Plot twist: Aggressive activist now claims she’s a victim



A radical Native rights activist who participated in the occupation of the legal meeting of legislators in Wasilla on Wednesday is now claiming that she was assaulted by not only the mayor of Wasilla, but the House Minority Press Secretary. They touched her arm without her permission as she attempted to sit in a legislator’s seat without permission.

Her account of victimization has made national news and has been relayed as far away as the complicit Democrat organ, the New York Times.

In fact, the woman was barely touched as officials attempted to convince her to not trespass and occupy the seats of elected officials.

The narrative, however, has fascinated the media and plays into the overall picture of Wasillans and Republicans as violent people.

Zach Freeman, press secretary who is the unfortunate target of activist Haliehana Stepetin, said the activists had the advantage of surprise, and “In the moment, no one knew if the individuals were planning to harm members of the legislature. I was impressed with the way our legislators and members of the audience remained calm and maintained decorum while facing yesterday’s attempted hostile takeover of an official government meeting.”

Haliehana told the mainstream media that she plans to seek a public apology from Mayor Bert Cottle.

The AP report was quick to point out that in video, Cottle “gripped” the woman’s arm for five seconds, while Freeman barely touched her arm. The report goes on to remind readers that Wasilla is the home of Sarah Palin, former governor and former vice presidential candidate.

As for Cottle, no good deed goes unpunished with the Left, as Cottle had not given direction to Wasilla police to arrest the protesters, but allowed them to take over the meeting and prevent elected officials from conducting business.

It’s almost as if it the Occupy Wasilla group planned to provoke an encounter where they could file charges against the host.


  1. I wanted to say thank you to the Legislators that took the time to talk to the people in the crowd after the way they had been treated the day before. I got to spend an hour talking to several so again thank you.

  2. We talked to this girl earlier in the morning. She said she and her friend just wanted to come and learn about the legislature because they didn’t know anything about it. Wow! They certainly did not know that if they had tried that move in Juneau, they would have been immediately arrested.

  3. Just a dimwitted bimbo looking for attention. She’s a disgrace to us Native people in Alaska.

  4. Good grief. Let’s do what ever we need to do for attention and if we can get someone else to do it that’s even better.

  5. It’s this kind of liberal bull I can’t stand anymore. She and the other protesters would have been hauled off to jail had they tried that stunt in Juneau. Mayor Cottle is a former police officer and Chief of Police and is well versed on how much for is necessary ina situation and what the laws are.

    Seeing the type of people and how they acted in the videos and photos makes me happy the budget is getting cut. These are the type of people who get upset? F them, they can move away, Alaska will be far better off without these types of antics. She can go hide in her safe space and sulk at her inability to deal with life as an adult.

    • What upset me th most was that all the WPD officers that were in the back room thought it was funny. They set back there laughing at the situation. What a disgrace to Law Enforcement.

    • Yessir VR, I believe the Leadership of both houses expressed that they were concerned about their safety in that Thrilla in Wasilla. Who would have thunk that their area of concern would have been a former police officer and Chief of Police?
      Just one look at that perp and you can tell she needed grabbing. Heheh!

    • Just goes to show that Republicans get sued and castigated by the press for being polite. Democrats, nasty and vicious, get praised by the press for their ugliness, then create situations for legal actions.

    • Art, your comment suggests this activist is a prostitute-do you have sufficient expertise to make such an accusation?
      While you are ordinarily on the prowl for Leftys, perhaps you have some firsthand knowledge of this girl’s occupation. Throw us a bone here and come clean. Heheh!

        • Well it’s looking like we have another expert at spotting prostitutes only Foster refers to it as an “option.” Does that mean that you can’t utter the word for fear it will turn you in salt, Foster??
          While I’m sure you are an expert at spotting “options” from pictures but where do you get your expertise Foster Gary?

          • Retired police I’ve arrested enough. But I did not say she was I said looking at the picture you mite get that take away.

          • In case you’ve misremembered Foster, you did not say
            “mite” but you did say “probably.”
            Which is it??

        • I’ve heard stories the past two days about both actual Antifa activists and undercover police being embedded in these groups. I haven’t been involved with any of these people to the extent where I would know which is which.

          As for her, my first thought when I saw the above photo was “What is Kim Kardashian doing at UAA?”

          • OK Sean I’ll bite, did you believe those stories you heard and did you think there was any reason for Antifa to be anywhere near the “Thrilla in Wasilla?”

  6. These people are insane. The budget gets cuts 12.5% and they act like it;s the end of the world.

  7. Cottle will forever be to me the “Ban Plastic Bag” Mayor of Wasilla. I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

  8. She certainly looks “aggressive,” Suzanne! Heheh!
    That picture clearly shows her aggressiveness and we all appreciate your keeping us up to date on that aggressiveness. May, in fact, be the way her hair is pulled to one side or perhaps those high cheekbones but you’ve clearly captured raw aggression here.
    Nothing in your article showed anything of the sort but a picture can be worth a thousand words.

  9. This is yet another distraction from the subsistence front. Get a job and let the big kids get their stuff figured out. This distraction is neither necessary, warranted nor appreciated.

  10. hardly an “assault” as she claims, but I didn’t see anything “aggressive” or “radical” about her actions. how’d ya come to that conclusion?

  11. Common practice/tactic by the leftist/socialist/dims. Intrude on anything, by any means, to provoke a reaction. When said reaction occurs, file a lawsuit for “mistreatment” of any kind they can think up, true or not. This person should have been arrested for disorderly conduct before she had the chance to implement her scheme. WPD is as much to blame for this BS as she is. They didn’t do their job. That job being to ensure the legislative/public meeting was not interrupted, threatened or harassed. A counter suit should be filed against WPD and the ‘wingnut’. Enough is enough. Turning the other cheek is not my style. Eye for an eye counter tactics are legitimatized by this disgusting endeavor. I’m sure that won’t happen but right is right. How about a quick quote? “Politics”: ‘Poli is a latin word meaning ‘many’. ‘ Tics’, meaning blood sucking creatures’. Robin Williams. (I think he forgot to put ‘leftist’ before ‘politics)

  12. I think it’s interesting Bert Cottle (Democrat) was the Mayor in Valdez when Bill Walker was the Valdez City Attorney, and that they worked together within the Alaska Gas-line Port Authority together.

    Don’t believe for a second Mr. Cottle is a disinterested victim of circumstance when considering his role in the disgraceful, “non-handling,” of Gov. Dunleavy’s Special Legislative Session in Wasilla.

    Top contributors of Mr. Cottle’s recent political career include:
    COTTLE, BERT L: $4,797.65
    ELECTRICAL WORKERS LOCAL 1547: $2,000.00
    ALASKA LABORERS LOCAL 341: $1,000.00
    ALASKA LABORERS LOCAL 94: 2$1,000.00
    PLUMBERS & PIPE-FITTERS LOCAL 375: $1,000.00

    …and the list goes on.

    Is there any question where Bert Cottle’s loyalty and duty rests? Follow the money. Those who cherish our Democratic Republic must demand the rule of law apply to all Alaskan’s regardless of party, ethnicity, or contrived level of naivety or youthful ignorance.

    • James, you are starting to repeat yourself. And the picture attached to this article had nothing to do with her showing up in the “Thrilla in Wasilla” but seems to be designed to show (not her aggressiveness) her dressing like a call girl (your words).
      At least that is the reaction by a number of knuckle-draggers on here (you included). Suzanne is good at throwing that red meat to get the proper reaction from the choir and you’ve bit twice now. Of course you will be remembered as someone who can judge a person by one picture.

  13. The judge needs to throw this case out and award the defendants with their total costs of defense – for frivolous lawsuit – then fine the accuser for contempt.

  14. Bill Yankee: Replying to you here so that my comment doesn’t get crunched into a narrow column. You asked about Antifa. One of the people involved in the discussion where Antifa was brought up is from Portland, has first-hand experience observing them in action and appeared very surprised at the thought of them operating in Alaska. I would say that the local media showed ample evidence of how lax the security was at Wasilla Middle School, and that the net is full of folks who would have been discussing such a possibility beforehand or discussing it once it became evident, so it’s quite possible that they saw an opening. Still, based on the aforementioned discussion, it’s likely that it was a lone wolf name-checking Antifa in the hopes of establishing his “street cred” or for the purpose of networking with people sharing his particular beliefs.
    As for Benihana Stepchild or whatever her name is, evidence of what she’s done in her life is all over the net. There’s a group of Native activists out there who are awfully radical themselves. I’m pretty sure that Suzanne has reported on prior events involving Native activists, so readers should know of what I’m talking about. As I’m involved with homelessness issues myself, I’ve been invited to various events in recent weeks. I’ve had to be careful about what I participate in simply due to seeing some of the folks I’ve seen and understanding what their affiliations are. I really don’t want to go into detail on that for privacy and safety reasons.

    • Well Sean thanks for replying but what are you trying to say? Frankly I don’t see any reason for Antifa to be involved as there is, as far as I know, not reason to think we have fascists in Wasilly group and certainly no racists involved. Just because someone from Portland happens to have some experience with them has not a single thing to do with your earlier comment that I can see, other than he may have been one of the story tellers you referred to.
      I didn’t ask for it but thanks for your report on Kim Kardashian and does she have anything to do with this aggressive Native activist? And does your being invited to various events in recent weeks have anything to do with either this article or my above post??

      • This sounds like you’re trying to goad me into saying I know something about Antifa when I don’t. The reason for that is that I’ve avoided certain people upon observing clues they’ve given off. I drove cab on and off over a span of 23 years. The reason I lasted that long was having a clue about the people I dealt with and whether they posed a danger to me (the last real money I made was in 2008, so that was a far greater incentive to quit doing it than worries about anyone in my back seat). The same can’t be said for a number of fellow cab drivers who wound up killed.

        • Sean, you are free to say what you want and I have no interest in influencing your position-I’m just trying to understand it.
          Frankly, as I see it there is no reason (so far) to assume any Antifa folks are/were present in Wasilla and if you want to continue to muddy this water that’s certainly up to you but I hardly see where your driving cab in the past has anything to do with either Antifa or Wasilla. Just my opinion.

  15. This reminds me of the 2018 AFN hand shake, does anyone remember when Don Young shook Alyse Galvin’s hand? She was dramatic and yelling “that hurts”.
    This native activist in Wasilla with the indigenous resistance shirt on is an embarrassment for me as an Alaska Native woman. Pressing charges for assault? I watched the video and didn’t see an assault take place, I saw a man trying to prevent someone entering a flagged off area for assigned seats for our legislators.

    • This comment will certainly get you bounced from any jury in this case, Lois. Are you going to believe the attorneys (and judge) or are you going to believe your lyin eyes? Heheh!

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