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Providence Medical says health workers must get new Covid vaccines, or they may (or may not) get fired

The information coming out of Providence Providence Health & Services, a Catholic health care organization, is confusing at best when it comes to the new Covid vaccine and the medical organization’s workforce.

The workers at Providence reportedly received a memo this week that advised them of the updated Covid vaccination policy. Those who don’t want to take the vaccination could be fired, the memo said.

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According to the memo, posted by users on X/Twitter, and allegedly received by Providence workers in other states, all caregivers need the newest vaccine for Covid and to provide proof to the company by Nov. 30 that they have taken the shot.

“Caregivers who do not obtain a COVID-19 vaccine or decline by Nov. 30 may be removed from the schedule, placed on unpaid leave and may be subject to termination for continued noncompliance with their facility policy,” the memo says. The company is developing a tool for providing proof of vaccination or submitting a declination; it should be ready by early October.

But some of those those who posted the memo online said they later heard back from Providence’s public relations team, which said the shots are not mandatory at all.

“This is not the same as the vaccine mandates that we were required to implement by state law and CMS during the pandemic. Caregivers can choose to decline the vaccine. Those who do not wish to receive it simply need to submit a declination form by Nov. 30. They no longer need to request approval for a medical or religious exemption as many of our states and CMS required at the height of COVID,” according to the Gateway Pundit, which quoted Providence spokesman Michael Connors.

“All declinations will be automatically accepted. They do not need to be approved. This process is not the same as the medical or religious exemptions that many states and federal regulators required us to review and approve during the pandemic,” Connors was reported as saying.

Yet, on the Providence website, the company makes it clear the shots are mandatory.

The caregiver vaccination policy “aims to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 transmission to workforce members, our vulnerable patient population, and the community. Vaccination is one of the most effective preventive measures available against COVID-19,” the medical company’s website says.

“The policy applies to all workforce members, including employees, caregivers, volunteers, trainees, interns, medical staff, students, independent contractors, vendors, and all other individuals working at the facility, whether or not they are paid by or under the direct control of the facility. Receipt of the most current up-to-date vaccine according to CDC recommendations will meet policy requirements,” the company says.

Some Providence health care workers work remotely, or partly remotely, but that may or may not exclude them from the policy.

“As health care workers, we all play an important leadership role in protecting the health and safety of our communities. Hybrid caregivers who visit our facilities on occasion are required to comply. Caregivers who work 100% remote are exempt from this process, but are encouraged to be vaccinated. It’s important that we all work together for the greater good for our communities,” the policy says.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. It’s past time someone file a civil rights complaint against Providence.

    They are as Catholic in practice as Constant is. Meaning, not at all.

    • Agree, however the results of that action will not be what the public as a whole wants.
      If Providence, one of the larger health care providers in the nation, cannot properly staff, and the other hospitals/clinics are overwhelmed, the public will call for the Government to do something.
      And, that scares me a LOT.

      • Thats exactly what they did after they fired employees that refused the vaccination.
        They called it a ‘bed shortage’ – but that was tailored to obfuscate the issue because they had just fired hundreds of employees.

        The ‘bed shortage’ wasn’t a shortage of rooms or physical infrastructure – it was lack of employees to service them.

        So the government arbitrarily lowered their certification standards, allowing the hospitals to replace the fired staff from across state lines. Normally, they wouldn’t be able to do this, but the rules were bent to remove the only leverage the anti-vax employees had to get their jobs back.

        See how that works? The costs of cert standards are ‘for public safety’, but they suddenly become dispensable if it gives hospitals the ability to punish the vax-hesistant. The federal government pulled the exact same garbage when they removed vaccine injury from the list of OSHA recordable injuries (May 2021) when corporate America balked at tort liability for imposing mandatory vaccination policies.

    • So what else are you willing to allow your employer to dictate about your personal life? Should my employer be able to control what kind of food I eat, how much I exercise or what kind of recreational activities I pursue? What about how many children I have?
      It used to be that the employer-employee relationship centered around one transaction: The exchange of labor for money. It’s long past time that we need to return to that premise.

      • Just get a different job. Let the market work and they won’t stay very profitable if all their workers leave. This is how our system works. Don’t like it? leave.

      • Many employers can and regularly do require employee take drug tests…Even though those tests cannot determine if the employee is currently intoxicated or if the positive test is because they had used or been in contact with a controlled substance at some point in the past.

      • I don’t think TrueIndependent meant the employer should have any control over your personal life. However, conditions of employment are under their control.
        If, as Bob notes, an employer requires a drug free workplace for whatever reason, do not use drugs, or seek employment elsewhere. A dress code, or some kind of uniform is normal. If you are a public facing employee, perhaps conditions about tattoos, jewelry, or piercings.
        No employer can tell you what to eat, unless a poor diet adversely affects their business. Then the choice is yours. Same with any of the other things you mention.

        • I get the point, but there are some important differences. As much as anything else, I’m bothered by the steady encroachment by big business into peoples personal lives.

          Tats, piercings, etc are removable/coverable. A shot with a dubious track record isn’t. It’s there, and not going anywhere.

          There are jobs which require sobriety due to safety concerns. For me it’s a stretch to think the guy working in the loading dock is a threat to patient health.

          An argument can be made for direct care providers. If they have the shot, and it worked (it doesn’t) then the vaccinated status of everyone else is moot.

          A long, long, long time ago I worked in a hospital down south. They had a rule regarding flu shots Providence should use:

          If you get the flu and you’ve had the shot, home with pay. If you get the flu and refused the shot, out for two weeks, no pay.

          The choice, with its risks and rewards, was left in the hands of the employees.

    • > Their place their rules. Don’t like it? Leave.

      I guarantee you’re going to have this line thrown back in your face by an employer at some point.

    • Point in fact nurses and staff are in fact leaving. People long think Providence is this haven of goodness and good people, It’s not at all. Its a hospital with largely inept and detached leadership. Ask them why they don’t drug test their staff ? Ask them whey they fire 29 year employees when they get cancer. Ask why doctors dont have to pay for meals and get valet parking. Bottom line Providence is a bully in this town and routinely craps on its employees and pushing their weight around the community, much like their beloved Catholic church.

      The second you let an employer tell you what to do with your body they will start to tell you how you should think, and how you should act off the clock. How long before America wakes up and sees Covid for what it is, a FLU virus. How many boosters and untested vaccines are people suppose to take ? I know people that are on their 4th covid shot. It’s ridiculous

      • Please do list the times the Catholic Church “craps on its employees and..” pushes their weight around the community. In fact, what has the Catholic Church ever forced you to do against your will? You are free, of course, to dislike the Church and what She teaches, but you aren’t entitled to your own facts.

        • Tamra since you asked, let me hit you with the facts. What has it done against my will ? I was raised catholic and not cute enough to be an alter boy so I got abused my sisters and priests, pretty sure at 6-8 years old that wasn’t my choice. And crapping on it’s employees ? My mother in law the first pharmicist in Alaska to ever specialize in geriatric pharmacy in the history of Providence in the early 80’s was “relieved” shortly after her breast cancer diagnosis came up after 29 years of service.

          The drug bullying issue professionally I saw it during COVID when the requested TV’s, tent, and MILLIONS of supplies (some not related to COVID at all) through state and federal procurement channels while they had their own stockpiles they didn’t want to use.

    • Years ago, I was told by a supervisor , “No one is here against their will”. Yup, he was right, I finished my “hitch” packed up and walked away from a very good slope gig after many years. So, I agree with True Ind on this one. AK Pilot, Control what you eat? Like having “fitness bonuses” for working out? Recreational? Like smokin a jay at midnight Saturday? I don’t like it, I blame the boomers who screwed around when young then decided their workers “needed regulations” . Lastly, how bout if you are dumb enough to post something that someone is offended by? Termination due to the fact that these days “you are representing the company even in your off time”. Hmmm, unless i’m on salary…….

    • When it comes to experimental medication, no, not their rules. The new shot was tested on a whopping 100 people, its only 3 percent effective against the current variant, there is no known information on what it does to youth or pregnant women, its still being produced under emergency use authorization even though there is no declared emergency… yeah, no they have no right to treat their employees like Guinee pigs.

    • Here is what I saw happening at PAMC during the Obama years: PAMC was hiring migrants and foreigners on work visas over Americans and giving them larger pay raises. Not sure about now, but back then, white-skinned workers were getting to be a minority. Because Providence supports bringing illegals to the US, when all of the Americans quit, they’ll just replace them with illegals. Americans lose on every level: we lose our jobs and we lose healthcare facilities that we could count on for good healthcare. Will Providence make the foreigners/illegals get the jabs? Maybe. Will Providence require them to speak English at work? No. Will the patients get the best healthcare possible? No. I had seen a drop in quality in environmental cleanliness and instrument/equipment cleanliness; a drop in quality of well-maintained equipment. There was decrease in caring about doing the best job possible – the attitude was to do the least amount to still get that pay raise. Providence is not a good healthcare system anymore and probably has not been since the last Sister died that ran Providence when it was smaller.

      • I don’t know if you know the difference between illegal immigrants, immigrants, migrant workers or foreigners on work visas.

        Immigrants can be legal or illegal. Those who are illegal are people who came to this country and either didn’t have a visa to enter and entered via other means, or people who came to this country with a legal travel or work or other visa and didn’t leave after that visa expired. Illegal immigrants do not have valid social security numbers, so they cannot be hired legally. Employers who have federal contracts, like Providence does, are required to use E-Verify to determine if an immigrant is legal or not.

        Legal immigrants come into the country with a valid visa for work or for marriage or asylum and go through the legal process to acquire a green card, and possibly become US Citizens.

        Migrant workers are citizens from another country who come into the US to work and then leave when their job is done. Mainly farm workers who come into the US from Mexico, work during the day and commute back to Mexico at night.

        Foreigners on work visas have been approved by the US government to enter and work in the US for a certain period of time. Once that visa expires, they must leave or apply for an extension. If not granted an extension and they stay past their time, they become an illegal.

        Also, you know the US has no official language, right?

        • I should have used the correct terminology. Thank you for listing the correct terminology. You bring up good facts. My point is that Providence made a point of hiring foreigners over Americans, foreigners got higher pay raises so that they could send money back to their families, or even save up to bring their families over. These foreigners – where possible hurry and have a child who is their “anchor” baby making it possible for them to now stay in the US. As for the official language, English was the official language that Alaska chose. Putting that aside, working in a facility that deals with illness, trauma, death, and emergencies, things run a lot smoother when everyone can speak the same language. When you have employees who cannot speak English working in the operating rooms or in the Emergency dept or in Sterile Processing or in General Stores and very few, if any others, can speak the foreigner’s language it causes tension. Situations arise where a specific instrument or supply is needed stat; but, if you have someone that cannot speak English on the floor with no one else around, you are not going to get what you need quickly. When a foreigner is getting paid as much, if not more than the American but the foreigner cannot work in a dept by themselves or carry the dept phone, that causes tension for the American who has to carry it all the time. I am not backing down from my thoughts on Providence. That healthcare system has gone down the drain. The jabs are illegal and I agree with others that lawsuits should be brought up against this healthcare system. Contact Atty Todd Callender (look online for his info) because he has a team that works with people to get resolution or he might be able to point you to another firm that can help.

    • If they get TAXPAYER FUNDING (i.e. federal dollars), they should be shut down. It’s long past time for the COVID TYRANNY to stop. These shots are causing harm to people and should never have been released.
      Check it out for yourselves: ‘

  2. Just another repeat of the same crap that they did in 2021, for shots that actually didn’t keep you from contracting the virus, didn’t keep it from making you sick, etc. Same goes for the use of masks, which the CDC and FDA have admitted did not work, used arbitrary distancing which was ineffective, etc. And people just lined up to buy into it without actually following the science (i.e. peer-reviewed work).

    • Exactly, What # booster shot are they telling people to take now ? My favorite game is where they deny treatment to unvaccinated. If the vaccine works why are they worried about the unvaxinated

  3. “”The caregiver vaccination policy “aims to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 transmission to workforce members, our vulnerable patient population, and the community.””

    I’d appreciate it if they could prevent the spread of all the other things in the hospital, like pneumonia. Please pray for my mother-in-law’s husband, who is now on his death bed after a bicycle accident.

    • I’d appreciate it if they could prevent the spread of medical errors: Medical errors are the third-leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer (according to Johns Hopkins).

      • That might require them to drug test doctors and medical staff. I had to pee in a cup to be a PLUMBER, I think doctors should have to in order to cut people open

  4. The other shoe to drop is patients. Are they going to start denying treatment for unvaxxed patients? Worse, are they going to start vaxxing patients without their permission?

    Over the last 3 years, Providence has demonstrated they lost track of what they are in business to do. Perhaps that business shifted from patient care to maximizing inflow of free federal $$$. Either way, they are a real disappointment. Cheers –

    • Providence hasn’t lost track of their business. They are in the business of dispensing drugs supplied by pharma.

      Patients are the method of transaction.

      Any illusion that big medicine is here to help went to the window with Covid, and jumped out of it with trans mania.

  5. Time to look elsewhere for employment if you don’t want to take the vaccine still under FDA emergency use authorization (Dec. 2020). Also, under the PREP Act, companies like Pfizer and Moderna have total immunity from liability if something unintentionally goes wrong with their vaccines. You also can’t sue the Food and Drug Administration for authorizing a vaccine for emergency use, nor can you hold your employer accountable if they mandate inoculation as a condition of employment.

  6. If the vaccines were actually demonstrated to prevent illness, prevent spread, and prevent death, the mandate might be reasonable.
    However, the vaccines have been proven to be… well… basically useless. And, the adverse effects far outweigh the benefits (what benefits?).
    How can a “healthcare company” insist their employees take a useless, meaningless vaccine that has proven adverse effects? Oh… the money.
    I tried to follow the science, and got nowhere.
    Then I followed the money, and I found the science.

      • Maybe I missed it, but Forkner has not shown up yet. it is always refreshing to hear how he would have died horribly if not for the vaccine. Because, for some reason, he is absolutely sure beyond any possible doubt that he would be in that 0.6% to 3% that died from the virus.

        • Actually, CBMTTek, I was not referring to or thinking of Gregory Forkner in that comment above of mine. I have frequently jousted with Greg here, and taken issue with some of his posts, but I have never considered him anything but an honest (if sometimes misguided and/or misinformed) poster here.

          There are a few other posters here, though, who are downright malicious and malevolent in the depths and degree of the willful lies and propaganda on behalf of the ruling class establishment.

  7. Will they again start the program to deny care to the unvaccinated? And to deny visitation of loved ones? Best to have a plan before you need medical services. They have been successful in recruiting medical staff from the lower 48 to replace the last batch of nonconformists.

  8. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Maybe it’s time to just say no
    By the way, is Congress and the Post Office still exempt from mandated Covid vaccination?

  9. “I tried to follow the science, and got nowhere.
    Then I followed the money, and I found the science.”
    …and there it is. Why is there not an inquiry into the campaign donations of Moderna / Pfizer et. al. to see if the donee(s) and the people pushing the vax mandate are the same set of folks?

  10. High enough vitamin D levels, you all. That’s the key, and has known to have been the key since 2020. Peer reviewed studies prove it.

    When are people going to start talking about it?

    This is disgusting!

    • Jeff, I want to see you at the Alaska COVID Conference scheduled for 14 Oct 23. Easy to sit back and criticize when you’re not willing to work towards other options OR educate yourself about them!! Also you are or were an Alaska Air employee- what was your response to their vaccine and mask requirements?

  11. Citing the CDC as an authority on Covid is about like citing James Clapper as an expert on protecting personal data or holding up the FBI as a defender of Constitutional rights. Based on performance since January 2020, I don’t believe the CDC has any knowledge whatsoever about Covid. The agency knows nothing and conducts no research yet spends billions. I thought that the health care system was supposed to be based on actual science.

  12. Could wildcat strikes and work slowdowns persuade Providence management to stop their reckless stupidity?
    As Providence management appear to morph from caregivers to commissars, why should they not face the same rebellion as any other self-appointed dictatorship?
    Until morons responsible for the policy are identified and hounded out of office, should Providence customers be concerned that forcing injections of Big Pharma products into customers and employees alike is a far greater priority for Providence management than providing traditional patient care?
    Should Providence customers be concerned that Providence employees may be justifiably distracted by the thought of having to be injected with experimental Big Pharma products or losing their jobs?
    Surgeon drops dead in operating theater because of vaccine-induced heart damage, that’s okay with Providence management because “policy” comes first?
    Can’t happen here? Providence customers have to bet their lives on it?
    Wildcat strikers, work slowdowners could have a point, no?

  13. Most sheep have woken to the fact there were a lot of issues to the initial jabs so I’m sure they wont be running to get this round, or maybe they will resort to shaming again?

  14. Covid ripped the band aid off the thin veneer of “freedoms”. Welcome to the era of the new robber barons.

    Stalin would be proud.

  15. I believe the one world order probably has ordered the economy of America to be brought down again. Order takers taking orders from afar masquerading as the people’s elected government are not going to be immune from economic disasters they willfully and willingly impose upon their neighbors like last time. Red carpet welcome for WEF in NYC again.

  16. But a shot will not prevent you from getting or spreading the virus. The new variant is affecting less the 3% of the population and will mutate soon and render the vaccine useless. Need more science and less politics in medicine.

  17. Providence has gotten corrupt. They claim to have values based on Jesus but they cover up discrimination, bullying, and don’t follow the core values. The vaccine will be only a reason to abuse more workers and give a reason to fire all in the name of corrupt motives like devils. That hospital uses the name providence and Jesus name to get money but don’t even let people say Jesus name over the intercom for prayers.

    • Jesus would have never denied a father the chance to sit with his potentially terminally ill daughter.

      Sadly most Catholic hospitals are holdovers from when the church ran them. Today they are basically franchisees. They use the word Catholic to give them a veneer of legitimacy.

      Most wouldn’t know Catholic teachings if a nun bit them in the backside.

  18. Also remember, (something I will never forgive)
    Providence allowing patients to die. Alone !
    Video goodbyes only!
    All because they refused to let the patients doctors treat their own patients for the flu. That alone is worthy of a class action lawsuit

  19. For all the naysayers, are you going to sue the hospital if you acquire COVID-19 while being cared for while using a respirator? Are you going to sue them when your granny contracts the flu while undergoing cancer care in their outpatient department? Will you be upset at all when your newborn sequestered in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) has to deal with COVID-19 in addition to premature birth, your nephew arrives to the hospital on a LifeFlight from a fishing accident?

    Is awaiting results of daily swabbing in the Providence foyer an acceptable alternative to COVID-19 immunization?

    A hospital while still a business does have a certain obligation in performing health care duties in a community. Why doesn’t everyone focus on the customer’s right to bring disease into the hospital, then?

    • This makes no more sense than the last time. And is just as intellectually vapid.

      Every time a person enters a public facility, there are risks of contracting things. Every single time. Health care facilities are worst of all.

      Life has risks.

    • Mrs N – the existing science shows that the “vaccinated” folks have a more likely risk of infecting others with Covid than the “unvaccinated” do. If you only follow the science when it agrees with your personal opinions, then you are a hypocrite at best and an idiot at worst.

  20. Perhaps if this whole mess wasn’t built on political expediency, Fauci’s lies, and a profound lack of common sense, people would take it more seriously.

    But Trump trusted the wrong people, Fauci out-lied Biden, and the hard left took advantage of hysteria.

    So here we are. Trying to claw back a modicum of common sense in a senseless situation.

    • He could have gotten rid of Fauci but CHOSE not to. That’s on Trump. My trust in all politicians is DOA. We need to stop expecting the same people who create a mess to clean it up. It’s up to us. We the People. Stand up push back and practice peaceful non-compliance with unconstitutional edicts.

  21. As long as the vaccine is still experimental no one should be forced to take it. It is still experimental because it has not had enough trials. No pregnant women were in the test group, I believe the group was very small around 700 people, not good enough for me.

  22. I love this debate. It gives me a hearty gut laugh. The “my body my choice” crowd is a hoot because most of you feel a woman should have to carry a pregnancy regardless of how she got pregnant/socio economic circumstances/dug use/abusive partner/social support etc. Pregnancy is and will continue to be FAR more dangerous to women than this COVId vaccine could ever hope to be to the general public. This danger is amplified if you are any race other than white. Pregnancy and fetal complications are more without proper support and care of the mother during pregnancy. Children born with FAS or neonatal drug exposure usually have downstream developmental, learning and behavior issues their entire lives. In utero exposure to toxins can’t be undone. As an independent (more libertarian) all I ask is equal application of the “my body my choice” argument. Want to really know what adverse event or risk feels like, try being pregnant and see what it does to a body even in the best circumstances. Thanks for the chuckle today. Love me a good hypocrite.

  23. Notwithstanding a very apt comment about trying to stay out of hospitals (if a person can stay home at all — despite difficult births, needs for life-saving highly technical equipment, access to potentially hazardous medical treatment and so on) properly licensed and credentialed health care providers in their duty to provide healthcare to the masses, militant or less so, should be able to consider ‘first—doing no harm’, in working in close quarters with virus infected folks, in consideration beyond infringing on an individual’s second amendment rights to bare arms for self-protection, of themselves and others.

    The mental contortions of this logic may be a bit difficult to follow, but perhaps material for rumination in the contemplative solo hot tub experience on that red cedar deck overlooking Turnagain Arm during the first snow of the season snowflakes falling gently to melt immediately.

    Of anyone better able to understand Public Health issues, it should be common sense, the approach by prudent and pragmatic Alaskans, for whom practically a whole tourism industry of ‘vaccine protectionism’ has been built in the USA. The celebrated event is more than a winter-time cottage-industry, as often there are international competitors from northern Europe and Canada.

    As to facts of the yearly commemorative race, Alaskans know that despite the much celebrated finish, it was the more intelligent, courageous, enduring and able Togo who saved the day for Leonard Seppala and the folks in Nome. Mushers know that the result of the journey results from more than just what happens in the end. Winning the Iditarod requires more effort than landing a helicopter in Nome, despite the fact that it’s the statue of Balto in New York City’s Central Park.

  24. Providence is a hurtful place to work if you are a minority. This might allow people to get hurt if they use this policy to get rid of employees unlawfully.


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