Charlie Pierce holds onto lead for Kenai Borough mayor


It’s a wrap: The last Tuesday runoff for Kenai Borough mayor has gone to Charlie Pierce — by 45 votes. The election will be certified at tonight’s Assembly meeting.

The Oct. 23 runoff was the result of a three-way race on Oct. 3, when none of the candidates received more than 50 percent to have an outright win. Voter turnout in the runoff was 19 percent.

The outgoing mayor, Mike Navarre, heads to the Walker Administration, where he will serve as commissioner for the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development. Navarre has served since Dec. 1, 2011 as borough mayor.

The borough government in Alaska is akin to a county government in other states. The Kenai Borough covers 29 communities on the Kenai Peninsula in Southcentral Alaska.

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