Must Read comment: Free the land up


Highlighting comments from readers of Must Read Alaska

“Alaska has always been a colony. Mallott is wrong, we don’t need an income tax here.

The state of Alaska sitting on over 600,000 acres of land that it sells off in 5 acre chunks. 5 acres in Alaska is useless to anyone except for recreational cabins.

The average size of a cattle ranch in British Columbia is 1,000 acres. And there are quite a few of them. Release the land to people who want to create farms and ranches or any other business where they can turn a profit.

There is no reason why Alaska cannot be independent, no reason except for people like those we find in Juneau.

As with most problems, the answer isn’t more government. The answer is less.”

– Ken, responding to “Mallot to Alaskans: We need taxes, or we’ll be a colony”