Pivot: Democrat partisans going on attack to force governor to declare emergency again


Democrat Rep. Tiffany Zulkosky of Bethel and Rep. Liz Snyder of East Anchorage signed an op-ed this week in which they posited that since many Alaskans won’t take basic precautions against Covid-19, the governor should declare an emergency in the state. Again.

The Covid politics drumbeat has begun to get louder to try to force Gov. Mike Dunleavy to do what he is loathe to do — mandate that Alaskans get Covid-19 shots, wear masks, and stay home. And the push to force his hand looks partisan, synchronized, and strategically timed to pivot from the Legislature’s failures on the Permanent Fund dividend.

Dunleavy has good marks from the public for finding the middle way on the pandemic — only shutting down the economy long enough for a few brief weeks in 2020 to get the health care infrastructure in place. But now that the Delta variant is the dominant, Democrats, who are all vaccinated, want him to shut things down again.

It started with the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation President and CEO Dan Winkelman sending a letter to Dunleavy asking for public health restrictions to contain the virus’ spread.

Then, his own employee Rep. Zulkosky, along with Rep. Snyder penned their opinion in the always-willing-to-aid-Democrats Anchorage Daily News:

“Don’t fall victim to the governor’s misguided mindset that Alaska’s current situation is inevitable and should be accepted. None of us should be comfortable with a reality in which Alaskans can’t access medical care because many won’t take some basic precautions. The power is in your hands to get vaccinated, mask up, watch your space, and pressure Alaska’s leadership to make the courageous calls when others won’t,” the two wrote.

On Thursday, the same two representatives, who happen to be co-chairs of the House Health and Social Services Committee, will pepper the governor’s top health professionals with questions about why the Dunleavy Administration is sticking to its more libertarian approach of asking — not forcing — people to vaccinate, wear masks where appropriate, take care of their health — and take responsibility for doing all the things they’ve been advised to do, such as washing hands and social distancing.

The committee meets at 3 pm Thursday in Anchorage at the Legislative Information Offices, when the two co-chairs will attempt to separate the governor from his Health Department professionals — professionals such as Dr. Anne Zink, the state’s chief’s medical officer, and Heidi Hedberg, director of public health, who will face a barrage of questions about the lack of hospital beds and shortage of hospital staff.

The Democrats appear ready to pounce to scare Alaskans. But the reality is Alaska has an abundance of vaccine and the most vulnerable people are already vaccinated. Those Alaskans who want a vaccine for Covid have it, and those who don’t want it are not going to be bullied into it.

Further, the rate of growth of the Delta variant appears to be slowing, even in Alaska, where although numbers of cases of Covid are still going up, the current wave may be near its peak, according to the New York Times.

That said, many policy makers are coming to the realization that Covid is here to stay and economies that are shut down have serious side effects on health. And while it’s now endemic, Covid appears to be a convenient way for Democrats to pivot from their disastrous decision to grant an $1,100 Permanent Fund dividend, funded by a broken model that includes fund sources already drained.

The Democrats’ mantra, as expressed by Rahm Emanuel, former mayor of Chicago: “”You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Such as shut down the state’s economy once again and break apart families and societies.


  1. I will not consent.
    My body . My choice.
    This shot is NOT FDA approved.
    Your reps. Need to do more research.
    The FDA documents released are meant to cause confusion.
    Besides, even if it was approved , it is still MY Health ! You got your shot. Stay out of my life.
    Protect yourself however you feel YOU need to. But, DO NOT even try to tell me what to put in MY body.

  2. Pray for Alaskans not get all fearful like they done after his 2019 proposal, and this threat toward Governor Dunleavy doesn’t amp up the fear needed to pressure Dunleavy putting us all in a worse situation by allowing people we do not know run our lives for us, and I don’t like being manipulated which always resulted me turning on my heels and walking away.

      • YOU can go live (exist) in irrational fear and paranoia, with your institutionalized hypochondria, if YOU chose to. But I’ll be damned if you are going to inflect your miserable and worthless existence (not life) on me and others!
        PS: Keep spreading the fearmongering propaganda, HM. And by the way, it is not SOCIAL distancing, it is PHYSICAL distancing. Demanding “social distancing” is demanding the lonely atomization of individuals and society. I bet that never even occurred to you (like so much else).
        You people who are just blind followers and compliant sheep THINK that you are being ‘virtuous’ with all your meaningless-yet-destructive disruptions of society, mandates and demands on others, but you are in actuality simply moral and intellectual cowards. As well as the handmaidens of evil.

  3. Heck! If cruel sailors can lace blankets with sickness before they distributed them out onto North American Indigenous community groups not immune to the white peoples sicknesses, then for as advanced technology we have today then how likely can thousands of nose swabs be laced with a little virus? Biological warfare has happened before, it can happen again.

  4. Saying it again. This has never, ever been about public health. This has been about taking control of society.

    If they can force you to wear a face diaper, stay home, and get medicine you don’t want….what will they want you to do next week?

    • Agreed and supports belief in turning our nation over to George Bush’s evil one world order or whomever wrests power away from them. The squirmishes will be violent. The one world order feels it is a priority to decimate the US Constitution so the schools encourage whimpering, sadness, delimiting masculine strength, and belief in human fragility and strength in victimhood.

    • Totally agree. If we don’t stop this madness we will repeat history. Like Nazi Germany ” Show me your papers!”

  5. No mandates ever again. And I mean ever again. They try this bull crap again there will be armed resistance.

  6. If the Governor would stop this by executive order that vaccines can’t be mandated at any level it would take the power away from the politicization of this virus.

    • Agreed! This Governor needs to grow a pair and do something to protect the workers against workforce vaccine mandates; otherwise he is a coward bending a knee to medical fascism! And cowards don’t deserve to sit in places of government! SHAME ON YOU DUNLEAVY!

    • Let’s just try to ensure that we support our conservative representatives. How many of you vote? How many of you send recommendations to our politicians? You have a great idea, do the research and offer a complete recommendation that is viable and can be implemented.
      Don’t just offer an idea. Offer a solution.
      You want Dunleavy to impose an executive order? Write it up, give him a place to start, he is stretched too thin without our assistance.
      There is nothing like a full solution to really be of help.

      You had time to read and write this, you have time for research to help.

      • Molly, if only our government was representative as it once was. I have written many times to many legislators and to the Governor with not even an automated reply. There has never been more disconnect between the people and our politicians as there is now, and I believe that is because they know they are intentionally going against the will of the people and don’t want to hear about it. Something/someone is pulling their strings and the people have no recourse for holding them accountable. Your fairytale world of responsive accountable politicians are long past.

        • Virtually every level of government in this country, and virtually every politician in this country, has absolutely zero legitimacy as far as I’m concerned. This country is corrupt and rotten to the core, and I will not pretend otherwise.

  7. The wide eyed fearful leftist can’t help themselves. One conspiracy theory after another. These days it’s killer Covid, White supremacy and we’ll go broke if we have a PFD. It’s so tiring.

    • His base is already turning against him due to his inaction in protecting workers from workplace vaccine mandates. He needs to protect the employment of Alaskans and stop these vaccine mandates!

  8. What happened to “just 14 days to flatten the curve” BS communists -er democrats dreamed up to control a population..? How about the “you need a mask” then going to “you need two masks”, then “you need three masks”..? 18 months later and numerous changes in the narrative.. Comrade “liz” and “tiffany”- if I wanted your opinions, I would shove a tokerev down your throats and ask for it.Treat communists the same way they would treat kulaks.

  9. “………many policy makers are coming to the realization that Covid is here to stay………”
    Of course it is. It’s a virus. A parasite. “Climate change” (previously known as impending ice age, nuclear winter, and then global warming) is also here to stay, and you can bet that Demonrats will continue to use both to instill fear into others in order to manipulate them. That’s what they do with every issue (real or imagined) that exists. They’re parasites, like the virus.

  10. Governor Dunleavy ought to return the favor and launch a forensic audit into everything YKHC has ever billed the State for through Medicade or Medicare.

    Then go figure out where all the money from Village Safe Water was spent.

    Every job Zulkosky has ever had, has been given to her on a silver platter from the head honchos of YKHC.

    Zulkosky is just a puppet.

  11. In June 2021 163K cases equaled 3301 deaths a day
    In August 2021 160K cases equals 1352 deaths a day, 1949 less deaths a day in the US.

    In Alaska despite a spike in hospitalizations our numbers are super low.

    We are more open with less Restrictions & less Deaths
    BY the Numbers…No matter the variant.. The valley is way lower in all categories This is more about trying to control you than the science. Maybe we should study how dirty masks are causing a greater problem in the larger cities. If the virus collects on masks and you breath it in are you more likely or less likely to get the disease. Since it is a stealthy disease, if you are healthy and have no other cold or sickness when it effects you and you treat for the disease by boosting your immune system then carry on my friend. Freedom is more important than questionable precautions.

  12. This is proof that the “emergency” is political. Dims trying to instill fear at any cost. How about you stick to your jobs and work on what you are supposed to, PFD, Budget, Infrastructure. Stop naming bridges and schools and giving yourselves pay raises and do your Damn Job!

  13. To the lying, thieving Ms. Liz Snyder,

    So if this “pandemic” is such an emergency and it’s important to declare another emergency order where cities/borough can just shut down their economy, wouldn’t a full Statutory PFD payment help the struggling folks who would have to hunker down in place again? You know to “ flatten the curve” lol.

    The average Joe,

  14. It is past time to vite these control aligned idiots out. If it is possible to recall them now, it would be even better before they completely ruin our state. The House members who are responsible for passing the rediculous $1100 PFD are LeBon and Thompson. Get them out, Fairbanks!

  15. It’s gradually cold season again. Stay home. Get your cold home remedies available as usual. Increase vitamins C. Take vitamine D doses for northern latitudes because the number of people who are under supplemented with vitamin D for this latitude is a real pandemic. If you are at correct vitamin D doses you’ll fight off any bug much better. Limit social interactions.

  16. With the media blitz going non stop, testing going non stop, and being bombarded with nothing but COVID (forget the CA wildfires and the Afghanistan debacle), its easy to see what’s going on here. They want to shut down again. Schools, restaurants, bars, hair salons, churches…its all the same thing again. There is an agenda here with real evil intent.

  17. Covid is endemic in our communities. It is here to stay. Like the flu. We need to protect the vulnerable. Stay home if you are sick. Take precautions where appropriate. Then go on with life. This hysterical narrative has an agenda that we must resist.

    • Yes! I am watching members of my community dying, getting injured and contracting Covid all after being vaccinated. People are starting to drop like flies. These shots are the real pandemic! Pure evil! The Nazis are alive and well and working amongst us with their eugenic kill shots! Medical fascism at it’s finest!

  18. “It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.”
    Thomas Sowell
    Democrats and most politicians are probably the most ignorant people we have in society, they flock to politics because they have failed at everything else or incompetent in the game of life. We still vote for them thinking things will change which doesn’t make us any smarter but empowers them and allows them to actually think they have some grey matter and become more pompous.

  19. The Branch Covidian cultists will not rest until we all live in a completely totalitarian society that even George Orwell could never have imagined. They are not simply misguided, they are profoundly evil.

  20. Remember two weeks to flatten the curve?? Has anyone asked the people what they want? At this point, after almost 2 years it is abhorrent to take any health mandate from any political figure much less the Democratic party, good lord! This Wuhan flu, it isn’t going away now, next month, next year, ever, it is ENDEMIC. Wuhan flu is the new norm and it is here for the long run. Vaccines don’t work, if they did you morons that got jabbed wouldn’t need boosters, if anything you are the Wuhan breeding ground for whatever new mutant strain comes on scene. Don’t attempt to lock me down again.

  21. Covid recently swept through my little rural community.
    Big surge in cases.
    Numerous people disappeared for a couple weeks as they stayed home to recover.
    A few others who were almost certainly infected just kept doing whatever they wanted.
    No one died.
    No one was hospitalized.
    It was a non-event even though comorbidities are very popular with our population.
    Compare that to a real pandemic, like the 1918 Spanish Flu, where a rural village would lose a good portion of the population within days of the first infection.
    This isn’t a pandemic…it’s a bad virus that some succumb to but most easily recover from.
    Don’t panic over the scary sounding “cases” number…cases don’t matter, it’s mortality that matters and this virus isn’t much of a threat unless you’re really old or already health compromised.
    What this scamdemic really is is a good excuse for the government to seize…and keep…even more power over your life and freedom.
    And who really knows what the mRNA jab is all about. One thing is certain, it’s not about keeping Covid at bay. They’re not even trying to hide that anymore.
    If you still trust the government or the health experts or, really, any of our institutions or traditional authority figures after everything that’s gone down in the past two years then there’s no hope for you…just line up and do whatever Dementia Joe is told to tell you.

  22. Last week we saw the hospitals saying their “beds were full”…but that only 13% of their “beds” were covid cases.

    If the system can’t handle a 13% spike at any one time, than I would submit that IT is broken and IT is the problem, NOT Alaskans attitude towards personal privacy with regards to medical choices and healthcare decisions they make.

    Might be time to look at exactly why there is a shortage of staff..because it sure seems like “beds” means “staffed” beds. I haven’t seen the Alaska Air Center open as an emergency reserve hospital center so I tend to think that this is all about staff. Could it be that some staff won’t work under a vaccine mandate? Could it be that the unemployment bonuses are keeping some at home?

    We may just find the system could handle a 13% spike in services just find, if some hospital administrators and politicians didn’t have to muck it all up. Gee- wouldn’t that be a shock?

  23. Specific case numbers of SARS-2 are quoted constantly, accepted as fact and used to justify lock downs, bankrupt businesses and violate basic civil liberties.
    Annual reports indicate flu has virtually disappeared. Nation wide in 2019-2020 there were 195 pediatric deaths, 2020-2021 there was 1 death due to flu.
    The 2018-2019 flu season had 12 X more cases than 2020-2021 in Alaska.
    The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was invented as a research rather than diagnostic tool. Threshold cycles are not standardized which adds to the unreliability of the COVID-19 test.
    There is also no gold standard as the Centers for Disease Control state that no quantified virus isolates for the SARS-CoV-2 exist.
    There is a serious disconnect between the massive damage being self inflicted on our state and country and the outrageously unreliable manner testing is being conducted to justify it.

  24. Tiff & Liz, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves – trying to hide the fact that you STOLE, this year alone, more than $2,000 from every man, woman, and CHILD in the State – in YOUR districts too. Lance Pruitt and Darren Deacon – you have a campaign theme, go on attack (respectfully even, but attack) and take those seats away from the commies. Tiff & Liz, you’re giving the medical “profession” a really bad name with your fear-mongering – like “the boy who cried wolf”, we’re really tired of covid panic-stirring. In some future covid comment I’ll finish it, but I’m working on a tune sung to the music of Frank Zappa’s “Stinkfoot”: “Oooh, you got the ‘rona; can you mask it off do you suppose? Vaccine vaccine promoted by Mad Maxine, blame it on the GOP; “rona, ‘rona, you’d think it was melanoma; don’t look while we steal your PFD. Tiff and Liz with the donkey ears say “Ooooh you got the ‘rona.” … um, needs a lot of work before this one gets performed…

  25. We already tried lockdowns, and the data showed it had zero effect in controlling the spread. So on what basis does that “health leader” think another lockdown will work this time around? There is no scientific justification.

  26. We still have variants of the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu going around. So clearly we will never be rid of Covid. So now the question is, do we continue to try to eradicate it, by avoiding contact with each other? Or do we get on with living our lives, since Covid will inevitably be part of it?

    • One has to wonder how the hysterical (which means, literally, “thinking with the uterus”) Covidian Cultists would have responded to a REAL pandemic, such as the Spanish Flu, the Plague of Justinian, or the Black Death? Many populations in each of those plagues were reduced by 50% or more. Yet society did not completely implode, as ours increasingly seems to be doing for a much less than 0.5% fatality rate (which in all honesty is probably exaggerated by an order of magnitude).
      The problem, I think, is that leftists are insane. Quite literally. They have this wild utopian idea that if only enough laws are passed, and measures are taken, and coercion applied, then every risk can be reduced to zero. They refuse to acknowledge or even consider that there are inherent limits to what humanity can do, all their feel-good but insidious authoritarianism to the contrary. Once this disease appeared, people were going to die — it is that simple. Believing that EVERY death could be avoided is the very height of stupidity and divorce from reality.

  27. Listen, people. I have read your comments and believe we MUST ban together to fight back (peacefully)
    against medical tyranny.

    The time is now. Yes , we have jobs and families and other obligations. But to those on here who feel
    this is our Number One issue, as I do, PLEASE contact me and together we will strategize.
    We are the people of Alaska who will not allow others to decide what medical treatments we
    do or do not receive.

    • Elaine, you are correct, only through collective action and resistance can the growing medical fascism be reversed. And history shows repeatedly that it only takes a relatively small percentage of people standing up for their freedoms to successfully push back against tyranny.

  28. Yup and the taking our country by Marxist Organizations supporting critical race theory, 200+ genders and jihadists in our land in our government. America and our great state better have a come to Jesus moment!

    • Let’s just try to ensure that we support our conservative representatives. How many of you vote? How many of you send recommendations to our politicians? You have a great idea, do the research and offer spa suggestion that is viable and can be implemented. Don’t just offer an idea. Offer a solution. You want Dunleavy to impose an executive order? Write it up, give him a place to start, he is stretched too thin without our assistance.

      There is nothing like a full solution to really be of help.

  29. as long as the fraud machine are in place,and rank voting remains. cheating at a greater level will continue. and look lady the VACCINES are killing people.

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