Quote of the day: No more petroleum economy for Alaska


“As the governor mentioned, a significant aspect of Alaska’s involvement response to the initiatives we will take in climate change will necessarily revolve around a transition from a petroleum economy to a renewable energy economy. That will be a critical and necessary focus going forward.”

– Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott, speaking to reporters directly after Gov. Bill Walker signed an administrative order creating a climate change team and signing onto the Paris Agreement.

Mallott is on the witness list to testify before the Senate Energy Committee on Thursday on behalf of the State of Alaska to ask the committee to pass legislation that will open up the Arctice National Wildlife Reserve Coastal Plain “1002 Area” for oil drilling.


  1. The Light Gov doesn’t have a clue. He draws his talking points from the liberal, progressive, Global Village narrative. Kind of along the lines of Hillary’s statement, “we’re going to put a lot of coal miner’s out of business,” when I’m president. Neither has a clue how working citizens famalies, communities, states, our nation, and our collective economy’s. Alaska needs to diversify, no doubt. But, it is a raw resource extraction foundation economy – timber, mining, oil, gas, fish, game, tourism etc. Having never worked these inexperienced, elected nitwits continue to experiment with our economy and families. By the time the state wakes up, we’ll all be receiving inflated government checks, recycling our future tax money. Walker and Mallot are loathe to pursue any economic stimulus that encourages personal initiative and entrepreneurship. Increasing government and mining Alaska citizen’s pockets in pursuit of their global village agenda, is the limit of they’re governance. Geez, how did Alaska get to this place. Hopefully, we’ll have new leadership before the state’s bankrupt and we’re all on government assistance and eating farmed moose, caribou, and fish.

  2. What a dispsh** the Alaskan Economy will be lower than that of Third World Country if they move away from an petroleum based economy. This shows the ineptness of the current Administration.

  3. Actually, if you get into it far enough, the Lt. Governor probably favors a subsistence economy for Alaska. I would ask him what he thinks the difference is between a renewable energy economy and a subsistence economy. The answer could be quite an exercise in mental gymnastics.

  4. Everyone seems to take for granted that a “petroleum economy” is basically the reason anyone has anything in Alaska. From my point of view, it has been the lifeblood of this state since shortly after statehood. I’m all for renewable energy…much of which will use petroleum or copper products to produce. But, I think it is foolish to eliminate petroleum production completely…and watch all those old, rugged, experienced north-slope engineers leave the state in the process. It is currently politically correct to cast oil companies as evil. Where would we be without them?

  5. The thing about a petroleum economy is it will only satisfy the next generation or two of Alaskans. Renewable resources can deliever forever. And, yes, absolutely we need to use mined resources to produce the hardware. That is a GOOD reason to stop burning it all up in internal combustion engines. http://www.renewablealaska.com/ As for the jobs we would lose, how many of those are filled by people who take their money out of the state? The cash flow is part of an American economy for the most part, but not exclusively Alaskan.

    • Agreed. Fossil fuels are transitory, not sustainable. From one boom-bust cycle to another. The most recent caused by the industry it’s self in a fracking frenzy with disregard for healthy water tables and the life of the planet. Not much being done with Alaska’s extensive tidal energy potential. Coastal communities could run on tidal. Recent focus on opening ANWAR is fueled by a tyrant and has nothing to do with market values.

  6. Can you say Venezuela 2 dot zero? Lt. Governor Mallott, would you rather replace fossil fuels with whale oil?

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