Public Safety Employees Assoc: Yes on Amanda Price



The union that represents public safety employees across the state of Alaska swarmed the Capitol to push back against the Democrat-led smear campaign against Public Safety Commissioner-designee Amanda Price. They’ll be back next week to make sure their voices in favor of Price are heard.

In a letter to both House and Senate leadership, the Public Employees Safety Association, representing about 800 members of law enforcement statewide, gave a full-throated endorsement of Price, contradicting the disparaging testimony of former Gov. Walker Chief of Staff Scott Kendall, which consumed a House State Affairs Committee hearing on Thursday.

“PSEA supports Department of Public Safety (DPS) Commissioner Amanda Price. Commissioner Price has shown she is committed to improving the Department of Public Safety and the Alaskans they serve. Commissioner Price has been fully engaged with the rank and file members of the department. Immediately upon taking her position as commissioner she created a working group to explore non-monetary ways to improve the working environment, morale and efficiency of the department. She then implemented the recommendations by the working group and this has resulted in creased morale by the department members and this PSSEA believes is a big step in addressing the retention issues DPS faces,” the association wrote.

On Thursday, Democrat members of the House State Affairs Committee allowed Kendall, now a private-practice attorney, to use hearsay in a hearing on Price’s nomination. They permitted Kendall to disparage Price’s character and integrity and did not challenge him on the sources of his hearsay.

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That hearing was watched in stunned disbelief in offices across the Capitol, where no one could remember a former chief of staff or supervisor making such a personal and unprofessional attack on a former subordinate, making comments about how she was probably “at Nordstroms,” if she was not in the office, or asking had someone “checked the milk carton in the fridge” to see if she was reported missing.

Many of the deeply personal hearsay comments about Price have since been sourced to former Gov. Walker Communication Director Grace Jang, who now runs a crisis communications consultancy.

Some in the Capitol have attributed Kendall’s malice against Price to a case of sour grapes, since Commissioner designee Price, after leaving the Walker Administration under pressure, threw her support to the candidacy of Michael Dunleavy, who ultimately won office, while Walker had to withdraw from office in disgrace after his first term.

Chief of Staff Scott Kendall, left, and Gov. Bill Walker watch as Valerie Davidson signs her oath of office, after Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott was suddenly forced from office in October, 2018. 


Other political observers say Kendall is worried that with Price’s reputation as an advocate for and protector of abused women, she’ll open an investigation into the secretive matters surrounding the sudden resignation of former Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott in October, 2018.

That resignation occurred with Kendall’s fingerprints in the. middle of the scandal that broke out during the waning days of the Walker Administration. Kendall helped force Mallott out of office under circumstances still not fully explained to the public.


Also today, former Walker Chief of Staff Jim Whittaker and Deputy Chief of Staff Marcia Davis sent a three-page letter to all members of the House and Senate, repudiating in great detail Kendall’s statements in House State Affairs Committee.

“The recent attacks on Ms. Price have been an extreme surprise to the undersigned. During our tenure, Ms. Price was not disciplined or counseled for absenteeism, or plagiarism as none of these acts occurred. These alleged infractions simply did not occur in our time frame. The undersigned are incredulous that the professional character of a person we know to be an outstanding employee is now under attack,” Whitaker and Davis wrote. They went on to detail her strong objection to SB 91, a crime leniency bill, and how that put her at odds with the Walker Administration.

“The undersigned can sympathize with the frustration Ms. Price would have felt at this turn of events [Walker’s support for SB 91], and could anticipate that her exit would not be too long after this realization. We believe Ms. Price’s departure had more to do with these differing view of priorities and not with allegations of non-attendance, for which we are told, remarkably she was never informed or counseled.”

“We fear if this body does not confirm her, there will be many innocent Alaskans who will pay a very high, personal price for the loss of positive changes that Ms. Price could have provided as a DPS Commissioner,” the two former supervisors of Price wrote.

Price, as with all other commissioners, must be confirmed by a joint vote of the House and the Senate, something that usually occurs in the waning days of the Legislature. Sunday will mark Day 90, which by statute should be the final day of the session, but the Alaska Constitution allows sessions to run 120 days. In the meantime, all commissioners are considered designees.


  1. Well, well. Isn’t that special. The dem-boy hit team has really stepped in it this time, haven’t they? Clearly, Mr. Kendall has an ax to grind. He could have and SHOULD have, just faded off into the sunset and took his Byron secrets with him. But, what he is doing now is kicking the hornet’s nest – and hard. We are about to have ourselves an exposer party of epic proportions my friends. This is going to get really good. And, the people of Alaska deserve to know! It isn’t going to be about Ms. Price either…..

  2. Consider the source. Kendall is a liberal attorney that worked in the Walker Administration and not sure anyone knew what he did. My question is what allowed a former supervisor to talk openly about someone’s personnel record. Is that not a violation of personnel law? It really was a LOL when I thought about all the incompetent people he must have hired for Walker. Maybe he had Ms. Price mixed up with Hollis French.

  3. It’s refreshing to see that Jim Whittaker and Marcia Davis were able to get beyond whatever their political beliefs are and focus on facts. They could have kept their mouths shut. Kudos to them!

  4. Kendall has been hanging around his father-in-law, Luke Hopkins, taking cues from him on how to rough-up Republicans. It will be interesting to see if Rep. Grier Hopkins (Kendall’s brother-in-law) votes to confirm Amanda Price. Hopefully, a Bar complaint gets generated against Kendall, and the ALASKA BAR ASSOCIATION conducts a full and fair investigation into Kendall’s fitness to continue to practice law. He’s not very bright.

  5. Soon as Amanda Price gets confirmed, she should launch a major investigation into Byron Mallott’s extramarital affairs with VPSO officers and their young daughters. There has been a major cover-up by Governor Walker and Scott Kendall in that matter. That is clearly the reason they DON’T want Amanda Price confirmed as top cop.

    • I would agree. Interesting, that parallels exist on the national scene with Trump. Now that the Democrats can’t pin anything on Trump after the 2-year Mueller investigation, the Republicans can go full bore on Hillary Clinton, Dirty Cop Comey and all of the Trump Haters within the FBI who leaked classified documents and conspired against Trump’s campaign. Payback can be so sweet. Here, Amanda has the tools and wherewithal to exact s Price on the dirty playing Democrats.

      • No one can pin anything because no one has seen the report Maverick. We only have the personal summary of the attorney general. Let’s release the report so the entire country can move forward.

        • With respect, Mr. Mueller’s report, whether exculpatory or incriminatory, will simply fuel the energies of people whose lives, careers, and fortunes are invested in a coup d’état against President Trump.
          That part of the country can’t move forward until its very reason for existence, removing Donald Trump and installing Hillary Clinton, is vindicated.
          Otherwise, imagine how you’d feel, realizing after more than two years, all you lived, breathed, and fought for was wrong, irrelevant, treasonous, and now you’re an object of pity, contempt, and prosecution
          just because Mr. Mueller’s report did not indict President Trump…
          Got to clean up the mess, figure out how to prevent it from happening again, only then can our country move forward…

  6. It is unconscionable that the resignation of a sitting Lt. Governor and the reasons behind that resignation are silenced. Is there an investigation in progress that I don’t know about? Perhaps. But if there isn’t, there should be and whoever takes the reins, needs to expose what happened and Byron needs to be held accountable. But, whoever starts the charge best be prepared to be instantly labeled a racist.
    If this Lt. Governor had an “R” after his name he would have already been dragged through the streets and the courts. If you don’t think so you’re very, very confused.
    By I digress… This is about Ms. Price and Scott Kendall.

  7. Why would anyone put any weight behind any statements from any of the various apparatchiks of the failed Walker/Mallot regime?

  8. “…she’ll open an investigation into the secretive matters surrounding the sudden resignation of former Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott in October, 2018.”
    Thank you, Madam Editor.
    Sure looked like the little boys were very, very afraid of letting a girl, this girl, into their clubhouse…
    Now we have a good idea why.
    To make matters worse, the Big Guys’ Union, Adam and Zack’s buyers maybe? said “Let her in.”
    C’mon Adam and Zack, you heroes! What have you got to say for yourselves now?

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