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Found in the Juneau Empire’s story on the tax-and-crime special session today was this response from Rep. Chris Tuck, who currently serves as majority leader for the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

The second runner-up for the quote of the week comes from Juneau Sen. Dennis Egan, another Democrat quoted in the same story:

Egan applauded the governor’s tax proposal.

“We have a problem and we have to fix it,” he said. “I’m really pleased about the governor not doing a sales tax, which is great for my district because all of my communities have a sales tax already.”

Egan went on to show his enthusiasm about the 50 (or likely 60) revenue agents that would be hired to administer the new income tax. That would be good for Juneau, he said.

“It’s going to cause an increase in employees, which is fine with me as long as they’re in Juneau,” Egan told the Empire.

[Read the story by James Brooks here.]

Egan has justified collecting per diem while living at home in Juneau by pointing out that he would be able to wear blue jeans rather than a coat and tie if not for being in the Legislature.



  1. If everyone took per diem at home then we would have an out of control expenditure that is not being checked. I think there should be penalties for taking an entitlement that he was not entitled to. In the military that is grounds for not only fines court-martial for a lack of integrity and taking from the system when not authorized. Its time we take back Juneau back and revise these programs to where severe penalties for stealing Alaskan funds are concerned.

  2. We have something more like a Roman emperor and senate rather than a government of and for the people. Same for the federal version.

  3. The view from Juneau: Not everyone in Juneau sees an income tax in this way – that it is acceptable to trash the state economy with an income tax so long as Juneau will gain the tax enforcer jobs. But I’m afraid too many are willing to immolate the entire state economic situation so long as more state jobs are created here. Probably most or all state capitals are the same way.

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