Portland State U. closed due to ‘Kristallnacht’ movement spreading across the country’s campuses

Portland State University riots on left, and Kristallnact aftermath in Berlin, Germany in 1938.

Leftists have gone from “punch a Nazi” to “kill a Jew” in just a couple of years.

A few days after the president of Portland State University bent to student and faculty pressure and stopped all grants coming from the Boeing Co., the campus has been closed on Tuesday, “due to the ongoing incident at the library,” the university said on X/Twitter. The incident was widespread vandalism and occupation of buildings.

Pro-Hamas rioters spray-painted and broke into the university’s library Monday night, the same night that rioters took over a major building at Columbia University in New York and held three janitors hostage, barricading the doors from both within and without the building.

On Monday night, Mayor Ted Wheeler, Portland police chief Bob Day, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt, and PSU president Ann Cudd — the liberals squad that runs Portland — tried to encourage the occupiers to leave peacefully. But the property damage, including spray painted buildings and fixtures, increased, along with the intimidation to Jewish people of the community.

Democrats and their enablers across college and university campuses are engaging in a coordinated event that has eerie similarity to the notorious Kristallnacht “night of broken glass” of 1938 Nazi Germany, when Nazi supporters, including Hitler Youth, smashed the windows of Jewish businesses, creating terror. Nazi treatment of Jews led to the creation of the Jewish state of Israel on May 14, 1948.

“Universities are set up to explore the competition of ideas, and that’s a noble purpose, but when people engage in acts of violence and destruction, that is no longer peaceful behavior, that is criminal activity,” Mayor Wheeler said late Monday night during a press conference at the Portland Police Central Precinct. “City, county, police, prosecutors — we are all unified. We will not allow acts of violence to carry the day in our city.”

In fact, district attorney Schmidt has a catch-and-release policy for criminals in the city, which has been increase riddled with violence, drugs, homelessness, and is a hotbed of anarchism and political violence.

Riots and demonstrations, including building occupations and violence against Jewish members of the communities, have rapidly escalated on campuses across the country.

After midnight in New York, pro-Hamas rioting students and faculty broke windows, barricaded doors and occupied Hamilton Hall at Columbia University overnight. The riot came after school officials did not bend to the demands to divest all ties with Israel, including invested assets of the university.

But in Portland, the university president had already ceded to the demands to reject grants from Boeing, because of Boeing’s manufacture of anti-missile technology used by Israel against its aggressors in the region, including Hamas and Iran. It wasn’t enough. The concession by President Cudd did not deter the rioters on Tuesday.


    • Stay Armed in a Yellow state of attention and a head on a swivel. It won’t be long before this action comes to Alaska.

  1. These college campus protests showcase public education’s generational failure on a grand scale. What’s worse that this is considering the fact that they will soon all enter the workforce of corporate America and well funded non-profit social organizations.

    • These young terrorists will find jobs with welcome arms at woke factories … BlackRock, World Economic Foundation, World Health Organization, Leftist Hedge Funds & Foundations, and continue to embed themselves into the multitude of Muni – County – State – Federal Agencies.

      • Rob, it is interesting that, as a crusty Alaskan leftist – too far left to be a Democrat, you and I share many of the same bugaboos (I don’t really have a problem with the WHO).

        Yet another affirmation of my world view that most of us in Alaska have far more in common, ideologically, than we told by the loud voices that tell us we are divided.

        I think it’s a mistake for us to view our political differences on a left-right continuum. Rather the continuum should range from preservation of strong, local community and environment on the one hand towards enriching de-localized fraternities of bureaucrats, investors and rent seekers on the other hand.

  2. Do these people understand that this is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS???? A Western liberal college that needs to close it’s doors as it has lost it’s way. Parents should be mighty ashamed at their supposed adult college kids acting like the spoiled jerks they are.
    What is going on in Israel is nobody’s business except theirs. Leave it alone! 😡

  3. Yep more of that white nationalism caused by the extreme MAGA group….Cripes.
    The msm is really gonna have to spin this hard to not make this look like another Biden blunder. This is what happens when you demoralize your country.

  4. Hmm. looks like the same “mostly peaceful protests” we experienced in 2020. Just a new focus now. Just as then, nothing is being done.

  5. Suzanne,

    Thank you for your continued reporting on this issue that has been building for some time now. Some of us saw this coming and pointed it out as it grew, while others have cheered on the hate.

    Sadly, antisemitism is nothing new. But hopefully once again the light of day can shine upon this evil that is so pervasive in the world before the mistakes of the past are repeated.

    • You know, Steve, I have observed that your professional, CIA-paid trolling seems to have two and only two topics that motivate you to post here: trying to defend the establishment party line on the Covidian control agenda, and hysterically trying to defend the state of Israel, and more particularly the unhealthy, one-sided and parasitical relationship that the government of that country has with the US government. Now why might this be?

      It is also interesting to note that you NEVER comment on any purely local matters pertaining to Anchorage or Alaska. Almost as if you do not live here, and have no connection to this area. Again, why might this be?

      • Jeff,

        Why you insist upon repeatedly posting demonstrably false information is an interesting way to conduct yourself. I would say you’ve lost any shred of credibility you may have once had, but when you called for terrorists to kill Americans you gave up that illusion.

        While you’ve been busy asking terrorists to bomb America and kill Americans ‘https://mustreadalaska.com/will-the-democrat-convention-in-chicago-be-a-repeat-of-1968-or-2020-riots/’while you’ve been cheering for the terrorists, cheering for the terrorist supporters and leveling antisemitic comments, you probably have once again failed to notice that the reason for your continued use of ad hominem attacks is obvious…you are incapable of discussing the issue at hand and you are incapable of defending the despicable position you’ve taken on this issue.

        • Steve,

          I have tried to rebut your lies and slurs here, but Suzanne will not post my responses to you, as she evidently favors your and your dishonest trolling and not me. So be it.

          • One can only wonder what it is you might have said that could have possibly explained away the call for a terrorists attack on American soil the way you did when you begged,
            “Oh for a dirty bomb …
            Terrorists, if you EVER wanted or needed an opportunity and target on US soil to attack, PLEASE take advantage of this one!”

            • OK Steve, you win. You and your CIA/ADL/Hasbara trolling win.

              Since our host seems to be not just fine, but actually supports, your egregious and malicious dishonesty, trolling and bullying, and apparently is willing to allow you to spew your arrogant hatred at others freely here, while I am left with one arm tied behind my back in trying to response to and rebut you, I am bowing out of commenting here on MRAK. I refuse to participate in a forum where one side is semi-censored while the other side, the malignantly evil side, is allowed free play.

              I am no longer comfortable here, and will leave you to your malevolent trolling on behalf of the one country to which you clearly owe your allegiance, the rogue and illegitimate state of Israel. May that state suffer all the consequences that their violent and murderous actions have incurred. And may you be there when it does.

              • Peace be with you. I hope you’ve learned something here from the discourse. Although, unfortunately, it does not appear to be so. I can only hope you will open your eyes to see and your ears to hear. I certainly hope you turn away from the destructive hatefully path you’ve taken and seemingly wish to pursue to even greater depths.

                I’m not a prayerful man Jeff, but I will pray for you.

    • Oh, and once again, despite your disingenuous claims to the contrary, you are AGAIN speciously equating opposition to Israel, or the US support for Israel, as “antisemitism” (presumably meaning “anti-Jewishism”, as Arabs are just as much Semites as are the Jews).

      • Jeff,

        Respectful, what are you talking about? You clearly did not read the article or what I wrote.

        You obviously do not understand the definition of the word antisemitism, I know you struggle with definitions and prefer to substitute your own words for what the actual definition is.
        Antisemitism is a very well defined word and it doesn’t “presumably” mean whatever Jeff decides, once again, that’s just not how definitions work.

        • It is oh-so-amusing, Steve, to find you yet again flagrantly contradicting your own hyperbolic sophisty, by denying in one post the very thing that you did in the immediate preceding post:

          Thank you for your continued reporting on this issue that has been building for some time now. Some of us saw this coming and pointed it out as it grew, while others have cheered on the hate.

          Sadly, antisemitism is nothing new. But hopefully once again the light of day can shine upon this evil that is so pervasive in the world before the mistakes of the past are repeated.

          Did you see the word you used there, Steve, in regards to the protests that are the gist of this story? “antisemitism”. Clearly, your hypocrisy, and your idiocy, know no bounds.

          • Jeff,

            Sorry about that, I forgot that you fail to accept the meaning of the word antisemitism and instead you substitute your own definition for a well known word that was created for one singular reason…in fact it is the only word in existence that is used to describe the bigotry, prejudice, hostility, and hatred of one group in particular. I also forgot that you fail to understand that people chanting “Burn Tel Aviv to the ground,” and “Hamas we love you. We support your rockets too”, and “from the river to the sea” isn’t legitimate criticism of Israel but in fact a very real threat to Jews.

            Nobody honestly thinks what is going on at college campuses is legitimate criticism of the State of Israel and has nothing to do with antisemitism. Well except those who would call out for terrorists to bomb American soil and the killing of innocent American civilians like you’ve done.

            • Steve, your disingenuous illogic and hypocrisy are yet again on display for all here to read.

              ONCE AGAIN, you are insinuating that there is, and can be, NO legitimate criticism of the state of Israel or its government. You are claiming that EVERY protester out there is chanting “Death to the Jews” — except, oddly, I have never heard ONE protestor, even the worst of the Soros-funded professional agitators among them — make such a statement.

              Because SOME are saying it, ALL are saying it — that is what you are in effect claiming. You really do have a fundamentally collectivist mindset, Steve, which puts you squarely in the mental and moral radical leftist extremist pocket in which I have long suspected you to reside.

              Regardless of any of that, it is STILL clear that your primary if not sole allegiance lies with Israell and not with the USA, or with your (presumably) fellow Americans.

              • Jeff,

                Once again you are claiming things that are demonstrably false. You should stop doing that as it’s a horrible habit and only serves to tarnish your reputation, oh wait you are no longer worried about that. At this point you might as well say what you really want to say, calling for terrorist attacks on American soil and the murder of innocent Americans is as low as you’ve gone…might as well keep digging that hole.

                On a positive note I really enjoy being called a radical leftist by someone who admits not being conservative and who has taken multiple positions further left than Ilhan Omar and AOC.

                • Steve,

                  In your latest unhinged diatribe here, you forgot to call me “racist”, “transphobic”, “homophobic”, and “anti-non-cis-binary” in addition to “antisemitic”.

                  If you’re going to randomly throw wild and baseless accusations and slurs around, you might as well cover all the bases.

                  What time is it in Tel Aviv right now, by the way?

                  • Jeff,

                    There’s absolutely nothing baseless in what I’ve said here, you’ve provided the material and I’ve quoted you time and time again. Keep on digging Jeff, keep on digging. That hole you are in sure is deep.

                    Jefferson April 29, 2024 At 10:34 am
                    Oh for a dirty bomb …

                    Terrorists, if you EVER wanted or needed an opportunity and target on US soil to attack, PLEASE take advantage of this one!

                    • Steve, it would appear that Suzanne will not allow me to fully respond to and rebut your nonsense and lies, because she has a clear bias towards the state of Israel, and US support for the same, even if not as maniacal and all-consuming as yours.

        • Interesting watching you two carry on again.

          The ORIGINAL and ONLY ones who wield “antisemitism” like a sword are the ardent ADL members and adherents. They have been in the habit of conjuring enemies, along with meaning for words and phrases out of thin air for over a hundred years now. Often times, the definitions that they issue are unfamiliar to anyone and everyone until they create a new monstrosity. Biased AI then issues statements like: “Everyone knows that…is antisemitic”. All the while everyone goes WTH?

          Having set up shop inside the FBI, and training/indoctrinating agents according to their program, the ADL has developed an outsized sphere of influence. Lengthy and continued observation of your posts here gives the clear indication that YOU, are a part of either one or the other.

          • North, I appreciate your comment here, and the fact that clearly see the consistent maliciously dishonest and disingenousness of Steve-O. It just saddens me that more posters here have not followed your lead and called out him and his egregious trolling here on MRAK.

            Given the favor that our host shows to him, though, while limiting my attempts to counter his disinformation and lies, I have to question whether this is any longer a forum in which I am willing to participate.

          • North,

            Seems like last time you went down the conspiracy trail you had me pegged for a member of the CIA, but now after “Lengthy and continued observation” you’ve deduced that I am a part of the FBI and/or ADL? Sure seems like the CCP, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, or whatever other American and/or Jew hating entity that trained and funds you could have better spent that money.

            Why is it so hard for some people to try and explain away those they disagree with as the boogeyman instead of simply addressing the issue? Oh right, when you are incapable of addressing the issue a boogeyman is just as good as a strawman…

  6. Jefferson, I see what you did there… however I disagree profoundly that these riots are a result of the weasel Neo-Cons decades long wars. Had the U.S. not been involved in questionable CIA / State Dept wars, (Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq) these gangs of demonic hoodlums would still be vandalizing. These rent a mobs work for people who wish to foment violence causing instability which ultimately will strike fear into the general population, who will then demand greater State Authority over their lives, and a lessening of their God Given Rights (think 911 and T.S.A.).

    The answer lies in Americans rediscovering their birthright and learning about their precious Constitution.

    • Fisher, I have no sympathy for mindless contrarian protesters, but I do have to point out that before the existence of the state of Israel, and before the US subsidization and weirdly rabid support for that state, the USA did not need “it’s best ally in the Middle East”, because it had no enemies in the Middle East. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

      • Jefferson, I dont like correcting you, but the United States has continually had enemies in the middle east and North Africa. Kindly recall the Marine Hymn and that bit about ” from the shores of Tripoli “.
        The simple truth is a Nation must be able to defend its commerce and insure that its citizens are not captured and pressed into slavery.
        The US has been in a perpetual state of war since July 4 1776 with one country or another. To assume that all was well in the middle east until we snuggled up with the Jewish State of Israel is to be very naive. I don’t think you are a simpleton, far from it in fact but I think perhaps that you’ve allowed a teensy bit of irrational thinking to color your view.

        • Fisher, I appreciate your comment, but I do still feel that it is factually and historically incorrect.

          The Barbary pirates were from the Barbary Coast, which constituted the middle and northwest Mediterranean coast of north Africa, not the Middle East.

          As for the Middle East itself, from the founding of the USA until after World War I, it was almost completely controlled by the Ottoman Empire, with whom I do not recall the USA having any serious adverse relationship with — even when we were (nominally) at war with them during the latter part of World War I. Likewise, after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the US had nothing but friendly relationships with the successor states to that empire, up until the founding of the state of Israel, when many of those relationships began to sour.

          Iran/Persia is a different story — our relationship with them had been benign, until the CIA-led overthrow of the Mossadegh administration, and the installation of the much-hated Shah, in 1953.

          • Jefferson, Actually our, (US) earlier attempts at pacification of the Pirates, (which involved paying tribute) in North Africa (and Egypt) did lead to a beginning of Diplomatic Relations with the Ottoman Empire, which apparently controlled the entire region. It seems that a certain Barbary Sultan Impressed a US Naval Ship into giving him and his entourage passage to Istanbul so that that the Thug could pay his Tribute to the leader of the Empire. The Captain of our Naval Ship complied. Upon arrival in Istanbul the ship caused quite a stir due to the giant stars on her flag. The powers that be were impressed with the flag and sent for the Captain who was afforded gracious treatment as the Grand Fubar and his advisors wanted to learn more about this country, the United States.
            I suggest you find this book ” “The Little Wars of the United States” Authors, Col. R Ernest Dupuy and Major General William H Baumer

            sadly as John Adams said, “War is the Natural State of man”

            BTW, think about Truman’s threat to Stalin regarding Russia’s vacating Iran in 1948 which included use of “every weapon in my arsenal” ( the BOMB ), and then realize that the humiliated Stalin set up a trap in Korea to punish Truman. Weird stuff, yes? And remember no Jews in Iran or Korea!
            I await your reply!

  7. So what? Somebody will always be getting the crap kicked out of him for a “good” reason or another. I’m sure there are more than a few of us here at MRA who would like to bloody-up a next door neighbor for nothing other than having to listen to his loud music and his snarky voice! As a Christian, I’m glad Sunday comes only once a week, otherwise I’d really be expected to be sincerely loving and caring.

    It’s time that we bail out of the Middle East and let the Jews and Muslims love each other to death! It’s time to shut down the deep state: it’s always playing the puppeteer and bleeding the people for its own benefit. It is not as if they are more than self-indulgent animals who care about anybody but themselves and what they can take!

  8. Have the Portland Authorities made any effort to capture and punish or are they still a bunch of panty boys?

    Here’s the deal…

    – This is nothing like Kristallnacht

    – This is not antisemitic (whatever that is).

    This is a group of cranky proponents of victim culture that were gifted a homeland that didn’t belong to them (ever) and was gifted to them by someone that didn’t own it. That the real occupants of that home might never get over the theft seems completely reasonable.

    Additionally, these Palestinians are a similarly cranky group that Israel wants you to accept w/ open arms and if you do you’ll get more of the poorly socialized nonsense you’re seeing in Portland.

    What’s the right answer? Should you celebrate Israel’s attempt at ethnic cleansing like some of the idiots on this site believe to be reasonable (Mr. Dolitsky chief among them)? Or should you allow the mistakes of your forefathers to become disentangle as the rightful owners of that property resume their position?

    If someone stole your car and gave it to someone else what should your reaction be? Would the gifting mean that it’s no longer stolen property?

    Objectivity and fairness are not antisemitic.

  9. I have spent many hours in the PSU library, although that was a lifetime ago. It is important to keep in mind that Portland State doesn’t have much of a reputation, although they may have a few quality components. PSU sits in downtown Portland, that tells you a lot about PSU. I would suspect that about a third of the anarchists besieging the Portland Federal Courthouse a few blocks away were current or former PSU students. Another third were probably from Lewis & Clark, but that is another story. While all Jewish students deserve a safe environment, I expect that PSU has few Jews as students. They are probably at better schools. The nonsense at PSU is mostly reflective of cesspool Portland and has little to do with higher education.

  10. Portland stopped enforcing the rule of law long ago. Funny how the Portland ruling class thought they could stop this with their canned statement. The rioters called their bluff and won.
    The Left doesn’t have answers to today’s problems.

  11. Calling these demonstrations “Kristallnacht” is an over reaction. Your devotion to the nation-state of Israel has been well noted. Nation-states are not infallible; they are run by human beings subject to hates of their own. Israel is run by the right wing Netanyahu and allies. To assume that they are infallible is to make them gods, which they are not. Netanyahu lost a wonderful older brother during the Entebbe rescue of hostages. This, along with his father’s teachings has colored his views ever since. Because of this he and his administration and allies have never seriously tried to find a way out of the present dilemma. And the US has never concealed its support, no matter what Israel does. Israel’s supporters do it no good by not admitting that it sometimes makes bad decisions. This only leads to more generation of hate in the region. It is past time for moderation and real problem solving for those who truly want Israel to survive.

    • Is that to say that you are uncomfortable with people speaking freely? Seems that way. What do you want her to do? Censor the stuff that you don’t like?


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