Quote of the day: Bernie Sanders says no to Alaska oil


“My main concern today is to make sure that we do not remain dependent on fossil fuels and we do not open the Arctic wilderness to exploration.”

– Sen. Bernie Sanders, a member of the Senate Energy Committee, speaking to his amendment on Nov. 15 during the committee markup of the bill that would open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 1002 area to oil exploration. Eighty-one percent of Alaska Democrats caucusing in 2016 voted for Sanders for president.


  1. Sanders is just another socialist wannabe who’s useless and everybody that voted for him if it’s in the same category.
    That being said, if the RINO L. Murkowski & full-blown socialist Walker have truly negotiated the Alaska’s 90/10 share down to 50/50, then, personally, I hope opening ANWR does fail…

    • 50% of something is better than 90% of nothing. The 90% deals go back to when the US had serious concerns about whether Alaska would ever be anything but a draw on the Federal Treasury. We can’t be giving money away and claiming we are entitled to 90% of the revenue from development on federal land.

  2. I, like you Suzanne watched the hearing. Fortunately all Dem amendments died. I hear about how so “centalist” Sen Manchin is but he sure voted for a lot of the amendments.

  3. There is no disconnect between Alaska Democrats support for Sanders and opposition to opening ANWR 1002. If asked, most Democrats in Alaska would oppose ANWR opening. I welcome comments citing evidence that I am wrong.

  4. Bern should worry more about how corrupt the party he ran to be president of this nation with is, since that corruption assured his failure to win his nomination. A virtually barren piece of land in a faraway state he has no interest in (other than political). It’s clear that Bern’s main concern isn’t Alaska or Alaskans, it’s political expediency and nothing more, he is a stooge doing what stooges do.

    • “a barren piece of land in a far away state”… do you even have any idea how ecologically important that area is? FAR from barren. it is the convergence of 6 different biomes – where else in the world does that happen?? It is home to 36 species of fish, 36 land mammals, 9 marine mammals, and more than 160 migratory and resident bird species.
      It was specifically designated a Wildlife Refuge during ANILCA to conserve caribou herds, polar bears, grizzly bears, muskox, Dall sheep, wolves, wolverines, snow geese, peregrine falcons, other migratory birds, dolly varden, and grayling; to fulfill international treaty obligations; to provide opportunities for continued subsistence uses; and to ensure necessary water quality and quantity.
      It wasn’t designed to be drilled.

      • Kara, if you would be so kind the next time you quote me please be sure to do it accurately, I said a virtually barren piece of land not a barren piece of land.

        Those are fine talking points you have there, sounds like a wildlife wonder land. Compare the north slope with any other place on earth it is a virtually barren piece of land.

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