Quote of the day: Babcock jabs at Walker’s ‘Potemkin village’ poll


Tuckerman Babcock, the chairman of the Alaska Republican Party, poked fun at Gov. Bill Walker’s Friday press release from Walker’s campaign manager John-Henry Heckendorn.

Heckendorn’s press release stated, “Alaskans are hungry for a credible fiscal plan that establishes a viable longterm path to growth. We are the only team in this race that has presented such a plan and that has put in the work to move that plan forward. We have alredy [sic] closed 80% of the fiscal gap. Once we hit our fundraising goals, we are ready and excited to bring that message to Alaskans.”

Babcock replied to the press release in an email Friday night: “Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, the incumbent governor, touting his tax and spend plan, has — by his own ‘Potemkin Village‘ poll — barely managed an anemic 28% re-elect! Stranger still, his campaign manager think that is just really, really nifty!”

Babcock was referring to the Patinkin Research poll that was Heckendorn’s message centerpiece, showing Walker with 28 percent of the vote, Mark Begich with 22 percent and Mike Dunleavy with 36 percent. 15 percent were undecided.

The Walker press release bravely continued, “There is an enormous appetite in America and in Alaska for leaders who are honest, authentic, and willing to prioritize the long-term future over short-term political points. We are the only team in this race with those priorities and that record.”

Babcock took liberties with the Walker press release to show that it was signed by:

“John-Henry Heckendorn, Campaign Manager for old “Honest and Authentic” Bill Walker the 2010 Republican, 2014 “Unity Ticket” with Democrats, 2018 Democrat Primary, 2018 Petition Candidate”