President Trump says he will campaign against Murkowski in 2022


Sen. Lisa Murkowski and President Donald Trump have had an uneasy relationship, but now it’s officially on the rocks.

Trump wrote on Twitter today that he intends to campaign against Murkowski in two years when she is up for reelection.

The very public slam came after Murkowski said today that she had doubts about being able to support the president, and added that comments made by Gen. James Mattis had given her the courage to speak up.

“When I saw General Mattis’ comments yesterday I felt like perhaps we are getting to a point where we can be more honest with the concerns that we might hold internally. And have the courage of our own convictions to speak up,” Murkowski was quoted.

Murkowski has long held Trump at arm’s length, and politicos have remarked that she shows distaste for the president. But voted to acquit him during the impeachment trial this winter.

However, her remarks today came during a particularly divisive time in the nation, when rioters have torn cities apart over the perception of police brutality, sparked by the police murder of George Floyd. And leftists have blamed Trump for creating division in the nation, rather than knitting it together.

When asked if she would be supporting Trump, Murkowski waffled:

“I am struggling with it,” she said. “I have struggled with it for a long time.”

There’s no certainty that Murkowski will actually run in 2022, or that Trump will be president then and have the political muscle to use against her.

Murkowski became a senator in 2002, after her father, Sen. Frank Murkowski, won the office of governor of Alaska and then appointed her to fill out his term. She is among the more senior of senators and could become chairwoman of the Appropriations Committee next year, depending on the outcome of elections and the fortunes of other senators such as Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, who is facing a tough reelection battle this year and ranks at the bottom of popularity for senators facing reelection. Murkowski ranks eighth in seniority among Republican senators.


    • Nepotism is almost always poor leadership selection criteria and even though her predecessor should still be there, I have to play the cards I’m dealt so except when she does unintelligent things like she just did, I support her.

      With the highest public sector share of GDP out of the 50 states, Alaska has a higher share of public sector employees than anywhere but DC. Her friends and neighbors reflect that. As someone who was gifted the position, and who also inherited her parents grey matter, she thinks she owes something to the Leftists who helped her beat Miller. She doesn’t. Everyone is square.

      Trump is a whack-a-doodle disruptor, but that’s what it took to beat the MSM.

      I want both of them to win for us. Trump’s biggest asset is that he is not a politician. Being a real estate developer from NY, he is a little abrasive. Get over it.

      Lisa’s biggest asset is seniority in a seniority based club. If she is pivotal is Trump’s defeat, I will support her opponents. If she doesn’t I will support her – even though she holds Trump to higher standards than she does the Left. Her friends are Leftists, she inherited her grey matter and was gifted her seat. Go figure.

      • Pretty good summation of a long-term unfortunate situation. Murkowski was an Alaska turncoat for years before Trump got into politics.
        And, seriously: Become Governor (not among the best in Alaska’s brief history of statehood), and then appoint your adult child to your former elected position? Only in Alaska’s corrupt good ole boys club.

      • Well Said Erak! She needs to be voted out! Her leftist view or at least leftist leaning is bad for Alaska and bad for America.

    • Murkowski needs to go! I believe that she really doesnt care about showing her true colors about being a Republican in name only because I dont think she is going to run again. She has caused damage to Alaska’s relationship with the White House over her personal opinions. Senator Stevens and Congressman Young worked decades to establish a fair and positive relationship with the White House and Murkowski killed it in one day. Way to go Lisa – can’t wait for you to get voted out or quit so we can have a true conservative in your place.

  1. One thing about our great President – he’s not pretentious. Contrast Lisa Murkowski. Elected by Democrats, she only needs the feeblest provocation to swing as a lefty, and usually does.

    I hope we can field a genuine pro-life, pro-business, pro-America candidate in two years.

  2. Never let it be said you don’t know where this guy stands. A lot of how Trump communicates, maybe we don’t need more of- but this? Yes please.

  3. Well, I’ll be the first to declare: ……
    That I’m nominating Suzanne of MRAK to be our new Republican candidate to defeat Lisa Murkowski in 2022. Would be a marvelous race. Just to get rid of Lousy Lisa, and replace her with a thinking woman who won’t disappoint.
    No appointment needed. No write-in needed. Just an honest and fair election in the primary.

  4. I will vote for the Democrat next time Murkowski is up for election, (as much as that hurts) to get her out of the senate.

    • So Lisa has signed on with the treasonous Mattis, very fitting for this woman who has jelly in her backbone, and after Trump has supported everything to Alaska’s benefit. I’ll never forget seeing the 82 yr old Dianne Feinstein as she had Lisa backed up in the hallway against a wall during Brett Kavanaugh hearings, and her eyes were like a deer in headlights; it was a pathetic thing to see, and she voted on the wrong side of history. Frank screwed up giving her the position, and the people of Alaska did not have the heart to replace her. You have 2 years to get a like able candidate in place, so get on it Republicans!??

      • Treasonous. The guy told the truth knowing he would face backlash and probably threats to his life. He served his country in combat honorably during multiple wars and was highly touted by Trump and the military when he was appointed. And, as a bonus – in Trump’s world, he “didn’t get captured.” You know just how ridiculous things have become as I type that last sentence. If this was isolated, then so be it. But every single cabinet member who resigned (which are many) tell the same story. If you want the president to be successful, and I do, then he has got to change his ways. He is leading us off a cliff.

  5. I am sorry for this dispute. President Trump has been a unique and remarkable Alaska supporter, and at a time when we need him very much. This dispute, on the other hand, is unneeded and unnecessary. Kavanaugh has surprised no one in quickly becoming a great Supreme Court judge by the way. There is every reason for the Alaska delegation to stay on the good side of this President of the United States, and there is not a single reason for it to be difficult to do so. This does help Senator Sullivan, but he doesn’t need any help and would assuredly decline this particular sort of help. President Trump will win our 3 Electoral College votes very easily of course, but we all have friends and relatives who vote in swing states, and we must convince those people to campaign hard for this man!

    • I’m confused by the belief that Trump is an Alaska supporter. I can’t think of anything he has actually DONE for Alaska, other than increased the average temperature with his hot air. In truth, Trump has done only one thing as President, and that is to sign the 2017 tax cut scam, a bill presented to him by the Republican congress and in which he played no part and that further enriched the wealthy and did little to help the average Alaskan.
      As Trump’s inadequacies become more and more evident to those who are actually paying attention and wish to preserve the democracy, it becomes more and more clear that those who are adamant about supporting his authoritarian tendencies will become his only supporters. Sen. Sullivan, a shoo-in for re-election, is a placid drone who will go with the flow. Sen. Murkowski, to her great credit, is resisting the rush to support a vile and egotistical chief executive who has not loyalty to the country or the Constitution (be honest now, how many of you have actually read it?) and who is supported by a jelly-spined group of sycophants that wilt before him.
      At last Sen. Murkowski is showing some fortitude. She should be praised, and if calling her a RINO is what I think it is, she should be proud of that epithet.

  6. She is saying nothing different than his former Chief of Staff (John Kelly), Secretary of Defense (James Mattis), Secretary of State (Rex Tillerson), National Security Advisor (John Bolton) and former Joint Chief of Staffs (General Dunford) are saying. Let alone Jeff Sessions, Anthony Scarramucci, Michael Cohen, Reince Priebus, etc, etc, etc. These are the people HE chose. This either speaks poorly to his ability hire, manage or both. No President in history has burned so many cabinet members and completely lost their confidence. None,

    Between his Tweets, ridiculous mouth, and constant chaos, I am over President Trump. It isn’t necessarily what he does, but always how he does them.

    • None of the aforementioned names you have cited have anything whatsoever to do with Alaska or the development of Alaska. Trump has been an incredible ally to Alaska, as well as to Lisa Murkowski, who has been pushing the pro-Alaska agenda (that Trump also has backed). Your comments are asinine, Nanook. Please think before you rage. It would make you look smart, even if you are not.

    • So are you saying you support his actions, just not his methods? One thing I learned over time, is that people need to be fired if they are not supporting your vision as a leader. Especially so when they are actively working against that vision. Obviously, in this case, President Trump’s vision is what he communicated to American people and American people elected him. If I had a criticism about him, it would be that he didn’t fire them sooner.

        • And if they weren’t supportive, they left or were fired. That’s how it works in any employment situation. You sometimes have to find out where people really stand after you give them some responsibility.

  7. Murky waffles on everything. Even when she wants to be known for taking a stand, the stand she takes is well, Murky.

    You can’t be the “I’m not sure I can support” blah blah blah type when your opponent is known for publicly victimizing those of differing views. She’ll come out on the bottom with one possible exception. Those that never take a firm stand always leave themselves a back door as an escape route. To use it though will leave her with a clearly unpleasant taste.

    • LOL now that was grand no matter which side one’s on…
      Both insightful and inciteful.
      I vote it *Comment Of The Year*
      More truthful and hilarious words have not been spoken!

  8. Good, Lisa was given her seat by here daddy in the first place. She never earned it by running and being elected. Time for some new blood in that seat and send her off to make her millions as a lobbyist. When will the people of Alaska to quit voting for back stabbing RINOs?

    • I believe that she is the rarest of all rarities, a Senator who won re-election through a write-in campaign. How is that not being elected?

  9. If I were Ms. Murkowski, I wouldn’t worry too much about this empty threat. By 2022, Trump will be out of office and selling steaks again – irrelevant, shunned, and relegated to the trash heap of history. Few in the world will mourn his departure from the public stage, and those who “supported” him whilst under coercion will be glad to be rid of him at long last.

    Murkowski may not be reelected again given her increasing unpopularity with the extreme right in Alaska. But at least she will have the satisfaction of having said what many other Republicans think, but are too afraid to say due to their fear of Trump combined with their craven desire for power.

    This woman today, has exhibited more courage than all of the other GOP men in Congress, combined.

    • LOL. I’m saving your post, Dog, so I can wrap it in a burrito and serve it to you with coffee on November 4th, the day after Trump wins his second term. Don’t worry. He will. Just like he did in 2016, when all of you goofy Democrats thought Hillary Clinton was going to win by 13%. Now, all you have to bank on is an 80 yo wheezened-out Democrat who can’t remember whether he should be hiding in his basement from the Jehovah Witnesses, or playing cribbage at the old folks home on Saturday afternoon. Hope your plans include lots of trips to your shrink during the next 4.5 years, Mr. Whid. Soon, you’ll be joining Old Joe.

    • Well, we can only hope Trump will be out in 2021 (i.e. out of office, but not out of prison), and it appears that hope is growing stronger as each day goes by, but the posters on this far right site are a determined, if uninformed, lot, and you will get little sympathy from them.

      That’s why I’m here. To try to show them the folly of their ways. They are a hard bunch and they know the “truth.”. It is an ongoing endeavor, like convincing the heathen of the foolishness of his tribal rites, that eclipses are not omens, that human sacrifices satisfy no gods. But, as in tribal rites, heads must roll, and it appears Ms. Murkowski’s head is now a prime candidate for the block. I don’t think that will happen. She has shown courage before in the face of ranting, right-wing smear campaigns and prevailed.

      Tribal forces are at work here, they are not taking prisoners, and they will not go away. Are they just noisy gongs and clanging cymbals, or are they the future of the republic? It seems we are at a tipping point. Is it true that, “The best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity?” I haven’t a clue as to what kind of country we will have in 2021, but I have hope. Time will tell.

  10. Good, he should not endorse her. I was inspired by her election when she lost the primary to that weirdo. Alaska Native Leaders encouraged and supported her and I voted for her.

    It is simple for me now. I do not believe that she is strong enough – in her own self – to be Alaska’s Senior Senator. She has not proved that from my estimation.
    Seeing that Alaska is largely dependant on oil, she should have more interest in foreign relations with those nation’s that tanked the price of oil. One if which is our neighbor, Russia. Alaska is a member of the international Arctic group.

    That means more than junkets to Greenland and Norway. It is easy to go to an ally, anyone can do that.

    But Alaska needs a Senator that is willing to go to the adversarial venues.

    She is privvy to a lot of information that she could be bringing home to encourage modeling of those practices or ideas to diversify Alaska’s economy. Yes we need a deep water port. Yes we need to focus on protecting what is in place.

    But we also need a Senator that recognizes the position of communities on the global stage. We should be implementing new businesses in coastal communities to build Alaska’s presence in worldwide export/import, manufacturing, and logistical related industries.
    We have broadband in the most rural areas that are underutilized. Having Facebook and YouTube is great, but seriously, educating and implementing tools to empower local people to make a living, diversify the economy, and realistically, create an econony that historically hasn’t existed was what I thought the vision was.
    We all know that rural Alaska has had difficulty in creating economy based on resource development. (I’ll set my opinions about that to the wayside for now.)

    But with the opening of the Northwest passage, shipping globally and easier access to the world at large is a reality.

    I support our President because he is a businessman. I think we need to follow suit when we are electing our representation. It is hard to govern with a sluggish, unstable economy.

    (For full disclosure, I live in Arizona now, but I am and will always be an Alaskan)

    • Well, you make some good points. Alaska definitely needs to reinvent itself economically, but if you think oil is going to be the savior of Alaska once again, and if you think an eight time bankruptcy businessman bigot is the savior of the nation, then I think you are going to be disappointed.

    • So I’ve been avoiding commenting on MRAK because a certain somebody removed a comment I had regarding a liberal woman. We’ll see if all comments not favorable to women get censored. I just couldn’t let your statements go by unopposed. So, you voted for Murkowski even though she wasn’t the Republican party (read “Conservative”) nominee and NOW you’re surprised that she’s gone rogue. Who’s this “weirdo” you mentioned? You mean Joe Miller, the true conservative in that race? Many years ago I had a civil case against me go before “Magistrate Miller” and I was impressed by his ability to cut through all the BS and see exactly what was going on…without me ever saying a word! I was so impressed that a few years later I hired him to represent me in an issue with the State. He did exactly what he was supposed to do…the State did not. I even got a couple thousand back from him, which if he had been dishonest, he could have made disappear in all that billing. I knew Joe Miller and I never met this “weirdo” you’re talking about. The only mistake Joe made was underestimating how cutthroat Alaska (especially Interior) politics are. My cat got nailed to a tree over a lousy non-profit board position! Here’s a tip to know if you’re an Alaskan…take out your Driver’s License! Clearly yours says “Arizona”. I’m sure we all appreciate the heads-up on the Northwest Passage, and I personally appreciate your concern for rural Alaska. However, you helped put “daddy’s girl” in office and then you bailed on us! I think we got it from here! Have fun in the sun.

  11. Not even many who are moderate right like Murkowski. I know a lot of Democrats who love her though.

  12. Police in Democrat run cities and states kill black people. And the Republicans turn on each other instead of defeating Democrats and saving lives, typical.

  13. I’m not completely anti-Trump. I am, however, so sick of hearing about him that I’m waiting any day now to learn that I’ve been diagnosed with Covfefe-19. By the way, what major highways did he give us? I’m totally lost on that.

  14. Stop struggling, Senator and do the right thing and resign!!…The governor will replace you with a realsenator.

  15. Too bad about Lisa. She could have done so well for Alaskans. Regrettably she was afflicted with the same malady her father had. She is not very bright. Truly!
    She was a lawyer who had difficulties passing the Bar exam and when she passed was ineffective as a lawyer and not successful even though her name identification landed her a good job in a law firm.
    Using her name ID again she managed to get elected to the State House where she was considered not effective. Finally she was “appointed” to the Senate by her father after he became Governor thereby leaving a vacancy in the senate that allowed him to make the appointment. When she says she came from a family of privilege, for once she is correct. Hopefully she will decide not to run. That will solve a big problem for Alaska

  16. The end of Murkowski is in sight. Let’s us start working on finding a qualified individual that can be believable from Nome to Petersburg.
    This will be a defining time for the Alaska Republican Party.

  17. Trump sure does value Alaska — anyone with a pulse is good enough for us, as long as they don’t disagree with him. Thanks Mr. President! We sure do appreciate your narcissism.

  18. In the end, she is supposed to represent the people. Difficult as it may be for any congressperson, she is to do as the people want. Republicans voted her in, now she is to represent republicans, as well as Alaskans- not vote her own conscience.

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