Daylight comes back to Utqiagvik next week


Utqiagvik, the northernmost community in America, is just days away from sunrise. The sun will rise at 1:09 pm on Jan. 23, skimming the horizon for about an hour before setting at 2:09 pm. Solar noon is at 1:38 pm.

The community has not had sunlight since Nov. 18, 2019, but the twilight is gaining momentum this week.

On Jan. 24, the second day of daylight in 2020, the town will gain 37 minutes more than it had the day before, and by the end of January will have gone from zero to 147 minutes of daylight in just nine days.

(The photo above was from the FAA webcam in Utqiagvik, facing south today.)


  1. Ohhh……”BARROW”…(The only people that use the other name…don’t even live here)…I guess it just goes to show how many people really DON’T VOTE…

  2. Susanne- have you been to northern Alaska in the winter? There is not a day of the year that the North Slope does not see sunlight.

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