and allowing villages to eject people from communities as they choose in a practice known as banishment.

The State will stay out of the question of banishment, Lindemuth told the Alaska Dispatch News.

Tribal leaders who are coping with drug dealing and illegal alcohol are banishing people in record numbers from villages across rural Alaska, which violates the constitutional protections of due process, and has other constitutional problems.

Critics are wondering if Lindemuth has just sanctioned anarchy in rural Alaska.

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  1. But I don’t think it’s the state’s place to approve or disapprove of anything……….. Yeah right.

    • A total contradiction in terms, I get that. Perhaps a better way to describe it is a policy of willful neglect of the duty to protect?

  2. I find our AG’s statements almost unbelievable. They are contrary to Alaska’s constitution, common law, and they are not reflective of coming from someone who has a proper moral compass. I can only conclude that they are politically motivated because her boss, Walker and Mallot are manipulating her like a puppet to garner favor with the native vote. Everything they do has been directed to get votes. It is amazing how many Alaskans they are offending. Talk of being obtuse. Look up the word in the dictionary and you might see a picture of our governor in the definition.

  3. While we have an administration that is scurrying favor from special interest groups at every opportunity, Anchorage homeless community just took another hit, along with the social services vainly trying to stem that rising tide.

  4. And I don’t have a problem with banishment at all…

    Hmm… I wonder if it would be possible to banish the criminals we’ve manage to send to Juneau…
    Jus’ Say’n..

  5. Oh,so it’s ok to approve of theft through veto snd giving up access to subsistence rights, but not ok to protect indidual’s rights to due process.

  6. What do you expect in a country that has FBI/JTTF/Infragard/NSA paying low life scum to gangstalk people. When the Cointelpro/Stasi with eldetronics program doesn’t result in suicide or them shooting someone, then they run them off.

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