‘Pirate’ has left Fairbanks


Update: Confirmed — Pirate has been photographed in Redding, California, panhandling at an intersection.

In early December, a man named Pirate reappeared in Fairbanks and caused alarm: He’d been accused of brutal rape and sexual assault in cases in other states, as well as Alaska, and now he was a vagrant, without a place to live and with no visible means of support. What could possibly go wrong? People warned each other to lock their doors.

Pirate, who had legally changed his name in 2013 from Daniel Lloyd Selovich, was hard to miss, with a face covered in Polynesian-style tattoos and a mouth that is missing teeth. The community of Fairbanks became concerned, even fearful, and a Facebook group was started to track his every movement. After all, in the dead of winter, it was as though a boogyman had descended upon the northern community — a man with a face designed to scare and a rap sheet to match.

Now, he has evidently left the state; he was last seen boarding a plane for Seattle on Dec. 24, 2019.

He had been escorted Fairbanks Memorial Hospital by security guards earlier that day after an extended stay, witnesses said.

Pirate had been charged in the kidnapping and extended raping of a woman in a cabin near Manley Hot Springs over a period of five weeks in the fall of 2015. Those charges were dropped in 2016 after the woman died of unrelated causes.

Pirate was extradited from Alaska to Nevada in 2016, where authorities had connected him via DNA to a Las Vegas rape 12 years earlier. In 2018 he pleaded guilty to sexually motivated coercion and was sentenced to serve up to five years, but was given credit for 645 days served.

He had also been convicted of rape in California in 2004. A string of arrests from Florida to Missouri included everything from vagrancy, panhandling, forgery, burglary, and vandalism.

In early December, he was hanging around inside a McDonald’s restaurant in Fairbanks, and telling people he was living in the woods near the University of Fairbanks. And then, poof, he disappeared, and rumors surfaced that he had been admitted to the hospital.

With Pirate back in the state, the Fairbanks District Attorney’s office reviewed whether it could reopen the dismissed case against him for rape and kidnapping.

Ultimately, the State decided it could not pursue those charges from 2015 for the same reasons they were dismissed in the first place after the death of the victim. There was simply no way to cross examine the victim, which would have led to an unfair trial.

“The Department of Law has completed its review of the evidence and concluded the dismissal of the 2015 case, while extremely frustrating, was appropriate under the law,” the department wrote in a press release on Dec. 12.

In Fairbanks, some say they think Pirate headed back to Las Vegas, while others say they heard he was heading to Oregon. The Facebook page that was tracking him was put into warm storage, with administrators stating they would be ready to restart the page if Pirate ever appears in Fairbanks again.


  1. Just curious re his extended stay in hospital. As a child, I remember stories of locals chasing bad guys out of town by beating them severely every time they were caught drunk and abusive. Eventually they would leave for their own safety.

        • Sure, your honor, Mr. Yankee; I’ll get right on that.

          In the interim know that several will benefit from your lifeless post. Consider writing the next one down in a nearby notebook rather than where others may encounter them in a search for meaningful discourse.

          • You are correct, when I hear an industrial-strength stupid comment I tend to respond. This yahoo is clearly off his meds.

          • I’m not certain if you’re responding to me or to Yank however…

            This gal Suzanne is working her tail off to bring relevant and to some degree controversial news to your screen and she’s not actually requiring that you pay for it. The least readers can do is respond in a manner that grabs another’s attention and hopefully adds perspective. All of us enjoy more when someone else strives at commentary that gives the rest of us pause. Forced to think even for a moment about a valid perspective other than what we arrived here with.

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    • Pirate is in Redding California January 18, 2020 he has been seen throughout town people are spreading the news of his arrival here , he needs to leave this town .

    • People do change… I learned at Central Christian Church….Their motto is it’s okay to not be okay… They even have God Behind Bars too… Haven’t people learned that some people do change…

    • He is in Redding, CA. Was spotted immediately after his arrival. The police know and are watching. The citizens have been keeping an eye via social media. He will leave very soon, one way or another.

    • He’s here in Redding Ca. We’ve been tracking his every move. He’s already been attacked and it’s been made clear we want him gone…

  2. You should be mayor, Terri. I’d vote for you and homelessness would go down right quick.

    At least that segment of the homeless population that would make women nervous.

  3. One look at this fellow and I regret voting to legalize pot. Studies have pretty much concluded that regular use of high potency THC lead to mental illness, maybe this fellow had a head start. Look for more of this in the near future. Very sad.

  4. They gave him a ticket out of state. Thanks a lot. He should have been dealt with a long time ago. Lame and weak.

  5. I live in Redding Ca. This sucker better be gone or locked up . Because if he stays here to long he WIll disappear.

    • That is a gosh darn threat!!! People do change… U ever did something wrong in your life growing up??? I guess you still do the same thing… Did you ever take anything as a baby??? The answer to that is 99.9% yes and I guess you still do on a daily basis!!!

      • You sound like a person with a large heart and maybe even room in their life for someone like Mr. Pirate. If you’re in Northern CA perhaps you would consider reaching out to him. Bring duct tape and bondage stuff. He likes that. Maybe a little meth and molly if your stash is running high. Could be a gosh darn good time. Not likely though.

  6. I live in Redding, Ca and saw this piece of garbage on the corner in cuffs on 1/18/20 on Cypress and Churn Creek. How can they just let a monster like this loose on the streets? He must have ties here as I’ve read he raped someone here in 2004! Hopefully the schools will be in lockdown mode until he’s off our streets. I’m sure others that live here would agree that the streets of Redding nowadays are like Prison grounds. Such a shame, this town was so nice and clean when we first moved here. And to the commenter who keeps saying “people change,” that is not always true. Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time before he could do something again and then they let him out with the old catch and release method! Maybe you should take him in and get him off the streets. Too bad Sheriff Joe from Arizona couldn’t help get him off the streets. Watch your kids. Keep your eyes open, be aware of your surroundings and most definitely be on the lookout for this scumbag.

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