Pro-Hamas flag flies in face of Iditarod mushers, spectators in Anchorage


The festivities of the Last Great Race have started in downtown Anchorage on Saturday morning, with the posting of the American flag and the ceremonial start of 38 mushers heading down 4th Avenue.

As the color guard posted the American flag at the starting line, a man with a big Palestinian flag stood behind the speakers’ podium and indicating support for Hamas terrorists and opposition to Israel’s defense of its country. The flag remained waving at the announcers’ podium throughout the first hour of the ceremonial start, prominently placed to appear in most photos and televised broadcasts. Then the flag bearer moved down the street with his flag to be seen from a better vantage.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski and husband Vern Martell at the start of the 52nd running of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race on March 2, 2024 in Anchorage, Alaska. A Palestinian flag can be seen behind the senator.

In attendance at the starting line for Iditarod 52 were politicians Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Mayor Dave Bronson and Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom.

The weather is brisk, with clear skies and temperatures at about 3 degrees, with the wind snapping the flags on 4th Ave.

You can watch the ceremonial start at this link:


  1. The flag is not “pro-Hamas.” It’s a call to stop the butchery of men, women and children with American munitions and dollars. Where are the peacemakers whom Jesus said will be called the children of God? If we’re not peacemakers we’re not children of God.

    “Blessed are the PEACEMAKERS, for they shall be the SONS OF GOD.” — Jesus in Mt. 5:9

    Reverse-Christian warmongering has been going on far too long. When we see Jesus face to Face our hearts and hands must be clean to have faith to enter.

    EVANGELICALS’ LEGACY: Biggest WARMONGERS! – 2005-6 Gallup Poll: Protestants and Frequent Churchgoers Most Supportive of Iraq War — Least supportive are non-Christians and people with no religion


    • How many Jewish babies cooked alive in ovens will satisfy you?

      Please take your pro Hamas pacifist self to Gaza and put your stupidity into action.

      • “Masked Avenger,” I’m NOT pro-Hamas, neither is the flag, which is why I wrote my comment.

        The title says “Pro-Hamas flag,” does it not? The flag is not “pro-Hamas;” it’s pro the Palestinian people who are being mass murdered by Americans and Israelis.

        And many of the Americans still haven’t repented from supporting our reverse-Christian post-9/11 wars, but call themselves “Christians” anyway.

        We need to be honest in our reporting, and we must be “peacemakers” to be “children of God.”

        • Jeff,

          Did you forget to say Palestinians are being mass murdered by Hamas? Or that Palestinians are being used as human shields by Hamas? Or that Hamas has hidden weapons of war inside and under hospitals, schools, and places of worship? Or are you OK with that?

        • So Jeffy, how many cooked Jewish babies will make you happy?

          One thing I’m sure of is my Christian faith. And it doesn’t look anything like whatever the hell you push.

        • Jeff, Palestinians brought this on themselves. They invaded raped kids and women then shot them. Then gleefully called their families to tell them what they had done. Palestinians aid terrorists. They have been like this for years.

          • Israel has the best intel in the world. You can’t swing a stick in the dark inside Palestine without Mossad knowing about it. Yet somehow these terrorists were able to cross into Israel? Where is the accountability for the failure of Israeli intelligence? I am not defending what Hammas did because it is disgusting and inexcusable; however, it looks to me like the powers to be in Israel allowed this to happen. Just like the powers to be in America let 9/11 happen, the Gulf of Tonkin, and Pearl Harbor. There is nothing new under the sun, just another false flag to justify another banker war. Israel is now calling genocide self defense and so are those that are support this violence on both sides. Absolutely disgusting and shameful. I am for peace not war, so I will support the peace makers not the war pigs. And right now, both Hammas and Israel are guilty of crimes against humanity. Both are war pigs. Remember, central banks fund both sides of all wars; they never loose. Just follow the money and you will see this is all BS. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

        • It is also reported that the Iranian Terrorists are working along side the Hamas in their butchering, slaughtering/beheading Jewish babies/children on Oct 7th. It’s ISIS’s,(9-11 terrorists), Humas and the other terrorists have all joined together. The Palestinians who do not agree with the Hamas terrorist group have fled the area.. They no longer live in that GAZA area.. They’ve fled and are not with the Hamas terrorists grp.

    • The only thing I think is reality in your post is the flag statement. Technically, the palestinian flag is not “pro-hamas.”
      The rest is nothing but outright lies, obfuscations, and exaggerations. Is your source still that website run by the anti-Semite?

  2. Here’s are a few obvious points to anyone who might wants to hear them: Palestinians are in fact human beings. Palestinians have in fact been forced from their land for over seventy years. Palestinians have in fact lived in under various states of military and civil occupation, apartheid, and second class citizenship since at least 1967. Palestinians do in fact have a national identity and an aspiration for statehood, as any one of us would, too. A Palestinian national flag is not the same as support for Hamas. Sympathizing with the plight of a people who are being actively dispossessed and bombed into literal pieces, to put it charitably, or, to put it more accurately, ethnically cleansed, is not anti-semitic. It is a recognition of history and our present moment.

    • You really need to read some history books.

      But you parrot propaganda very well.

      How many cooked babies will make you happy?

      • I agree with this guy.

        Palestinians claim they own that land but cannot prove it.

        Israel, almost daily does prove it, almost every week with their intense archeology research programs.

        Hamas invaded Israeli citizens on the basis that their land was taken.

        But Palestinians are to dumb that citizens had nothing to do with it? So why was their invasion against the Israel citizens and not the Israel GOVERNMENT?

        If a kid throws a ball at my window on purpose is it not the parents that should be blamed?

        If a government rules land that they took, is it not the government that should be blamed?

        Hamas and Israel government setup the war. That’s why nobody in Israeli government was largely affected during this oct 7 attack.
        They needed to divert attention away from their failing Ukraine money funneling strategy.

      • How many dead Palestinian children will make you happy?

        Ya know, you can be against what happened on oct 7 AND against the slaughter of innocent children going on in Gaza right now. It’s totally OK.

        I know one thing about my Christian faith, Jesus taught us to love one another. I’m the first to admit I’m not always good at it, but it seems like a good thing to aspire to.

        • How many dead Jews will make you happy?
          Seriously, you seem to think you are dealing with civilized people. You are not. The terrorists who control Gaza are not civilized at all, neither is that so-called religion they follow. And, I laughably refer to islam as a religion, because it really is a political system.
          There is a difference between a radical muslim and a moderate one. The radical one commits acts of terrorism against innocents. The moderate one knows it is going to happen, and tells no one beforehand. Then the moderate videos it, and cheers it.
          If the palestinians wanted peace, they could lay down arms, and petition for peace in the middle east. There would be no more wars.
          If the Israelis were to lay down there arms and petition for peace, there would be no more Israel.
          Want to stop (so-called) innocent children from dying? Stop hamass. There is no justification for storing munitions in schools and hospitals. There is no justification for setting up military headquarters and rocket launchers in schools and hospitals. When starving “innocents” rush an aid convoy, hamass shoots randomly into the crowd because they want that aid for themselves, screw the other people in Gaza.

      • ‘
        The Holocaust Israel’s ‘get out of jail free’ card.

      • You know that the cooked baby’s footage was debunked as being fake and nothing but war propaganda, right?…or are you still licking the boots of the mass media BS? The mass media lies over and over and over again to play on people’s emotions to get them to back policies and actions they normally would never allow. Remember Covid, or is your attention span that depleted? Every time you make that baby comment you show your ignorance and lack of intellectual integrity. Nothing but fallacies blanket your reasoning and argument. People have the right to defend themselves; however, people do not have the right to exterminate a group of people to justify their self-defense. Do you know that there are many Christians in Palestine that have died as well? Do you know that Israel blew up the oldest Christian Church in Palestine? Do you know the difference between self-defense and blind hate and genocide? WAKE UP! STOP SUPPORTING WAR PIGS!

        • “People have the right to defend themselves; however, people do not have the right to exterminate a group of people to justify their self-defense.” And yet this is exactly what many Palestinians support, it’s what Hamas supports, and they don’t pretend like it isn’t when the call for the wholesale slaughter of Israel and Jewish people.
          “Do you know the difference between self-defense and blind hate and genocide?” You clearly do not know the difference, Hamas and their Palestinian supporters do not know the difference. Hamas and their Palestinian supporters have told us repeatedly that they want to commit genocide against all Jews, you just haven’t been paying attention…or worse don’t care.

    • Palestinians are not genetically different than the 2,100,000 Arabs who live in peace in Israel and serve in all levels of government without the absolutely ridiculous and antisemitic talking point of apartheid that you claim. While sympathizing with the plight of a people who are being actively dispossessed and bombed into literal pieces, to put it charitably, or, to put it more accurately, ethnically cleansed, is not anti-semitic in all cases, when it is done by a group of people whose stated goals are to wipe the Jewish people from the face of the earth it most certainly is antisemitic. Hamas, and their supporters are demonstrably antisemitic…this fact is beyond question.

  3. Eventually one of the “pro Hamas” demonstrations is gonna get people hurt or killed.

    Even then, the people who run blue cities will do nothing.

  4. Jeff Fenske; Please study the concept of a “ Just War” as originally described in the Roman Catholic encyclical!! Also please re-examine Old Testament scriptures where the Israelis were repeatedly instructed by God to wage war against their enemies, many times when they were reluctant to do so !! In some instances the Old Testament tells us that God clearly handed the victory to the Israelis when they were outnumbered or otherwise not capable of the victory. Like it or not, warfare and destruction of a people group was often used by God to accomplish his purposes on earth.However you can be sure of this, it was usually his last resort!! Now comes a clear cut act of aggression inspired by Hamas, the de facto rulers of Gaza, against Israel. Clearly the beginning of Gaza deaths due to their disrespect for another people groups God Given boundary and with utter disregard for the Israel non-combatants including women and children. What’s that Old Testament saying “ Sow to the wind reap the whirlwind”. Hardly more justification thought history of a more justified military response by the Israeli Defense Force!!

  5. While the Palestinian flag may or may not be a pro hamas flag, it is well documented that the majority of Palestinians support Hamas. Why the Palestinian flag is being flown at the start of the Iditarod is confounding for many reasons, mainly why would any Muslim want anything to do with dogs since they hate them so much?

    • Two things.

      1- Any chance to get press. Many of the 9-11 animals had been seen in bars prior.
      2- I’m willing to bet it was some deluded white liberal.

    • That is a valid point, Steve. A faithful Muslim wants as little to do with dogs as possible. just like Muslims would not tolerate or support in the least the woke gay feminist etc person in their own culture (the whole middle east). So whoever is waving the flag (not a Muslim) is sorely deceived as much as the “queers for Palestine” banners being flown in the US.

    • Muslims do NOT hate dogs. In fact, many Muslims know that the original quote from the Prophet Mohammad said to kill all RABID dogs. It was the fourth or fifth transmitter that left out the word RABID, which was documented in hadith studies by modern translators. Palestinians, whether Christian or Muslim, have always had dogs. Many Muslims consider dogs to be unclean, but the original quote again says that the dog’s tongue is unclean, but its fur is clean. It is the fault of many Muslim leaders that dogs in some countries are treated so badly because they won’t acknowledge the original error in transmission. Still, that hasn’t stopped many Muslims from having dogs and enjoying their company. As usual, I see the all-inclusive word Muslims being used to describe all Muslims when that is not the case. By the way, Christian Palestinians are also being bombed, but I guess that is OK because the are Palestinians, right? As for a blanket support of Hamas, most Palestinians that support them only do so because Hamas is the only ones fighting for them. Most of the rest of the Arab world has been making peace with Israel. And yes, I did political research in Palestine, Israel and Gaza in the 1990’s, where I had a family that didn’t know me from Adam offer to share what little food they had with me when I got separated from the group of researchers that I was with. That was in Gaza, which even then had the water from its own reservoir rationed because the water was being siphoned off to Israel.

      • Sheila,

        So let me get this straight, because Muslims have misinterpreted the Koran Muslims hate dogs. Thanks for the clarification. I’m also glad to see that you acknowledge the fact that the majority of Palestinians support Hamas, it’s important to acknowledge facts. Israel provides water and electricity to Gaza, they do not siphon off water from Gaza to Israel.

      • Oh child. You’re so wrong in so many ways.

        Same question as the one for Jeffry. How many Jewish babies cooked alive in ovens will be enough for you.

  6. Hamas is repulsive and disgusting. It is a criminal organization and you wonder at their motives for Oct 7. They killed innocent people and set up their own people for retaliation on a massive scale which anyone could have predicted after the horror show they created. Hamas is not the babies being blown to bits now or covered in white phosphorus, or starved to death systematically; nor do the leaders of Hamas live on the land that has been blown to nothing – all schools, all universities, and museums that hold world treasures and cultural history, all but one hospital, all the fields and crops, whole city blocks of apartments leveled, murder of civilians on mass scale, documented assaults on tent cities with tanks running over living people, and backing over them again, war crimes. It has got to stop. Both of these people have massive historical trauma. Israel is on a PTSD runner needs to be stopped for its own good. The current people in power in Israel have stated they want to ethnically cleanse Israel and have a total Jewish state. Never again for us but now for you yes. It won’t work. Those young Palestinians and IDF soldiers will be messed up for life. You know that is true. As for the Palestinian flag: the flag was designed in 1916 during the revolt against the Ottoman Empire. Long before the European Jews released from the Nazi death camps migrated to the Holy Land, created a mass relocation, the Nakba, seizing the property and fields of Palestinians in 1948, killing people and just moving into their homes while the tables had food on them or marching them out of the country to be refugees in Jordan or Egypt. That is the history of two peoples with issues of historical trauma and the way the Brits set it all up. There is no point in arguing about the horrendous pain and the hell that grew out of it. it is time to stop this insane killing spree.

    • “it is time to stop this insane killing spree.” Tell Hamas and all Hamas supporters to lay down their arms, until you do that you aren’t to be taken seriously.

  7. Although I disagree with the flag bearer stance, I will agree to his right to fly it. We are so blessed to live in a nation with rights of free speech and expression.

  8. Brent Sass is DQ’ed on hearsay. And no fellow musher and none of the above mentioned politicians speak up for him and against the Iditarod Board of Directors’ ‘guilty by the Planned Parenthood Karen until proven innocent’ debacle. The Hamas flag dude is not the only dirtbag here. They are all dirtbags. Wellcome to the Last Great Disgrace.

  9. PETA was also there protesting.
    But I like how Alaskan’s ignored these American Bolsheviks and had fun anyway.

  10. Hey dink the Palestinian flag is for Palestine not Hamas and if you think the way you do then the Israeli flag represents a terrorist flag for murdering 30.000 Palestine woman and children and injuring 80.000 innocent people and the Israeli people are murderers for blocking food and aid too the Palestinians and I won’t start with what’s going on in the West Bank for decades now, the Israeli government is evil,

    • Pete,
      You realize, of course, that the numbers you’re repeating are nothing more than propaganda supplied by the Hamas run Gaza Health Ministry. The Gaza Health Ministry allows terrorists free reign over their hospitals/armories including allowing access to the network of tunnels beneath them and even providing power to the tunnels that the coward terrorists hide in. But of course you understand all of that because the ends justify the means and the stated goal of these terrorists is to wipe Israel and Jews from the face of the earth.

    • Besides being delusional and ignorant of what is actually going on, same question as I have for the rest of you

      How many Jewish babies cooked alive is enough for you?

      It’s not a hard question.

  11. Solidarity with Palistine has nothing to do with supporting Hamas (unless you personally know the bearer of this horrorshow flag you’re so terrified by).
    Your knee-jerk conflation of the two and your pulpit to shriek from (and your bio) should make any reader aware of your poison bias.

    • I am very biased against animals that cook Jewish babies alive. Don’t apologize for it at all.

      How many Jewish babies cooked alive do you want?

    • Support for palestine IS support for hamass, or the next terrorist organization. There is no way to support palestine without supporting islamic terrorism. The two are one and the same. If it were not hamass, it would be isis, alquada, the taliban, whatever comes next.
      Supporting palestine is supporting Jewish genocide.
      Or, maybe you do not know what “From the river to the sea…” stands for.

  12. Where’s the Trump flag? If you want to politicize this sporting event, where does it stop? Me-tooing the Racers, suing the
    Iditarod Committee out of existence. How far away is the terror when you bring the Middle East to our home? Divisiveness is not what we’re celebrating with this Last Great Race, we’re we’re celebrating the courage and sacrifice of the men that brought the serum to Nome And other northwestern communities.

  13. Okay Folks, can we all take a collective deep breath for a moment.

    As Quickster above pointed out, this is the United States of American and if you want to make your opinion know, you have every right to do so.

    Was it tacky of this person to bring this flag to an event that had nothing to do with anything? Sure, but so what. Maybe he was hoping for some lunatic to attack him and change the narrative from the race to his cause. I am pleased that it appears that his action was studiously ignored.

    So for me this article is about a citizen expressing his opinion, without being encumbered and threatened. Something some of our fellow citizens seem to forget at times.

  14. The infiltration of protests, and opinions have crossed the Alaskan boundary and the “border,” hopefully will be closed for anyone to come and bring in that type of attitudes. This still is a small town and thankfully we have not had any riots and mass shootings. This is a very disheartening display of what is happening outside of Alaska, and I am sure people feel empathy, but the like should be drawn for open display of any kind of protesting. Can we just be neutral? Can we just stay out of it and not get involved?

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