Pressure builds on pivotal decision of Lisa Murkowski


The Hill newspaper continues its inquiry into who in the Senate will be pivotal in the trial of President Donald J. Trump.

And the newspaper keeps coming back to Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. But now, more focus is on Collins, who is up for reelection in 2020, and is also in line for the chairmanship of the Appropriations Committee. If she votes to convict Trump, she may have a better shot at reelection. Murkowski is not up for election until 2022.

“A Democratic senator who requested anonymity said the Democratic caucus is most focused on Collins and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska),” the newspaper wrote.

“Susan Collins and Lisa are key. Everyone is watching them because Susan is up for reelection and we all know what the party did to Lisa, so she has an interest in being independent,” the anonymous senator told the newspaper.

In 2010, Murkowski lost the Republican Senate primary to challenger Joe Miller, but won the general election as a write-in candidate who depended on Democrats and moderates, and that event split the Alaska GOP into factions that to this day have not reconciled.

Read the story at The Hill.

On Twitter, Murkowski’s and Collins’ office numbers are being published repeatedly with leftists imploring people to call their offices, as well as other offices of senators seen as sympathetic, such as Mitt Romney. An anti-Trump environmental activist’s Twitter posting is one of thousands of a similar nature that are appearing on the social media platform, which is dominated by progressive activists:


  1. She thinks she owes the Left her seat, but they got paid in full when she beat Miller in the general. Silly to think she owes them a tail. Doing so will make 2022 a repeat of 2010. Lisa brings this on herself.

    • Lisa is a true Rino. She’s a progressive socialist. Needs to go collect her unearned retirement thanks to we te people

  2. If Lisa votes to convict she will becomev unelectable. And even if it is not her intention to run again she will be ostracized by all who supported her last election. She will be loathed even more than her father was.

  3. Do NOT trust Lisa. The little Murkowski dynasty must end in 2022. That will be 42 years in the running. Alaska does not share a ballot box with Kings, Queens, or Princesses.

    • Exactly….cited news article gets everything backwards because MN is facing a LibProg backlash right now that would make a Collins vote to convict very difficult but the Poster Girl of Nepotism could easily do so in hopes of squeaking by in a mid-year re-election or perhaps do everyone a favor by finally switching parties.

      I was done with her and her dad at 16 when I asked him about the ’86 AWB and he stupidly told me & my classmates a high school assembly “I don’t think it’s a good idea for anyone to own an Uzi” which is ridiculous because all it banned were semi-auto carbines with 16+ inch barrels and not the select fire submachineguns already regulated by the ’34 GCA.

  4. That iconic picture of Lisa Murkowski being pinned to the wall by Dianne Feinstein shows what kind of pressure was exerted on Lisa during the Kavanaugh confirmation. True to form, Lisa voted against the confirmation and explained her action in the most incoherent terms. Something like ‘he (Kavanaugh) is NOT the man for times etc. So it will be interesting to see if she uses similar tortured reasoning to vote against Trump. It will not be a surprise. Bad for Alaska.

  5. Don’t count on Murkowski to do the right thing. She’s proven, time after time, that she is a RINO. I think my pooch is more conservative than her and I’d swear he’s a democrat. All he wants is free food, lodging, healthcare and accompanying benefits of being a socialist canine. Nevertheless, my pooch does the best he knows how, representing my best interest, unlike Murkowski.

    • If Lisa Murkowski votes against President Donald J Trump in the Senate trial, I believe she should resign from her seat and join the Democratic Party. She is a hypocrite, and is not representing the people who elected her. Lisa, time to start representing your Republican and independent voters. If you don’t, you will be voted out in 2022, if we don’t get you out beforehand.

      • Well Don, it’s looking like Lisa is the only GOP Senator willing to vote according to the evidence provided at trial. And, for that, you are thinking she should somehow be chastised unless she votes as you think she needs to.
        Tough noogies to you!

          • The tip of the iceberg is how he subpoenaed phone records for Devin Nunez and John Solomon. What did Trump get impeached for again?


            100% Schiff is using the power of his office to persecute and prosecute his political enemies and all the little deep state fascists go: ‘Yay.”


            TDS means embracing a completely corrupt surveillance state as the lesser of two evils.

          • What iceberg are you referring to here?
            Trump was impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Are you suggesting that Schiff has done something similar and further, even if he did, this somehow alters the evidence against Trump??

  6. Once the official tape of the call to Zelensky is released Trump is gone.

    And why is there nothing here or on this site about the selling out of Bristol Bay for Pebble? Just print the “so called good stuff” huh? So Woke.

    • Naaaa, once Robert Mueller releases his official report finding the Trump is an actual Russian agent, Trump is toast. Oh, I’m sorry, I guess that didn’t turn out as Rachael predicted…

  7. Once Lisa demonstrated that she could be rolled by the left, they figured they can do it any time they want. Their latest demonstration of it was her Kavanaugh vote. Trump impeachment will be another one. Cheers –

  8. Hopefully, with the AFN being woke. Hallelujah!!
    Lisa’s support will dwindle also.
    She’ll only have what scraps are left and of course all the public union support.

  9. Blow hard, the call was nothing out of the ordinary. Asking for help catching a crook. Lisa sold out the natives that voted her in. Check your seals
    They are broken.

  10. I gave Lisa the benefit of the doubt when I voted for her in 2004. But after six years, I knew I couldn’t vote for her again, so she did not receive my vote in 2010 or 2016. She will not get my vote in 2022 either. What Lisa needs to do is stop this charade and move across the aisle, where her heart truly yearns to be. She is not a true Republican and most of us know it.

  11. Old Bug Eye will not let us down. She just likes to keep it Murky being Christmas and All.
    Same M/O as Pebble. Kinda keeps it exciting.
    Be it Red or Blue positions on
    Impeachment or Pebble
    Do we really know where Lisa Stands?
    Merry Christmas

    • Yes, we do know where she stands. Firmly in the democrat camp. She fooled me once, into voting for her – never again. Merry Christmas.

  12. Who among you can doubt her father’s judgment that she was the most qualified person in the state of Alaska to replace him?

  13. Lisa doesn’t bat a thousand, but she’s there, doing a thankless job. I disagree with her on several issues, but that won’t stop this Native from supporting her.

    • So you are part of the problem with this state. You must like paying taxes and wasting money on foolish things. She is a snake not to be trusted.

  14. Lisa’s papa, King Frank, voted to convict Bill Clinton after he was impeached in 1998. Ted Stevens voted to acquit. Clinton was acquited. Lisa is so tired of being called out for nepotism that she bucks the Republican Party every chance she gets. When King Frank placed her in the US Senate, Alaskans had an ill feeling about her appointment. But Lisa hasn’t disappointed the Democrats. Since the Joe Miller victory against her in 2010 in the Republican Primary, Democrats have called Lisa their own. It’s time to remove her. It’s time to end the Murkowski political dynasty. Let’s find a real conservative Republican to replace her in 2022.

  15. I am and will do my part to help retire this mistake of a representative. What a waste of oxygen every time it talks.

    • From this, and other posts, you seem to prefer tearing everything down around your own head. Were you in the habit of breaking all your toys?

  16. It’s not the 2/3 Senate impeachment vote, (which is expected to fail); it’s the preceding procedural votes to allow witnesses and documents, or not, that is in hot play. Most fair minded folks would prefer to hear the truth now, rather than later.

  17. It’s nice to see women that wear the pants. So unlike their grovelling shapeshifting male colleagues. It’s fun to listen to all you go oingo-boingo over a female that has stones. She WILL be reelected, BTW. Yes, bring out some fence post-dumb clown, a la Miller, please! This is your last hurrah, after all, as demographics are gonna pave over you.

  18. A highly confused person, with no sense of party loyalty. Lisa Murkowski is well aware of her intellectual deficiencies and her inability to stand on her own without her parents to guide her to safety, and the Alaska Democrat Party that has signed a blood contract with her. She is a light weight through and through who skated to her position with the help of family friends and the Alaska Republican Party. Ever since Joe Miller whipped her soundly in the 2010 Republican Party, she has been forced to work with Democrats to stay electable. She never was conservative, but she has chosen to attack conservative principles to appease her new base of voters, mostly the Bush, garden variety Democrats, liberal women and a dwindling Republican base. She is extremely vulnerable in 2022, as the Republican Party sets its sights to defeat her in the primary. The Murkowski machine must grind to an end.

  19. Lisa is partying with the demoncrats and has adopted their talking point lies! I guess I am not surprised, she is cut from the same cloth as daddy.

  20. Murkowski’s have been lying and ripping off Alaskans for years. Glad to hear some people finally speaking out. The one who really got ripped off was John Binkley, son of Captain Jim and Mary Brinkley, and father of Ryan Binkley who now owns the ADN. Frank Murkowski promised Captain Binkley that he would appoint John to the US Senate in 2002, after Frank became Alaska governor. Captain and Mary Binkley donated heavily to Frank’s governor campaign. Well, he lied to everyone and put in Lisa as the replacement Senator. The Binkleys and Murkowski’s had been friends and neighbors for about 50 years. This example shows you the kind of people the Murkowskis are. Hopefully, Lisa will be defeated in 2022. I would prefer John Binkley as the next US Senator from Alaska.

  21. Lisa has aged SO much. She looks older than her mom, Nancy. This is what happens to unqualified people who have been fooling the public for so long. It catches up with them. She and her dad made history with her appointment. Soon, she will BE history. Good riddance!

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