Quote of the day: Mallott on tarped bodies, taxes


“In rural Alaska, to have a young person be murdered and lay in a rock quarry covered in a tarp for four days because police could not get there in time to begin the process of trying to bring a perpetrator to justice… Where is the bloated budget for that?”

– Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott on Oct. 19, 2017 speaking to the Alaska Federation of Natives.

“I am concerned that the sheer size of State government is making this more and more difficult. I speak from my experience as a staff level State employee, an agency director and member of the Alaska Cabinet when I suggest that much tighter control than currently exists be placed upon the growth of government operations. State employees are public servants in the highest sense and I do not mean to denigrate them. But the bureaucracy  of our government collectively is a powerful institution of a size when juxtaposed against Alaska’s total voting population that even now raises the issue of our real ability to control it.

“Having said that about State government growth (while cleverly not suggesting specific remedies) can I then responsibly move to discuss what more government must do? Absolutely for I believe that it is easily within the capacity of the current level of government operations to significantly increase it service if priorities are rearranged and the bureaucracy restructured. I suggest that the remedies are fairly obvious and known to policy makers. What must be determined is the political will to act.”

– Byron Mallott in 1980, in a booklet titled “Challenge of Plenty,” published by Dave Harbour and Common Sense for Alaska.



  1. Ya know, when former pres. Obama was running, I kept asking, “… but what are his actual plans?”

    Not even one of my died in the wool dem. relatives could answer that question. I asked that because he sounded like he was saying something, just like very light gov Mallott. Well, we quickly learned the horror Obama foisted upon us.

    Thankfully, the meaningless drivel from LG Mallott had only resulted in voter fraud. After all folks, were know it could be worse.

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