Primary colors: Rep. Lauren Boebert beats back five in Colorado; Rep. Jamaal Bowman bounced in NYC


U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District won her primary on Tuesday, fending off challenges from five other competitors. She won 44.3% of the vote when the race was called by AP at 9:22 pm. Her second closest competitor, Deborah Flora, got 15.3%.

Boebert is a member of the Freedom Caucus in the House, the more conservative segment of the Republican majority. She opted to not run again in the Third District after redistricting, and if she wins in November, she’ll replace former party chair and now former Rep. Ken Buck, who retired early in March.

Also part of the Colorado election on Tuesday was the temporary replacement for Buck, to fill out the remainder of his term. Former Mayor Greg Lopez of the city of Parker appears to have the edge and will serve until the new representative is chosen in November and sworn in in January.

Some Republican candidates who had the endorsement of Donald Trump didn’t fare well on Tuesday.

Republican Jeff Crank won the Republican primary for retiring Colorado Fifth District’s Rep. Doug Lamborn’s seat. Crank defeated state party Chairman Dave Williams. Williams had been endorsed by Donald Trump.

In North Carolina’s Third District, Army veteran and Republican Sheri Biggs won the primary runoff to replace retiring Rep. Jeff Duncan, a Republican.

Pastor Mark Burns, who was endorsed by President Donald Trump, lost the runoff, although he had won the first primary with 33% to Biggs’ 29%, before the Trump endorsement.

Biggs now will run against Democrat Byron Best in November, but the district is strongly conservative.

In the Utah Senate race to replace Sen. Mitt Romney, another Trump-endorsed candidate lost.

Republican Rep. John Curtis is the winner of that primary to replace retiring Romney. There were four candidates in the running for the closed Republican Primary; Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs was the one endorsed by Trump who failed to advance.

In New York, “squad member” Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat has won her primary, defeating a more centrist Democrat candidate. Also in New York, Democrat George Latimer won against squad member Democrat Jamaal Bowman.


  1. It’s good to see the people of New York do the job that Congress failed to do and remove Representative Bowman from office, he should have been expelled over his fire alarm stunt in his attempt to stop a vote of Congress.

  2. House races are properly decided by the qualified (living, normally cognitive, and non-felon U.S. citizens – for starters) voters of each House district, who ought to best know the character and the quality of their particular neighbor-candidates. The endorsements of any national political party or politician can best be considered as ‘interesting, but hardly relevant.’

    At another time, I might offer a few thoughts on the affliction of political advertisements that we are about to endure. Until then, “Blech!”

  3. Proof again, a la Sarah Palin, of how far a push-up bra and a pencil skirt can get a girl. What a repugnant woman. Can’t the Republicans do any better than that?

  4. Utah is probably gonna replace Romney with someone just like him.

    I have friends in Provo and St George. They tell me Utah is like Alaska. Nowhere near as red as people think it.


    Same as us. They got Californicated.

    • I too, have friends in Provo and St. George. Their explanation is slightly softer—The LDS church is deeply conservative about red-meat social politics, but quite centrist about social welfare and international aid to places they have missions. They would prefer to have conservative state politics and centrist foriegn policy.

    • Or politics are different and people don’t care for very conservative/liberal candidates. California is the default thing to blame for trumpists

    • Not sure what’s happening now, but wasn’t the Mayor of Salt Lake gay?
      I was very surprised when I heard that years ago.

  5. It appears that Mr. Bowman is a sore loser, now accusing all and sundry of “brainwashing voters”. Can’t make this stuff up! Also tells you how much respect he really has for that “democracy” they always yell about being “endangered” and his constituents, who decided they were done with him.

    • Bowman lost because his district changed boundaries and had a new subset of voters. I have zero opinions on whether the different demographics and PAC funding that ensued swung the election, but I can respect that he ran on his platform and lost, rather than pandering/lying. Sore loser, but at least honest.


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