Press leftward: Nonprofits pledge $500 million to save regime media



A coalition of 22 groups, including prominent left-wing organizations, have pledged more than $500 million to fund local media publications over the course of five years, according to an announcement posted on Thursday.

The new coalition is called “Press Forward,” and many of the groups in it appear to have a left-wing bias based on their funding and initiatives, although the group states it “is independent of ideology.” The coalition plans to reverse the downward trajectory of local news outlets and “close longstanding inequities in journalism coverage and practice,” according to the announcement of its formation.

Since 2005, about 2,500 newspapers have ceased operations, according to The New York Times. This number is rising and many that are still in business have been forced to reduce staff.

Press Forward will allocate the $500 million to fund grants to support local newsrooms, provide resources to diverse publications and assist in developing collaborative tools such as legal support and membership programs, according to the announcement.

The MacArthur Foundation is leading the coalition and has pledged $150 million in grants, according to the NYT. It has frequently contributed to left-wing organizations such as Planned ParenthoodTides Foundation and Environmental Defense Fundaccording to its grants database, giving more than $5 million to each, according to InfluenceWatch.

Knight Foundation is also donating $150 million and has previously given over $1.2 million to nine universities and nonprofits to “combat disinformation in communities of color” in 2022, according to its website.


  1. “Inequities” was misspelled: it should be “iniquities”. But this won’t solve either, it will just spin further left.

  2. The non profits need to be treated like any other business and taxed. These non profits are a large part of our problems today. To much laundered money and no accountability.

    • Absolutely!
      Communist money laundering, I’m surprised that the CCP is not on the lists of “major contributors” to “Save our Lib journalists”
      The propaganda must not be silenced (by capitalism & the internet) after all that brainwashing accomplished by our Professors.

  3. So, those failing rags need outside support to keep them in business because people aren’t buying what they’re shilling. Don’t they realize that it doesn’t matter?

  4. Forced subscriptions will be next. Using laundered tax money to indoctrinate the public is taking it to a new level. Nobody in their right mind or of even little intelligence wants to read their spin of the “news’. There was more facts in the trash magazines of the past, but at least it was known that it was garbage published for entertainment. Now we have garbage published as facts for a social political agenda by corrupt minded elites.

  5. Never, ever, ever……give money to non-profits. These are sham outfits designed to enrich the Democrat Party and keep Lefties employed without having to genuflex to the IRS. It’s the antithesis of Christian charity.

  6. The “Non-Profits” can pledge all the money in the World to try and save the failed American Legacy Media. The only people listening to them are the very old & the very low intelligence sheeple who are too lazy to seek out the alternative news media that is increasingly available on the Internet. The American Intelligence Agencies are constantly censoring them, but it is a game of Wack-A Mole. For everyone they silence, another 5 pop up.

  7. OH, at first I thought you said “need to be wormed”. Health mandate for the greater good you know made unavailable to tyrants high and low due to extinction of Rowe v Wade…why it had to be rescinded unbeknownst as usual by democrats. The greater good theorem was lost and much needed to be regained in the games of stare descises for the incoming monstrous liberties usurpation(s) pre-planned by international coupers.

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