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Friday, July 10, 2020
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Protests planned, organizers anticipate tear gas?

Anchorage protests against police brutality are planned for Saturday at least in a couple of locations in Alaska.

One group is meeting at Town Square Park in Anchorage, and the organizer has warned people not to bring children or the elderly, but to make sure you have a mask, in case there is tear gas:

Another protest is planned for the REI parking lot in the Midtown Mall, at the corner of Northern Lights and Denali, at 2 pm.

In Fairbanks, a similar protest is planned for 2 pm at Veterans Memorial Park.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • What the heck?!? The rate of police brutality is exponentially higher in inner cities of “blue” states. . . Why on Earth would people feel the need to protest like this where organizations like the Alaskan State Troopers make up 1 Trooper per 1,500 residents across 100 million acres!

    • Hellp. My name is Markus and I am the organizer of this protest. I understand that people have concerns. But I can assure you that if any damage comes to any property or person, I am willing to do everything in my power to assist in the clean up. Please contact me if you have any questions. 19073103238

      • Curious to know – When was the last riot or teargas incident in Anchorage? I’d like to do my research on that – So if your plan is peaceable assembly and protest, why the fear for children and elderly safety? Why are gas masks needed? I get the need for facial masking for health. Why promote there will possibly be teargas? Alaska has long supported freedom of speech assembly and protests. Why is this assembly expecting a need for riot control and gas masks?

        • Good question!

        • Hi. Thanks for asking. There is concern for the safety of elders mostly because they are susceptible to the coronavirus. And I was not asking for gas masks, just simple face masks to protect from the virus. Of course that could only help in the case of tear gas. But I don’t believe that there will be tear gas, as we plan to stay peaceful and deal with law enforcement in a mature manner. I am also just worried about children at this protest because even if there is not tear gas, there may be things that are not suitable for some young children, such as language for example. Thank you.

          • Thank you Markus for your communication efforts. I am sure it will be a peaceful protest but we are very fortunate to have very dedicated law enforcement in our state that have had minimal incident of acts of brutality. Please encourage protestors to be respectful of law enforcement presence. That also will go a long way in keeping things peaceful and the successful. exercising of your rights.

          • Hi Marcus , thank you for organizing things. Will there be another protest?

      • Everything in your power to clean up the riot that you are encouraging? Thanks Marko.

        • There will be no riot. Please read everything I say before assuming. Thank you.

        • Goodness please do not make assumptions. We can agree to disagree and there appears to be no intent of rioting.

        • Well if you saw there was no riot just a peaceful protest so I dont think there is a problem here

        • He was clearly not organizing a riot.

        • The protest began against criminal acts of police on a black man but soon after these protests have lost this movements agenda folks in the USA and world wide are in The streets because they woke up we all want our countries back WE are really fighting to keep our Freedoms and Liberties.The powers of the One World Order quickly spun this global event into violent riots busing in Antifa and leftist by the 1,000s all anti Trump / American anarchists to cause as much destruction and thievery as possible in cities while assaulting police some losing their lives , there is no one held in accountability for their actions. It all comes to really what is going on is the One World Order ‘s Coup on America in its final attempt to succeed in their take over to bring in their Luciferian rule and making us their slaves, bringing the population down to 5 million or less in America. Yesterday Antifa declared homes and farms are now on their plans for theft kidnap and burning farms killing livestock! America and her people have had a war declared upon us by Antifa/One World Order we are in a civil war going into a revolution= WE are alone to protect our homes lives and property , our law enforcement and military have been compromised with Obama/Clinton progressive loyalists ,Pres. Trump tried to flush them out but time and lack of tough actions by Pres.Trump has allowed corrupt Gov.s and mayors put their states into today’s crises and chaos. My advice is prepare for the absolute worst and pray our white hates can cut the heads off the snakes before deep state activates U.N. Soldiers & the 20,000 Chinese soldiers and other anti-America illegals sitting in Closed military Obama bases. PRAY

      • So you will be willing to pay for any business, cars, hospital costs for anyone accidentally caught up in this? That’s good to know Marcus. Since people have been cooped up inside for quite some time and many have lost their jobs, there may be more anger and not at the cops, just anger that can get out of hand then you expect.

        • I would not state that I would be completely responsible if I didn’t know that this protest would remain peaceful. I am almost positive that people will bot riot. But I can not speak for some people. Thank you.

      • Thank you 👍🏻

      • Will you financially indemnify for property damage caused by protesters?

        • Donald, while I am not feeling moved to protest against police brutality, as I feel our Alaska law enforcement do a great job,I still accept that others may feel need to protest. I’m wondering if you were supportive of the protests that went on over the Covid 19 mandates?

          Speaking up and protesting are fundamental rights. Rioting- not so much. Those inciting the riots across our country are foolish pawns of a bigger agenda, they are not simply protesting. Please do not make protest synonymous with riot.

      • Any other protests for any other days scheduled?

      • You will unburn the buildings? Have you read the first autopsy? Didn’t think so. You have a system in place that will keep Antifa out?

      • Really.. how about covering the cost? You can’t because you don’t have millions of dollars.
        Advocating violence is wrong and this guy is advocating for property damage at the least.

        • He clearly stated this is a peaceful assembly.

    • I get the man died to a bad incident with the officer who’s already in trouble. The FBI is involved with the case, The Mayor where the incident happened is angry at the cops, even trump spoke about it. All these protestors in the lower 48, breaking shops and cars causing taxpayer money and all. I hope the one in Anchorage stays peaceful today.

  • If you anticipate having to wear a gas mask then you are not planning a protest, you are planning a riot!

    • I agree, sounds like organized anarchy. Im surprised they didn’t request everyone to wear Blue Masks

      • Alaskans are a tough breed, reflecting an unlawful, unjustifiable, inhumane way for an American citizen to die must hurt many of us, we are standing for justice for this criminal act.

        Stay safe and be kind.

    • Hello. My name is Markus and I am the organizer of this protest. It is clear that there has been a misunderstanding. I have no intention of rioting, and my instagram and facebook post proves that. The “masks” mentioned in my post is referring to a regular face mask, not only to protect from tear gas (which I doubt will be used) but to protect from Covid-19. Please contact me if you have any questions. 19073103238

    • Not true police have thrown tear gas countless times when people protest peacefully.

  • Trying to stir up hatred. People that have money to organize and send these groups don’t want to see another term of Trump. They’re stirring the pot again.

    • Hello. My name is Markus and I am the organizer of this protest. I am a 16 year old boy who has no money at all. This protest started out as a small thing with my friends, but the word got out quickly. And you can probably guess that things got taken out of context. I apologize for any fear I may have caused and I take full responsibility. Please contact me with any questions. 19073103238

      • It’s not possible for you to take responsibility. You are a 16 year old boy. If there is any responsibility to be taken in this regard it will be done so by your parents. Remember, police only use teargas as a response to a threat to public safety. So, why do you even mention tear-gas? While I applaud your civic-mindedness you could have served your cause better by taking better care in the wording of your call-to-action. Also, if during your protest you block the streets, thereby blocking traffic, you will be breaking the law.

        • Police have used tear gas on peaceful protests for years and years. Please do your research and read all my statements before you assume what I have planned. If you did, you would know that I planned a completely peaceful protest. Thank you.

          • Markus – the reality is that you can not “plan” a protest. There’s an old saying that holds true for many things, including this protest, and I’ll paraphrase it “no plan survives contact with an opposing force”. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it. I’ll also say that your statement that you will be responsible for any damages that occur from this protest is a ridiculous statement. How are you going to deal with the potential civil damage claims now that you’ve accepted responsibility?

          • The Anchorage police have used tear gas on peaceful protesters? Who do you think you’re going to see? Minneapolis cops? Chicago cops? Baltimore cops? No you are in Alaska and you will see Alaskan cops. When was the last use of tear gas against peaceful protesters in Anchorage?

      • Markus your number will be throughout this state if one thing gets damaged or a piece trash is left behind in our state. What do you plan on accomplishing? What is your end goal? What do you want to come about of this? How are these actions going to accomplish that? Do you think there is a more productive way to accomplish this goal?

      • Markus, Thank you for being one of the most mature and well spoken people on the comment section.

  • What are the sources for this information?

    • Hello. My name is Markus and I am the organizer of this protest. The original post is on my instagram @xbarbieboyx where it was only intended for a smaller group of people to see. But the more it spread, the more twisted it got. I apologize for any fear I may have caused, but I promise I have everything under control. Please contact me with any questions. 19073103238

      • This would be hilarious if this was like an ex girlfriends phone number or a restaurant that just fired him. He’s just asking to get crank calls putting his number out there.

  • Just like clockwork

  • So who are the “organizers”?

    • Hello. My name is Markus and I am the organizer. I am afraid there has been a misunderstanding. I have attempted to clear it up in other comments. Please read those or contact me if you have any more questions or concerns. 19073103238

      • Markus, thank you for your efforts
        Today. I am sorry all the trolls came
        out of the wood work to twist your words. So Markus, is this protest still going on? What time does it end?

  • Trump 2020!! Can’t wait until he gets another term. First time I’ve ever wanted November to come sooner. I just hope people know that riots will never get you what you want, only causes pain and destruction for so many people. This is totally disturbing and Susan if riots do come of this you and whoever put this together should be held completely responsible and liable for any and all damages that can happen do to this “protest against police brutality” and guess who is coming to save you when you need them THE POLICE!! But guess what even if you protest against them they will still be there for you in your time of need! So sad that they are just doing there job and you feel the need to go against them. Thank you police for getting up everyday and protect the people from the criminals who put your own life in danger everyday.

    • Hello. My name is Markus and I am the organizer of this protest. I understand your concern along with those of others. Things have been taken out of context I’m afraid and spiraled into something that it is not. There is no plan to riot tomorrow. If any damage is done to property or person, I have already said that I will take responsibility and do all within my power to assist in the solution. I hear you, and I understand. Please contact me if you have any more questions. 19073103238

    • You people are ignorant as hell. It’s a protest against police brutality. Not the police. Not a riot. Get a freaking brain.

      If a 16 year old wants to assemble a peaceful protest against police brutality, that’s saying something. Our judicial system is crooked, and all of you are probably white, middle to upper class, and don’t do anything in your community to make a change.

      Good on you Marcus.

      • Thank you. It went well.

        • Well done, Markus (and the many other protesters). The right to peacefully protest is a fundamental, and important right, protected by the Constitution. I didn’t attend, but heard that it was well done. I believe that we are blessed with a very professional police force in Anchorage, so I hope there wasn’t too much vitriol pointed at APD. That said, it is certainly fair to show solidarity with the protests being held worldwide if you feel strongly about it.

        • Glad to hear it, I hope any other protests are peaceful gatherings.

    • Good police are fine, but what about the horrible police officers that kill people just because they look different.

  • WTH… The police brutality situation didn’t even happen in Alaska or even near Alaska.

    The people organizing this should be held responsible for all (if any) damages that occur along with picking up all the trash that gets left behind.

    Why is it that when a person of color gets injured or killed by police they think they are accomplishing something by destroying businesses and hurting others during the protest?

    When a white person hets killed by the police or injured we don’t go destroy a section of the town. Seems really THUGGISH.

    Don’t get me wrong it is really really messed up what the police officer did and I’m sure he will get what’s coming to him.

    Why don’t they protest for other things such as raising the taxes. Cutting the dividend, etc…

    • Hello. My name is Markus and I am the organizer of this protest. I am afraid that things have been taken out of context. There is no plan to riot or cause any damage. I have stated before that I am willing to take full responsibility of any damage done to property or person. However, I will not engage in any political discussions. Please contact me only with questions regarding safety. 19073103238

      • Marcus Vinson
        You say your are a sixteen year old in charge of a protest?? Then you make twenty posts here like a robot leaving your phone number etc? First this is Alaska, and pretty much the last place that needs liberal idiots standing by other idiots in the nation for protesting something that has nothing to do with us. Then you say you will pay for any erupting rioting that will cause damage.. With what??? You have no money, no job and no brain. You are a kid, well supposedly… Take your protest down the road in another place that is more liberal like the Socialist Republic of Washington…. We do not want or need this kind of thing in our state.

        • The right to protest is anti socialist; it a right imbedded deeply in our freedom. This rhetoric makes all of us conservatives look ignorant and hot headed. We need kids who take action respectfully. If you disagree with what is being protested express your opinion in respectful discussion pls.

        • That is the most assimime diatribe I have ever heard. I blame it on Trump corruption!

      • Markus, I did not attend but appreciate your fine effort. From all reports it was a peaceful and respectful protest. Please don’t be discouraged by the negative comments, which you addressed with grace. We are blessed with a wonderful police force in AK and the majority of US law enforcement is just, this said, police brutality is not acceptable. You have excercised your right to protest for an important cause. Very well done.

    • Colin Kaepernick is leading some of these protests. There’s a guy who knows how to stir the race war pot, just like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

      • Markus is clearly not planning a riot.

    • To all the white people out there against the protesting, educate yourselves. Stop letting the media control you. Think before you speak. You sound ignorant. You sound like sheep. Repeating everything your glorious president says. This systemic racism that was constructed, most likely by white people, has gone on for far too long. The whole world needs to rise up against this. It’s police and white people who incite the violence, the looting, the riots. Because they’re scared. It’s time to wake up and accept the reality we live in and do something to help our neighbors. Stop being complacent. Stand up for what is right.

      • Take your own advice and educate yourself. The battle we are fighting not just in America, but in the entire world is not about race, gender, or creed. It is not left vs right / dem vs repub. It is literally the age-old good vs evil.
        The enemies of our freedom and our very souls seek to kill, steal, and destroy. The easiest method for them to accomplish their agenda is to divide and conquer. Don’t fall into that trap. When citizens recognize their Brotherhood and stand together, only then will we be able to defeat this abject evil.

  • Black Lives Matter is a communist organization. The three women who started it are all diehard communists and received $11M from Soros. They now live in really nice houses and high on the hog. Typical Marxist hypocrites. This is what you are supporting.
    All lives matter. All.
    Color had nothing to do with this, this was a failed policy of force escalation and abuse of civil rights. The mayor on down need to be held just as accountable as the cops, because they approved and supported the abuse. Training and tactics are the issues, not color.
    Further, remember the Swedish woman killed by the Somali who was a cop in Minneapolis? Any protests, riots? No.
    3X as many unarmed whites as blacks are killed by cops each year. Not one word about that.
    Marxism at its best. Divide and conquer.
    The morons in Minnesota had a righteous cause to protest, but that is not what happened. Turned into a criminal convention with looting and property destruction. Thugs.

    • Don’t trust the msm. This is not an “organic” movement as they would have us all believe. It was all planned. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” News reporter was caught playing fake gunshot on his cell phone at the Minneapolis protest. Richard Reeve, a reporter for KSTP caught playing gun shot sound during peaceful protest.
      Eye witnesses confronting the reporter: “You destroyed a peaceful protest. Why did you do that?”

  • A protest is one thing. Riots, tear gas, and thuggish behavior earns you nothing except ridicule, a lack of respect for you and bad press for your cause. You accomplish nothing. I have no respect for anyone that does that. Thugs should be jailed and made to compensate for any damage they might cause. And clean up your damned mess, too. Good grief.

    Protest? Find something responsible and helpful to your community to do.

    • Hello. My name is Markus and I am the organizer of this protest. I ask that you refrain from calling my brothers and sisters thugs, as that is now being turned into a slur by your president. If you did your research and read all my statements on the protest, you would know my intentions. But it is obvious that you did not. Thank you.

      • Obama also called the rioters in Baltimore Thugs in a televised statement he made during the riot.
        Wasn’t he also your President.
        Do your research.

      • What would you call the looters and vandals then upstanding peaceful citizens. You are looking with a narrow view and blaming the president when you should be looking at the real root of the problem. No respect for each other.

  • So, a planned protest intended to draw in many with an animus toward police which may also include many with a general dissatisfaction with “the system.” ANTIFA or our local anarchists might be present to pep things up a bit. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Hello. I need to clear some things up. I am the one who is organizing the protest downtown at noon tomorrow. I believe people are taking what I said out of context. I clearly state that people need to wear masks mostly because of Covid-19, even though they would help in the case of tear gas. I also stated that the elderly are more susceptible to the virus, so they are encouraged to show their support from home. I felt the need to prepare people for the worst. I strongly believe that if it is happening in the states, then it can happen here. But I also said I highly doubt that it will. I apologize for creating any fear in anyone. There will not be a riot. We are planning to march peacefully. The original post is on my instagram @xbarbieboyx
    Contact me if you have anymore concerns.

    • I will assume for purposes of discussion that everything you say is true. That said, you are kidding yourself that you will be able to control the people that show up. Some may have different intentions and goals than yours. In particular, ANTIFA and anarchists will love to guide things in another direction. I think what happened in Minneapolis is horrible and wrong but I will not be anywhere near your demonstration.

      • Amazing that this went peacefully with all you cowards hiding at home, saying your against evil, but watch it happen.

    • Not afraid boy. Your bro was on drugs. That’s what killed him.

  • Somehow I don’t think people rioting, burning and looting, is going to help race relations, minority income and employment, or police brutality.

    • The thugs know that. They just want a free TV or microwave.

  • Good job Suzanne, I am sure they couldn’t get any better advertisement than your paper now they all got the message. Way to go? Keep spreading the chaos, racism, division, hey while your advertising this one for them why don’t you let us know when the next one is too. Where did you see this advertisement. I haven’t seen them anywhere. I do admit I don’t go much of anywere unless I have to but, I do have a big family and someone would have told me about it because one of my dozens of relatives and or their friends would have seen one. Anyway Happy Jubilee.

    • She is the troll queen caller.

  • Curious to know – When was the last riot or teargas incident in Anchorage? I’d like to do my research on that – So if your plan is peaceable assembly and protest, why the fear for children and elderly safety? Why are gas masks needed? I get the need for facial masking for health. Why promote there will possibly be teargas? Alaska has long supported freedom of speech assembly and protests. Why is this assembly expecting a need for riot control and gas masks?

    • I have addressed this in my other comments. Thank you.

  • Quit struggling when being detained.

    • Please educate yourself on the topic before you speak about it. Thank you.

      • Shut up then. Please educate yourself before spreading hate.

        • You should’ve come to the protest so you could be proven wrong. But I don’t think I saw you. So, I’m not sure who’s in the wrong here.

    • Please quit posting about things before you educate yourself. Thank you.

  • Thank you for making that personal commitment. I plan to attend the one in Fairbanks. However, I implore you to focus on police brutality as one flavor of authoritarianism and take the focus off the divisive issue of race. My experience is that race isn’t the issue. It’s the jacked-up power we’ve allowed the police to assume for themselves. That sort of authoritarian violence happens to all races. When we focus on just it happening to black people, we divide our power and end up fighting one another instead of the state, which is the true enemy of all free people, regardless of skin color.

  • Hahaha oh wow-the Dems are surely showing their (ahem) colors. Poor little boy keeps trying to fix his mess……as the world turns more toxic -go back to the Good Book-it tells us where this will all go. When was the las time a white person or Hispanic person or Asian person died by the hands of a rogue police officer-because not everyone is
    Bad. Now the video shows no
    EMT people -so is this another staged situation to rile the sheeples and lemmings. What idiots other than Soros would continue to do this? Suzanne Downing-look into that please-that this was a fake and staged situation -generally EMTs check for pulse,
    Administering cpr before
    Putting someone away.

  • Anyone notice Marcus V’s name at the bottom of his long post?
    xbarbieboyx….. All the information I need to know….. Another whiny liberal child.

    • I’m sorry that my instagram username offends you.

      • Don’t apologize. It shows weakness.

        • Oh. You thought I was serious? Damn lmao

  • This is just a leftist gaslighting operation; they know Mayor Berkowitz’ cops won’t do anything to them. If there is any tear gas, it will be because they set it off themselves and had the media weenie right there with them to see it and cry fake tears.

    I went to a few “actions” in the Sixties; it was a good place to get laid and get high, and the hippie chicks of those days were a lot sexier than today’s feminist shrews. Most of these people just need to get a real job; it settles the mind.

    • Bingo. Right on Art. This boy trying to be a man is comical.

  • I recently moved back to Alaska because when I was a child different cultures were embraced and celebrated here. I moved back with my children hoping for a different environment for my black children to grow up in. This comment section and what I have observed since moving here make me wonder why I came back. These comments are as ignorant as things I have witnessed and experienced in the South. This is SAD! A protest against racism, inequality, and murder is a stand of solidarity with black people that are never viewed as equal. This goes back 400 years and is still present today (obviously by these comments). Whoever planned this protest, thank you for standing for something. I can’t attend because I have small children, but I am thankful that others will stand for the wrong things happening in our world. This is not only about murder, but the blatant lack of respect and inequalities we face on a daily basis, even in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska unfortunately.

    • What are you talking about? Racism goes back farther than that. Natives were racist and took slaves for 20,000 years. Over hunting grounds or whatever.

    • Anchorage is a hole and has been for 30 years. Best to don thicker skin.

  • Please be responsible and considerate: do not block trafic, leave trash on the ground or cause damage property. Some of those actions if not all of them are illegal and will shift the focus from the purpose of the protest. I witnessed the protectors block C Street for several minutes while yelling something and some of the protestors walked in the street against oncoming traffic. Also marjority of the protectors were not observing social distancing which is one of the primary ways to help stop the spead of COVID-19. Unfortuanly those actions and choices show a lack of consideration for others which is part of the reason for protests like this one.

  • This will be an absolute failure due to poor planning. There are no peddlers of expensive tennis shoes, liquor stores or cheap electronics downtown. You botched this one, Vinson.

    Participants to be denied EBT cards. Ha!

  • You should’ve came. It was a good time. But you obviously didn’t because if you did, you would correct yourself. I’m afraid I hit the nail on the head, Scrumptious Clam.

    • You were in Moscow.

    • Thumbs up, Markus, I am proud of you I missed your protest and for that I am truly sorry. If you plan another let me know ahead of time and I will be there.

  • My child was assaulted by a woman in our ER grocery store. I know because I saw the video of the assault. It clearly showed the the woman verbally assaulted my oldest child who tried to ignore her, and my youngest stepped in between them. The woman then shoved my 5ft, 90lb child into the soda machine and displays and onto the ground.

    The woman is the wife of an ex cop and the cop that “investigated” the incident admitted to being a friend of the ex-cop. The APD refused to assign another cop and surprise, the investigator said the video was inconclusive and didnt show the entire alteration (lie, it did, I saw it) and he could determine what my underage daughter had said before being assaulted by the woman.

    This happens in Anchorage…cops sticking up for cops and refusing to hold even family members of cops responsible for their crimes.

    March away for Floyd. Please be civil and peaceful and show them how great Anchorage can be.

  • Thank you Markus for organizing the protest. I found out about it too late so could not attend. If you were my 16 year old so. I would be very proud of you. I hope at some point you stop reading these posts. So many ill informed people. Some racists. Some very hateful and mean. So much ignorance. I also hope your Facebook is not blowing up with some of the hateful, racist things I have read on here. Life is short. Be with your friends, family and surround yourself with like minded people. Kind people. Thank you for your civic commitment and participation that hopefully will make our community and other communities in the US better places for all people that live in them. Thank you for being brave. Thank you for your kindness, which is obviously evident in all your posts.

  • My question is why are you organizing a protest relating to police brutality against black people in a state where it’s not happening. It doesn’t belong here, our police officers do not deserve this and our people in this great state do not deserve this. If you wish to protest then go where the problem is to protest! These protests are not natural and organic, these are mostly paid for through George Soros backed political action groups and this is designed to incite chaos and violence throughout the country. Keep it out of our state because the people of Alaska will be protecting everything with our second amendment rights.

    • Just spreading hate for the sheeple. It’s what they do.

      • How was this spreading hate. Greg, you are a racist piece of shit. Piss off.

        • Nope. I am an American native. You are. Black lives don’t matter anymore or less than anyone else.

    • Wow, you’ve missed the point too. You’re all a bunch of g— ostriches. If you don’t understand what that means, go educate yourself.

  • What systemic racism would that be?? This isn’t the 1960’s.. The sad fact is most murder of minorities is committed by minorities. Where’s the peace and love protest to end black-on-black crime?

  • Massive wildfires have come from small controlled burns. Just takes a fanning of the flames.

  • I think it was a bad headline. The statement Mr. Vinson made clearly states “I doubt this will happen,…..tear gas”. He clearly isn’t (wasn’t) expecting any.

  • A sober reminder that Blacks murder a disproportionate number of police officers. Also, proportioned to crimes more White are killed by cops than Blacks. We cannot lump all people together but reducing policing as some want will increase crime…most of it against fellow Blacks.

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