Poll results: 93 percent say Murkowski should vote to confirm Kavanaugh


A 24-hour poll appearing on the Must Read Alaska Facebook page asked the audience if Sen. Lisa Murkowski should vote “yes” or “no” on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court. The poll ran from 7 am Friday to 7 am Saturday, one day after Gov. Bill Walker and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott issued a statement opposing the Kavanaugh confirmation.

Some 1,308 people took part in the MRAK poll, including a handful of those who voted at this web site because they do not have a Facebook page.

Of those participating, just 91 want Murkowski to vote against the nomination of Kavanaugh.

The poll is not scientific, but it is affordable for MRAK, and it provides a snapshot of one slice of Alaskans. Participation was particularly robust. The poll was shared by 82 Facebook users, reaching a wide audience, with 29 comments made in the comment section, and 95 reactions.

The poll was not “boosted,” a term used when an item on Facebook becomes a paid promotion that is shown more widely or to a specific audience. Facebook does not allow boosting of polls on its platform. Therefore, the reach for such a poll is naturally more narrow to a like-minded audience.

Of those voting yes to confirm Kavanaugh, 55 percent were men, and 45 percent women. The “no” vote was split evenly between men and women. A couple of the “no” votes were from ghost accounts, those with no prior Facebook activity and likely fake, but the remainder were recognizably from Alaskans or people with Facebook friends in Alaska.

The early voting on the poll was consistently 94 percent in favor of confirmation for the first seven hours, but as the poll became more widely shared on Facebook, the Kavanaugh supported eroded by one percent.

Kavanaugh’s female accuser has agreed to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, nearly guaranteeing a delay of the confirmation vote, which had been planned for Thursday. It now appears certain that the Senate will not be able to seat a Supreme Court justice before the start of the next court’s session the first week of October.

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  1. With respect, what most Alaskans want Senator Murkowski to do seems to matter much less than what large-scale supporters like Native Corporations want the senator to do.
    This may be why we are left to entertain ourselves with guessing games about what our senior senator will do on any populist issue that seems simple to Americans with traditional values, but more importantly could have a big financial impact on large-scale donors.
    If, for example, Judge K is appointed to SCOTUS, President Trump moves to de-fund Planned Parenthood, and successfully defends that action at SCOTUS, thereby ruining America’s taxpayer-funded abortion and baby-parts industry, imagine what could happen to Alaska whose only growth industries are government and taxpayer-funded “health care”.
    Can’t have that, so if there’s not some kind of fix in the works that makes a “yes” vote okay with large-scale donors, then it seems reasonable to expect Senator M to vote “no”.
    Seems simple enough…

    • Never forget that Lisa has sons. She votes to condemn Kavanaugh, and she votes to condemn her sons the instant she doesn’t vote the way the left wants her to. Cheers-

  2. She gets away with RINO votes too often, but this vote will be remembered. Even years from now when she has to run again.

  3. I’ve called her numbers so many times on previous bills and this time on the judge confirmation. Never calls back and I said that on the last msg and someone actually called me. She is a RINO and people just can’t learn and they continue to vote for her

  4. Lisa is no good. Prime example of a RINO.


    She voted against due process of the law today.

    Trump is going to smash her in pieces.

  5. I listened to her explanation and wine about how difficult it was for her to vote no,i guess Alaska does not need Federal funding .

    She is only looking out for herself and not for the folks that voted her in in the great State of Alaska ,my wife has been considering taking a position as a health care provider in Alaska ,guess what it not’s happening now !

    What a winy excuse she sounded like Ford whining about herself ,all i can say is the judge will remember how he was treated and i hope he takes the matter to heart.

  6. she must be voted out, we will not forget this in Alaska, she cannot be counted on and is corrupt, damn you to hell murk

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