Protest planned at Native medical center to stand against vaccines forced on employees


Get the jab or lose your job: It’s the latest battle between employers and employees, especially at medical establishments all over the country. In this job market, employees generally have the upper hand, but not when it comes to the Covid-19 shot.

A group of Anchorage medical workers are fighting back. They are planning a protest at 5 pm Thursday at the corner of Tudor Road and Elmore Road, near the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium medical center and Southcentral Foundation.

The group is opposing forced Covid-19 vaccinations, which have been mandated by ANTHC and Southcentral Foundation for all employees.

Over 40 employees are expected to take part in the protest, according to the organizers, including Elizabeth Welsh, a founder of Open Alaska, which is a grassroots group that uses Facebook to organize and that is dedicated to fighting Covid lockdown mandates and standing for personal choice and medical freedom.

“I’m a mental health worker….I tried submitting a religious exemption for the flu shot and they sent me home on administrative leave. I love my job but not enough to put my health at risk with this new shot,” said one woman, who plans to take part.

“I am a single father and can’t afford to risk my health for my job,” another employee said.

Both plan to take part in the protest.

Some of the nurses have said they worked through the pandemic for 18 months without vaccinations but are now losing their jobs because they won’t get the shot, which they view as still experimental. That has become a popular sentiment in social media, where pictures with that concept are being passed around.

Professionals, from nurses to therapists and technicians, dental assistants and even a graphic designer who has no role in patient care are part of the group that say they are being fired for vaccination refusal at the Anchorage Native medical centers.

They are being told they are being voluntarily resigned, rather than fired, which means they may not be able to receive unemployment benefits, Welsh said. She is compiling information for possible future legal action.

Those who want to join the group that may seek legal action in this matter on behalf of employees may contact Welsh at [email protected].


  1. If employees have a medical issue, consult your doctor. Anyone else should be willing to get the vaccine unless ill advised.

    Caring medical personnel are on the front line for controlling the spread of infections and for transmission. They survived 2020 but how much spread may they have contributed? Too many have died and others may be living with unknown long term effects.

    Religious objections? …under what grounds? Why did you go into healthcare?

    Vaccines and medicine are a necessity of life for many. We don’t live in bubbles. Go find a career to work from home.

    • I went into medicine to save lives, not use killed babies for a ‘feel good’ shot with maybe a tiny benefit.

      • You went into medicine, and you managed to think vaccines are made from “killed babies”? Uh oh… that’s a problem.

          • Amen! The homework on the ingredients in the vax are so easy to find, and there is no excuse to try and deny that aborted fetus cells are part of them.

    • Even if you’re vaccinated you can still get and spread covid. The vaccine is obviously ineffective look at Israel look at England and here they’re bring back masks , also the long term effects still aren’t known either and probably will never be able to be proven because big pharma corrupted the control group.
      be pro choice vax instead of wanting to control people why do you want to force something in peoples bodies that they don’t want there and is at best a personal protector stop the authoritarianism hasn’t everyone suffered through enough of that over the last 1.5 years now.

    • “…….Religious objections? …under what grounds? Why did you go into healthcare?…….”
      Damned upstarts probably healed on the Sabbath, too…….

      • People shouldn’t have to object on religious grounds. They should be able to refuse it for their own personal health. If the “vaccine” protects you, then you don’t need to worry whether I got it or not. So if you’re scared of Covid, get the vaccine and leave me alone to make my own decision about my own health. They’re using this overblown flu to take control of the world. Maybe you haven’t noticed. Also, the “vaccine” isn’t a vaccine. It’s gene therapy that prompts your body to make spike proteins hoping your immune system will think the spike proteins are Covid. The problem is, spike proteins also cause heart attacks and strokes in a lot of people. Personally, I’ll take my chances with Covid.

        • Yes.You can take all the chances you want with your own health. As a nurse, mother, daughter, sister and friend, I would prefer that you not take chances with MY health. We take every precaution in the hospital to keep ourselves, our patients and coworkers safe and it is exhausting. I hope we have a room a ventilator and a nurse available to you if you or a loved one becomes infected. We all have choices and if people choose to quit their job that is their business. They will be one less person to spread the virus to coworkers and their families.

          • GB, your argument, such as it is, is fundamentally illogical and irrational. You could equally make the same claim, and make the same authoritarian policies and mandates, for EVERY disease known to man, from the common cold on up. But would such policies be justified by their tremendous costs, not only financial but social and psychological as well, not to mention the inherent loss of freedom to never-ending medical fascism? Any rational person would answer “no”.
            You may be a nurse, but you are demonstrating very little critical thinking ability or intelligence here. Your prescriptions are out of all proportion to the low threat from this disease, and are akin to chopping off an arm to avoid getting a cut on a finger.

    • Too many have died and others may be living with unknown long term effects from the vaccines. If you are that concerned about the virus, get the vaccine yourself or, better yet, find a career to work from home.

        • Fact, Greg, but fact which the corporate media and the political establishment are hysterically trying to censor and suppress.
          Try turning off your TV and reading some real, objective and independent sources of real news for a change. Sigh, I know it’s asking too much of somebody like you.

        • Not true. Hearsay is unverified gossip. A number of these deaths have been reported on the VAERS website, so much so that they quit taking reports back in May because they don’t want people to know. VAERS is a government website. I wouldn’t call that hearsay. Looks like you are the hearsay adherent. You hear news you don’t like and just say – unh unh.

      • Yes. Many have died early on in the pandemic and many got covid as well which has now led to a very small number of deaths in the US. Reported on JHS today for August 1 there were 17 covid deaths. You are talking about deaths, and deaths have taken a nosedive, but are you now saying that deaths don’t matter?

    • Reported today on Johns Hopkins – US Covid Deaths 17. Deaths in US averaging 1.07 per million. I guess deaths don’t matter anymore.

    • Let me provide you with the liberal response in objection to the shot – “My body, my decision”. They like to toss that slogan around when it pertains to killing a baby through abortion. Well forcing me into a vaccine that I dont want is no different. My choice notto get the shot affects me and no one else. If you believe the shot protects you then you shouldnt be afraid of a non-vaccinated person.

    • Move to China. The Vaccine does not even slow transmission. The vaccine only lowers mortality for the current form of COVID. Hence the mask mandates.

  2. Good for them! I hope that the number who protest this rapidly advancing medical fascism is far more than 40. Only together can any of us retain our (remaining) liberty in the face of a coordinated global campaign to strip us of it.

    • Jefferson, we need your actual presence at the protest, not just your hope. Don’t be trying to support from your armchair and keyboard. Come on out and help us show the authoritarians that we have MANY voices!

    • Staying safe is not taking ineffective experimental rnma experiments. And avoiding increasing the virus presensce at medical facilities.

    • Like be able to have body autonomy and make decisions for themselves about personal medical decisions

    • By your “logic” then, Greg, they should sit on their sofas at home, never leaving the house, wrapped in bubblewrap, waiting for death. That would be the safest course of action.
      See, this is the problem with all you mindless, kneejerk pro-establishment sheep: you have NO sense of perspective, context or common sense. Life is a trade-off, always, of risk mitigation balanced by the costs and downsides of that risk mitigation. Just to ignorantly and foolishly talk about “safety” without ANY putting the costs and benefits of achieving that safety into any sort of context or balance is utterly meaningless.

      • No all you who don’t care about anybody else should be getting the shot. Then when the Delta variant comes around it’s just going to be a case of more or less like a flu if you’ve already been protected instead of having a full-blown hospital case like is happening to everybody down in Florida now. Try thinking about somebody other than yourself, libertarian.

        • Gregory, your lack of intelligence is so profound that trying to talk to you sensibly is like trying to teach algebra to a coconut. EVERYTHING I said above, which anyone with any intelligence would recognize as self-evident common sense, you blindly deny in your hysterical, emotion-driven panic over a not very virulent disease. There is no talking sense to you at all — you are just a seething mass of conflicting fears.
          What makes you assume (not “think”, because you clearly do not) that all those who stand up for their rights, and for their medical and health autonomy, “do’t care about anyone else”? I would argue that in standing up for freedom, and in standing against medical fascism, I am showing more care for others than you are by your selfish insistence on coercing EVERYONE else in our society to conform to your irrational and fear-driven demands all in the quest for some illusory safety that you will never achieve in any event. There is no such thing as perfect safety, Greg, only tradeoffs in life; the more you try to remove risks, the more the costs and consequences. And the simple fact is that the risks from COVID-19 are minimal compared to the astronomical costs — economic, societal, personal, political — that panicked sheep like you are demanding.

          • You cannot argue with someone that is so locked in to their feelings and refuse any amount of facts. I can just picture this person watching the MSM nightly news and believing every word.

        • Gregory, get the vaccine. Then you will be ‘protected’ . Why are you so concerned with what others are choosing to do? If the vaccine works, then get it. We will each make our decisions based on our own situations. And by the way, getting Covid does indeed provide more immunity than the vaccine. Many whom have had Covid would prefer to forego the vaccine. Bug pharma is doing their best to muzzle that bit of info.

        • I am a survivor! I got Covid back in early 2020, am elderly with chronic health problems, and I SURVIVED! I have anti-bodies. It wasn’t fun for awhile, but I didn’t even go to the hospital. Now tell ME your one-shot, vaxxed survivor story has more meaning or importance than MY survivor story. And there are many, many more like me.

    • And sometimes that means not taking a vaccine. This is a human medical trial and by law should be solely volunteer not coerced.

    • Thomas Paine said, “Give me LIBERTY or give me death!” Our freedom is one generation away from being taken away from us. This is probably the one.

  3. When so many Americans are dependent in some shape and form of government assistance, we give our rights over.

    If Indian Health Service facilities didn’t do as the federal government wanted, many Native beneficiaries won’t receive their government health insurance when Congress holds back money for Tribal Health for employees refusing the covid shots.

    We don’t like it. We got to get ourselves, family members, and neighbors off all forms of government assistance from public assistance, education, health care, federal grant’s and loans.

    Can you do it? Live independently? You up for the challenge?

    If we Native people truly believed in tribal sovereignty, IHS facilities wouldn’t even exist today because we will had all been raised to have the personal power and ability paying for private medical services and private education.

    • If my benefits are threatened/removed due to my refusal of mandated vaccine, I will find a way to live, yes. It would be hard, but I don’t want my kids/grandkids to live with mandates like this. We have to fight this!

      • Good for you! So why are you worried about MY choice, when you are protected? I’m willing to take the risk. I’m elderly, have health problems, and I still choose not to take the vax. It’s not even approved by the FDA! It’s still in experimental stage, the trials not even completed! I get so angry at the thought that someone like you can force me to do something I am so strongly against. Who do you think you are?

  4. Alaskans need to stand up and refuse to comply with these institutions that are forcing their employees to be submit to these experimental injections! Where’s our Congressional Delegation, our Governor, and our Legislature when this unconstitutional decree is being forced on hard working health care professionals in our state? This shouldn’t be legal in a free country!

    • So we can count on you coming to the protest, Ross? We need to network and organize further protests. This is just the beginning, I fear.

  5. Alaskans need to stand up and refuse to comply with these unconstitutional decrees by these federally funded institutions! Where’s Our Congressional Delegation, Our Governor , and Our Legislators while these hard working health care professionals are being force to take an experimental injection or lose their job?

  6. It is a noble stand, and I wish them success. If everyone who believes the vax is poison did this- or even if they don’t believe it’s poison but believe in personal liberty and did this- the authoritarians demanding obedience would have to back down. But alas, instead of “land of the free, home of the brave”, we now have “land of the subjects, home of the timid”.

  7. First off your last statement is stupid, you can quit a job and get unemployment, you just get penalized one week.
    I applaud all of these people and I am extremely worried that it is coming soon to all of us since our Governor wont stand up against the Native corporations.
    There are a few governors that have stood up and understood that this vaccine has turned out to be less effective than than the flu vaccines. The recent study out of Switzerland shows the vaccine is only 40% effective to the Delta variant. This insanity really needs to stop.

  8. I may join them. My daughter is being affected by these policies at ANTHC by virtue of being a UAA student who participates in clinicals at area hospitals. ANTHC is so far the only hospital with this policy. She will not take the jab. We’ve all had Covid. Natural immunity is starting to show up in studies with long lasting and robust immunity. The jab……well, starting to show a few cracks as to its efficacy, not to mention the incredible number of adverse reactions and deaths available for viewing on the VAERS website.
    This is an opportunity to have some show of force and solidarity with these health care workers. I say, let’s show up and help their cause. We must take a stand.

    • Yes! Please come and join us! We need everyone! If this is allowed to happen, then all local business, hospitals, schools, etc will mandate as well. This is a slippery slope that MUST BE stopped

  9. Glad they’re forcing their employees to get vaccinated. I don’t want sick people taking care of me when I’m sick.

    • Do your research Nick. A vaccinated person is not truly vaccinated; the so-called vaccine merely turns off their immune response. They can become infected without symptoms and carry the Covid virus… then infect you with it. So, if all health care employees are vaccinated (so-called) they will become spreaders of Covid in hospitals. Its a malevolent plan.

      • What happens if you don’t get the shot is your body’s immune system rapidly attacks all its organs causing irreparable damage. If you get the covid, you need to immediately get to your doctor for steroid treatment that will shut down the inflammation process and save long-term damage. This is how they saved Trump and this is how they saved me.

      • Wayne, what research are you doing? It looks like you’ve managed to come up empty handed in your endeavor.

        The mRNA vaccine does not turn off the immune response. It increases the immune response, which is why vaccinated people aren’t experiencing severe symptoms or dying like unvaccinated people are.

        You probably should consult with a physician, rather than failing endlessly in an attempt to find false information that backs up your baseless skepticism.

    • If you want the vaccine that is your choice. It should not be forced on employees for any reason. If you want to receive quality and efficient care, I assure you it won’t happen after this mandate. Most hospitals are already understaffed and struggling to stay afloat with travel nurses on top of their full time staff. What do you think will happen when the other nurses get fired or lose their jobs over this? The care that people will receive(no fault of the nurses) will be awful because they won’t have time juggling high nurse to patient ratios which is already occurring. More lives will likely be lost because nurses won’t be catching changes in patient conditions as fast because they will have too many patients! What happened to my body my choice? Is that only applicable if I want an abortion now? Most nurses are willing to bust their ass and do anything they can for these patients and society is ready to throw them out because they don’t want to receive a forced vaccine. The already struggling healthcare system will crumble even further. Hats off to these great citizens who think mandating a vaccine is the only option.

      • You might ask nurses if they’re willing to “bust their —” for someone who believes the vaccine is “medical fascism” or “conspiracy.” Nurses cannot work “from home,” like many vaccinated/unvaccinated. They depend on PPEs all day/night long; and the support of their colleagues and families/friends.

        Ill unvaccinated COVID patients tend to change their mind once hospitalized. Never forget that your potential death is also a personal choice that may not be reversed with treatment. Donald Trump survived with experimental treatments. Long term effects – unknown. An mRNA vaccine that turns off body’s response to this virus is smarter than getting COVID and potential long term effects. Make the choice wisely.

    • Hahaha….. you should wear a sign stating “All unvaccinated people please stay away” we’d be happy to oblige because ignorance apparently is contagious.

    • Nick, have you researched this vaccine at all? There is so much information out there. Yes, a lot of it is being suppressed, but if you dig a little, you will find the truth. If you’re vaccinated, why force us to be vaccinated? You’re already protected! (Supposedly)

  10. The experimental mRNA gene therapy “vaccinations” are advertised as:
    1. Not able to prevent you from getting Covid.
    2. Not able to stop you from spreading Covid.
    3. Only good for about six months of “protection”.
    The short term side effects, as reported in the VAERS system, by doctors and recipients, can be severe to include death.
    The long term side effects are unknown because those studies were never carried out in the haste to roll out a miracle cure shot to save us from a 99.9% survivable sickness.
    Do some basic research and learn the risk/benefit ratio for this fake “vaccine” and then roll the dice with your health and even your life if that’s your choice.
    My choice is to refuse this dangerous and ill advised medical monstrously that, according to science and medicine, I don’t need to survive Covid.
    And those who feel that they can force this on others…you are no better than any of the other totalitarian authoritarians throughout history who, for some reason, thought that they had a right to force others to do their bidding. Most of them came to a bad end and here’s to hoping you do too.

    • Refreshing to hear a thoughtful comment formed by someone who has obviously taken the trouble to inform himself.

    • In fact the vaccine largely prevents people getting COVID. However, there are breakthrough cases still, and those cases can result in transmission.

      I recommend you talk to a doctor rather than pretend your research is somehow more credible than medical professionals.

      C’mon people, this isn’t like framing a cabin, or welding. This topic is beyond comprehension for the vast majority. To think you actually know what people who study this day in and day out is ridiculous.

      • Ah, the “appeal to authority”, one of the most common, oldest, and most ignorant of all logical fallacies.
        The topic of medical fascism is NOT beyond the comprehension of the vast majority. We can very clearly see when a coordinated and nefarious agenda is being played out against us.

      • Why are so many people hell bent on forcing others to do what they don’t want to do? Do you not understand what FREEDOM means? For over a century, the period of available mass vaccinations, we have survived virus after virus without mandating vaccinations. Your health and your habits are more of a defense to viruses than any vaccination. Eat right, exercise and don’t smoke to live a quality life with no need for vaccinations.

      • Were you under the impression that I somehow conducted my own basic research on this?
        Let me correct you…I did not.
        My comments are based on the research done by those medical professionals you worship (just not the ones you blindly follow) and my information comes from sources, like the CDC, that you likely pray to at night to help you sleep in this time of mass death and sickness (spoiler: sarcasm alert!).
        FYI…the fake “vaccines” do not prevent you from getting Covid and the many breakthrough cases being reported worldwide should suffice to convince you of that.
        And which doctor should I speak with?
        Is it my choice?
        If yes then I’ll go with one of the many who have come out against the fake vaccines and who have compiled more information than I presented to back their professional medical opinions.
        Wake up…something isn’t right here.
        The “vaccines” weren’t properly tested for safety, were only approved for emergency use (not general use on the entire population) and we’re never advertised…by those who created them…as effective in preventing the vaccinated from getting or transmitting Covid and now we’re learning that they wear off after about six months.
        Those are undisputed facts.
        Figure it out.

      • Excuse me? Are you saying our research is not credible? There are soooo many top medical professionals who are daring to speak out, and they are being suppressed. If you do a little digging, you will find their statements speaking out.
        Excuse me? You think we don’t study this? Beyond our comprehension? We have brains to reason with, and this issued is NOT all that complex.
        YOU need to stop pretending you know more than others. As a matter of fact, you halfway admitted to not knowing much already, because it’s beyond your comprehension.

    • That’s fine. When you get sick with it and you’re close to dying, unplug your phone so you’re not forced to call 911 and if someone does find you gasping for a single breath of air like a fish out of water, have a note pinned to your shirt telling them not to take you to the emergency room.

      • Gregory…the “survivor”…speaks out again…and, again, only to tell someone what to do.
        Greg, when you get your booster shot(s) and the spike proteins that your own body gets tricked into producing by the millions (billions?) clump up in your veins and float around until they clog something important please let your last thought be: “I should have researched this more before taking the Jab!”

  11. Let us please communicate clearly and frankly. Very few of us know precisely what is going on…. regardless of our training, politics, education, position, employment status of whatever. What is now unfolding was predicted by alternative news sources all along. The so called vaccines are not vaccines at all but rather biochemical modification at a molecular level (mRNA interruption). Vaccinated people can become infected with Covid without symptoms; this means they become carriers (spreaders); which is why so many children are now getting Covid (from vaxed parents). Think; if you get the polio vaccine (a true vaccine), you do not spread polio. Think, once a vaxed person becomes a Covid carrier they remain that way for life (like with Herpes). Their immune response has been stopped by the vax. In this discussion, the first question that must be answered is: do you trust your government?

    • The vaccines are working great. IF people relied on alternative news in the 60s and 70s, we’d still have smallpox. Instead, vaccines were pushed by experts, and the virus was eradicated from the world by the 80s.

      At this rate, we need a vaccine for stupidity.

      • At least small pox deaths could be observed. A lie on a deceitful news broadcasting network and an internet full of lies wasn’t used to spread fear mongering. Add to that, facts given by the government don’t equal the response and only a fool would give up his freedom because he is scared. I will continue to take defensive, risk mitigating steps as to the FACTS that I see, not what the Government tells me. The same government that is flooding our southern border with illegal immigrants that are saturated with the Wuhan Virus and then transporting them throughout our Country. You can’t be preaching protection on one hand while threatening your life in the other. One conflicting message after another from a government that does not have YOUR best interest in mind.

    • “Think, once a vaxed person becomes a Covid carrier they remain that way for life (like with Herpes).” You’ve got to be out of your mind Wayne. This is nothing but BS. Just stop. Get some help.

  12. Good, stand up for what you believe in, tyranny and oppression under the guise of doing right for the community is pure BS. Your employer will not care for you if there is damage from the vax, your insurance and theirs wont cover you, if you die your loved ones will have nothing, most are at will employee’s, you have no recourse. There isn’t a single employer out there that will provide any compensation, even if there was, it’s still Russian roulette. VAERS is and will be a failure, there are thousands who have died from the vax and have not made this list, ask your coworkers, ask your friends, we all know someone who is damaged or died after taking the vax, it’s untested and its deadly. NO LONG TERM SAFETY DATA!

    • Greg, it sounds like you had a rough experience. Not everyone who gets Covid needs to be hospitalized. In fact, most do not. We were fortunate to have a doc who believed in using Ivermectin and other mostly over the counter helps. It was no fun to be sure, but all of us came through rather quickly. And I am in my 60’s with chronic health issues. I’m not sure why Alaska docs are not following some of the Front line critical care docs protocols as they are apparently offering help and hope to those who are otherwise just told to go home after their + test and given no way to help treat symptoms and stop the advance to a worse stage of illness.

  13. Guessing all you vaxers better rush out and get your degrees in medicine and nursing then! Going to be a bigger shortage of both coming soon!!

      • You are very fortunate. Some have not had the same experience. My mom nearly died and became a quadriplegic – transverse myelitis which is a rare side effect of all vaccines but it’s not as rare as the CDC is saying. She will never be the same. You should not Force people because it’s wrong.

  14. This Commie BS ends when everybody says NO! They can’t fire everyone. That’s what happened in the military during Anthrax Vaccine debacle, enough military including fighter pilots said no. The Pentagon had no choice but to cancel the program or lose too many troops.

  15. Southcentral Foundation is also requiring all staff to be vaccinated. If things don’t change I will be out of the job in October. I will be attending this protest. Is there a forum or group chat associated with this? I am trying to get in contact with like minded individuals.

    • Yes! Come to the protest and get phone numbers of people who are like-minded, Harrison! We need to network and get organized. I’m so proud of these employees, and I’ll be there too in support of them.

  16. Except almost everyone who is an ANMC employee is saying “yes” to getting vaccinated. That’s why there’s only a few planning to protest. The vast majority of employees of the facility believe in science and have been vaccinated for 6 months or more. We practice evidence based care here. We do science not conspiracy.

      • Exactly. Science is done over a long period using experimentation and data collection. For this drug, they skipped the lengthy trials and went straight to marketing. Even drugs which have been rigorously tested using various groups end up having extreme side effects. In a while we will find out just what the side effects are for this drug. In the mean time, the rich are getting richer and the vaccinated are still wearing masks and getting COVID. Yup, wonderful science for ya.

    • “The science” is proving your non-vaccines to be ineffective and possibly killers, only prolonging and exacerbating this pandemic.
      Only evil demands conformity and coerced compliance.

        • We need your studied, reasonable response to our argument…not your name-calling. This is what authoritarians and leftists resort to when they can no longer win an argument…name calling. Usually the name “racist” is used, but “liar” is used a lot as well.

    • “Science” used to say the world was flat and breaking the sound barrier was impossible.

      “Science” has also been used to prove certain ethnic groups inferior to others.

      “Science” is often very wrong. It’s a dangerous flag to wrap yourself up in.

    • I wonder how many of these employees are taking the jab just to keep their jobs and because they have no option(besides voluntarily resigned)?I’d be willing to bet there’s a fair number who do not want it even if they don’t say so outright. This is called coercion.

    • That is an ignorant comment. It’s not evidence based because there is not enough data. This is not a vaccine but a product released under an EUA. ANTHC and all other entities forcing this are in violation of Title 21. EUA products are by definition experimental and require the right to refuse. If you made the choice then that was your right to do so and it is the right of others to refuse.

    • A dumb comment from Andrew…the point, Andrew, is that even the CDC data shows that the scare tactics you and others fall easy prey to aren’t based in science or medicine.

  17. I’m really curious why shots are mandatory as a first response instead of higher testing protocols.

    If you test positive you go home for two weeks. If you haven’t had the shot, two weeks without pay. This used to be how healthcare operated in saner times.

    I have no problem with mandatory testing. I have no problem with incentives to get the shot. But I have big issues with Big Brother mandating the shot as long as it’s experimental. Especially in women of child bearing age.

    Most of you are too young (some too dumb) to remember thalidomide. I do.
    Childbearing women should never be compelled into experimental vaccines.

    Trust the government? No thank you. Along with thalidomide, the government and healthcare also used to say smoking was good for you, have been all over the map on cholesterol, and used to prescribe opium.

  18. Why isn’t natural immunity recognized? My daughter is an ANMC employee, but she is not a nurse and does not work with sick people. She had Covid last year with no complications. Isn’t natural immunity what the vaccine is trying to imitate? Why force more trauma on her body? There are cases of vaccine harm. My daughter is a single mom and she should have the right to choose what she feels is right for her and her family. (I am not against all vaccines and have many family members who have been vaccinated. It simply makes more sense to obtain the vaccine if you are tryin to prevent Covid, or are high risk.)

    • Natural immunity is indeed the best to have. It is broad T cell immunity and most likely last for a lifetime. Absolutely insane to vaccinate someone who has natural immunity. Also Covid is a very treatable disease if treated early. No need for ANY vaccines anyway.

  19. Brenda,
    You hit the nail on the head!
    Why oh why are we not looking at natural immunity? There’s many studies out there showing long lasting and robust immunity following Covid-19 infection. Yet no one is talking about this.
    It’s get the jab or else. Something is not right. In fact, it’s very wrong and I hope many more people will question this and all of the infringements upon on our personal health and liberties.

    We cannot give up or give in. This experimental medical intervention should not be mandated upon anyone not wanting it. Nor should they lose their jobs. I pray your daughter will have the strength to see her through whatever it will cost her to refuse the jab.
    Is it possible she might get an antibody test done and look up the studies showing natural immunity effectiveness and then present her case to the hospital?
    It was a strategy I was going to try if needed. It may not fly since the powers that be are only standing by the jabs inefficient efficacy.

  20. This will backfire on ANMC. The nursing shortage is profound. How can they afford to lose employees?? Providence has over 150 job listings for nurses. There is no mandate at Prov. Come over and work with me.

    • JR, coming to the protest? We need your presence, else the slippery slope will slide right into Providence!

    • JR, keep an eye on your own employer and ask questions. Providence may be requiring the same very soon.

  21. Vaccinated are the vectors and walking infections! End vaccine mandates now! Everyone of these vaccinated fools scream science yet don’t understand it, nor read the science journals, and ignore the warnings of the worlds most pronounced virologists, vaccine experts, and scientists. Instead these vaccinated lab rats parrot talking points from CNN and their local propaganda news sight who’s sponsors are Big Pharma. The vaccinated are 100% irrelevant in their opinions. They are all dead men walking and time will soon enough prove that to be true, just like time proved true when 18 months ago people told these moronic Covidian, face diaper trolls not to cave into fear because forced vaccinations and vaccine lotteries and passports would come next. 18 months ago all of you vaccinated vectors laughed and said “crazy conspiracy theorists”, yet once again we were right and all you Covidians were wrong. Here is the truth, if you are vaccinated you are doomed to a life of long term illness and soon to be dead. Depopulation 101, Eugenics in full swing, and time will prove the crazy conspiracy theorist right again, like it always does. So of course you want everyone to die along with you, misery loves company. Protest and stand against these kill shots with every fiber of your being, your lives and the future of humanity depends on it. As for the vaccinated fools, ignore them, they won’t be around in 10 years anyway, so they are already irrelevant. JUST SAY NO TO THE JAB! WE WILL NOT COMPLY!

  22. The 52,000 person study, done by the Cleveland Clinic supports strong natural immunity and lack of increased efficacy for Covid survivors who take the vaccine.

  23. Indian Health Service is not to be admired nor envied thinking Native beneficiaries have it great not paying for their health care. Being a beneficiary was horrible!

    The federal government owns the IHS facilities including the employees. I be very surprised if this protest persuaded the ANTHC and SFC rescind their mandatory covid shot for employees. I think they will not. Indian Health needs the federal money continue flowing. Besides! The facilities have training programs training new students every year who can replace the fired employees for refusing the covid shots.

    To be honest we can protest as much as we like against this action and other disaggreeable actions affecting the Anchorage community. But! ANTHC and Southcentural Foundation will not rescind. They need the federal dollars.

    The only effective way to change is raising our Native children off IHS and getting them used to visiting private health practices so it’s the only way they know. That takes a lot of work and better money management practices of yourself and family. the beginning will be a struggle without government assistance after being accustomed to receiving it.

    First step to taking back control is you control your money. Then you control housing and food costs, then your child’s education and healthcare. You basically rip up all the assistance applications or do not renew it.

    Soverienty means you own your life. No one and no government Pays to provide anything for you. How can a government respect your rights and thoughts when they pay for your being when your sustenance comes through the government. You do as the government says or no more money.

  24. Off topic but a bit of background: In perpetuity free medical care is available because the US acknowledged is unpaid taking of land from indigenous Americans forever in the formation the nation. The US will not give that wealth back. The medical care is in lieu of payment and return of the land and wealth. A treaty forever. So it’s not a matter of “welfare versus independence. It is a national treaty to be used along with all civil rights. It has nothing to do with human worth but only land and that value. The nation isn’t giving it back to the native countries ever. They are free and we are free. The nation may not make illegal contracts vis a vis illegal giving rights and property to foreign entities. The illegality would vitiate the “deal”. A nation cannot give away its children’s rights. That would be immoral. Our natural, God-given rights stand forever.

  25. Off topic but a bit of background: In perpetuity free medical care is available because the US acknowledged it’s unpaid taking of land from indigenous Americans forever in the formation the nation. The US will not give that wealth back. The medical care is in lieu of payment and return of the land and wealth. A treaty forever. So it’s not a matter of “welfare versus independence. It is a national treaty to be used along with all civil rights. It has nothing to do with human worth but only land and that value. The nation isn’t giving it back to the native countries ever. They are free and we are free. The nation may not make illegal contracts vis a vis illegal giving rights and property to foreign entities like China. The illegality would vitiate the “deal”. A nation cannot give away its children’s rights. That would be immoral. Our natural, God-given rights stand forever.

  26. We’re on the same side. I just don’t believe that the current vaccines actually contain fetal tissue. Did the precursors to the vaccine use fetal tissue? Yes. This is many generations removed, though. In principle, I agree with you, though.

  27. This issue is that we are being forced to take a shot that, in my case having survived Covid, is not necessary and will provide me no benefit. In general, why is it fair that it was just fine for us all to work through 18 months of Covid exposure and all of a sudden, the unvaccinated are a health threat? Baloney!

  28. Nice job, it is illegal to mandate an experimental vaccine on anyone and violates the Nuremburg Accords as well. The deaths and horrible complications from these vaccines is now known and more information is coming out. The media is censoring most of it and the VAERS website was taken down by the government to hide the numerous reports being collected concerning adverse reactions to the vaccines. No one has the right to force anyone to take a medication they do not want, period! Taking an experimental vaccine for what is a severe respiratory cold is ridiculous when you can take HCQ, Ivermectin and numerous other therapeutics to naturally assist your immune system in fighting off the virus with little to no side affects. Do not allow the fear mongering to cloud your good judgement. It is your body, do not allow these evil S.O.B.s to use you as a Guinea Pig!

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