Poll average: Alaska is solid for Murkowski win



First the good news: The US Senate will remain Republican-led after the November general election, according to a respected computer scientist, with Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the safe column. Murkowski is on the primary ballot for Aug. 16, facing lesser-known Republicans Paul Kendall, Thomas Lamb, and Bob Lochner. Democrats on the Aug. 16 ballot are Edgar Blatchford, Richard Grayson and Ray Metcalfe. Cean Stevens is the Libertarian.

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Recent polling also makes it clear that, barring a major incident, Alaska’s three electoral college votes will be awarded to Donald Trump this November 8. But those three electoral college votes will not be enough.

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An analysis of major polling results (PPP, Rasmussen, ARG, university, Mason Dixon) puts  Hillary Clinton ahead with a more than two-to-one lead in the electoral vote hunt.

The site electoral-vote.com is the product of Andrew Tanenbaum, Ph.D., the author of MINIX, a Unix-like operating system that is used primarily in education. He is a U.S. citizen who teaches computer science at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.

And although Tanenbaum revealed a few years ago that he votes Democrat, his analysis examines with uncanny accuracy the recent data by drilling down to  the state level, which simulates the process by which electoral college votes are awarded. Plus, there are great charts at his site that track polling results after major news stories. For anyone who doesn’t think that news media coverage steers public opinion, take a look at what happened after the Khan controversy during the Democratic National Convention.

Trump’s state director is Jerry Ward, a former state senator who lives in Willow.